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Threads added between 2013/05/02 04:00 and 2013/05/02 10:00

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Hi /trv/, my close friend who lives in Memphis, TN, USA is driving to Seattle, WA, USA and I'm flying from Seattle to join him for the journey. This is a first for both of us in the terms of long road trips. My question is what would be, in your opinion, the best roads to take and places to see on our way. We're more doing it for the experience of it than to get from point A to point B. We're considering camping instead of staying at hotels since neither of us use credit cards and you can't book a room without one. So any good camping spots you're aware of or alternative forms of lodging? Appreciate any and all opinions you can offer on the matter. We're going to be making the journey in late May if that makes any difference.
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How do things like this make you feel?
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So I have to go to Chicago for my grandfather's funeral tomorrow and haven't flown anywhere since I was probably 15. I'm taking Delta and their website says I'm allowed one personal bag and one carry on. I'm planning on taking my laptop bag, which is essentially a book bag, and this travel case. Am I going to be okay with this setup?
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Hey /trv/, I'll be going to Europe for 2 months (first overseas trip) and have bought a Canon 60D DSLR. I can't make up my mind between 3-4 64GB Sandisk cards or a 16GB Eye-Fi Pro x2 card that wirelessly sends your photos to a iPhone or iPad. Thoughts?
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Going to Manhattan solo next week. Planning on only visiting that borough. Staying at a hotel just south of the meat packing district on the West Side highway. Any tips? Which neighborhoods are fun/safest? Good places to eat? Advice?

Erasmus in Finland

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I will be spending two semesters in Tampere, Finland as Erasmus student. Ill start in August doing EILC (Intensive Language Course) in Helsinki. Advice on few day trips from there? Would be it worth to bring a motorcycle? When the winter season starts/ends? Is there strict enforcement of speed limit? Some workaround around high prices of alcohol? What are the main differences between people of Finland and the rest of Scandinavians?

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