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Threads added between 2016/10/30 22:00 and 2016/10/31 04:00

Getting a job abroad

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Hey guys, Frenchy here. Not sure this is the right board but the moment I entered /adv it felt uncanny. I recently graduated with a bachelor degree and I've been looking for an opportunity somewhere else than Europe. For those of you who are expat, live abroad or anything, how'd you find your job/ what function do you have? Since I have little to no experience, looking for an international job just adds challenge. Also, for those of you who live in the USA or Canada, are there websites specifically dedicated to employment for foreigners? My bachelor degree is in management (so I have these marketing/ sales knowledge), I'd consider myself French English bilingual. Any kind of opportunities/ website in north America/ East Asia you guys can think of? Thanks a lot Pic is top of Mt. Fuji

Goin out West

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Hey /trv/ gotta question for you guys. I live on the east coast specifically New England, and I want/need to move out to the west coast. Specifically a place that has afforable apartments and colleges for a youngster like myself. It can be anywhere in not picky, anywhere on the west coast is fine. Thanks anons

Immigration to USA USA USA

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Hey guys. Ur Russian boy here. Recently i found out that i want to live my entire live in USA (that came up after travelling across Russia, middle east, europe and living in US for 3 months as workandtravel-slave. So i am looking for an advise where to settle from my murican comrades. Now a bit bout me. I am 21 years old white male (god have mercy on my sinful soul) with a really good knowledge of english, i have a bachelor degree at management and small-medium business administration. Got some experience in holding up a real retail business. I am looking for a place that would bring me close to nature(mountains, ocean, cascade of lakes, fresh air - choose one) but still be a nice place where would be some activities for young-lings and the economy would be great enough (jobs, money in pockets of the locals to buy shit from me). The perfect place is a medium sized town with a nice warm mild climate in an hour from a huge megalopolis like Colorado springs(but people say it's super dull in there for a young guy) Above all sad, i can bring around 300k$ with me in gross. So the place must be cheap enough for me to buy a nice house(180 - 240k) Any car that's work(3 - 7k) some everyday needs till i start earning shekels (5 - 10k) and to start my own small business (40 - 60k).

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