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Threads added between 2016/10/28 16:00 and 2016/10/28 22:00

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I want to travel from Portland to Chicago in mid-November without getting on an airpline. Needless to say, the US isn't easy to get around in without a car or license, so I'll probably be dependent on buses. The blue and green routes in my image are my two options. I'd be stopping along the way, obviously, but without my own car I'm not sure I'll be able to enjoy the parks and scenery of the American West much. I'd appreciate it if anyone had any advice to spare on getting the most out of these states while transportation is fairly limited. Also, after Thanksgiving I plan on traveling from Chicago to California. One option (purple) involves basically taking buses through most of the the green route (in case I take the blue route from Portland to Chicago), while my other option is flying from Chicago to San Diego and then traveling up to San Francisco. Opinions? Thanks
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I'm planning on moving out of Europe some day, I can't stand the current situation with the conflict in the Middle East and the USA is trying to fuck with us with their trading policies. I'm planning on moving to either New Zealand or Australia and I would like to know from you guys what it's like over there, are the biggest cities metropolisses like New York or are they relatively small? Is it cheap to live in the countryside? I just want to know some general stuff, tell me what you know.
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Why are young western women so obsessed with traveling to third world shitholes? It seems like every self-respecting 20 something basic bitch needs to backpack through the most rural parts of india these days. I get the whole part about finding yourself and experiencing exotic cultures but why the poorest of the poor shitholes? What's the draw there?

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