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/trv/ Travel

Threads added between 2016/11/01 22:00 and 2016/11/02 04:00

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I've recently watched a few travel stories/ diaries on youtube and I really enjoyed them. Did you watch or even record travel stories/ diaries? If you did, you can share them here. I'm talking about videos like this: https://www.youtube.com/user/MFTVK/playlists https://youtu.be/Bbp-LAQyYvk Two Korean guys filmed their travels to Mongolia, Thailand, Turkey, Nepal and Vietnam. It's not a boring sterile documentary and feels natural.
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I'm visiting Los Angeles in late January early February. I've already got tickets for an NHL game (Ducks vs. Avs). But I need to know the following: What other things I could do? What places I can visit? How expensive/cheap is LA overall?
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Is it imperative to have a dedicated camera when traveling to a foreign country? Of course, photos will always be nice to have, so you can cherish your memories of a place you've visited. But does an actual camera (as opposed to a mobile phone, let's say) make any difference at all? And even if it's universally agreed that a real camera would be better than a smartphone, what kind of camera would be ideal? Just a simple digital camera that your mom brings to your little brother's soccer game, or that your uncle uses at every 4th of July BBQ? One of those big-ass DSLRs? I've already set my mind on taking pictures of my destination, but I'm not sure what will give me the best experience. Obviously, I don't need a $6000 ultra-mega camera, but I'm also not broke enough to settle for an $80 dinky camera. If a $500 DSLR is more than enough to break the middle ground, then by all means say so. Sorry if my post seems a little scatterbrained. I'm at the packing stage, and I'm stuck contemplating on cameras, and part of me thinks that a phone camera will cheapen my experience somehow.
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I'm an Asian who is planning on a trip to Asia. What can I do to avoid being mistaken for a local? Yes, it is a real problem; it has happened once many years ago when I went to Japan. >Japanese people speaking to me in Japanese >getting slightly annoyed with me when I respond in English >baka gaijin telling me that my English is bredy gud for a Japanese >asking me for directions to some fuckoff place I've never been to One thing I was thinking of was wearing a tacky t-shirt of a blatantly foreign country (like a shirt with a flag of the country I currently live in). What else can I do to minimize confusion?
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Ola /trv/, I'm taking my boyfriend on a surprise trip for his 21st birthday in a fortnights time – looking for some fun/unique stuff to do for 11 hours in Singapore and overnight in Hong Kong. Money is no object, so if you've got any ideas let me know! So I am going to tell him we have to visit my uncle in Sydney– then once we get to Sydney Airport, I'll tell him we're going to Hong Kong First Class! Basic Itinerary below... >Depart SYD 16:10 >SYD to SIN 17th via SQ Suites >Arrive SIN 21:20 11 hours free in this gap, my only plan is to have a cigar and gin & tonic on top of marina bay sands. Anything else we could do in these odd hours would be appreciated. >Depart SIN 8:25 >SIN to HKG 18th via SQ Suites >Arrive HKG 12:25 Rolls Royce Phantom pick up for a bit of a cruise and then taken to Ritz Carlton to check into room (got one the 117th floor! Very excited about this!). After that I have no ideas about what to do in Hong Kong. >Depart HKG 19:05 >HKG to ADL via CX Business >Arrive ADL HELPFUL HINTS... We do like to party, but also just do things that are very unique and will be very memorable. Like the "crazier" the better. I am 21yo Australian, and he is Dutch. We're both on pretty hectic schedules hence the short trip– but are used to a fast pace so if you think we can do it, recommend it please!

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