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Anonymous 2016-06-20 15:36:57 No.1130100

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Anyone tried couchsurfing as a substitute for hostels, air b'n'b, etc?

How'd it go?

Anonymous 2016-06-20 15:52:03 No.1130102
Never used but am considering.
Either couchsurfing or some other network.
It looks like couchsurfing.org is requiring members to pay a fee to use the site (not create an account) so I'm looking for alternatives.

Anonymous 2016-06-21 03:29:58 No.1130361
Oh wow, didn't notice that.
I also wonder if they let you use it right away, or if you need to build up a rep or whatever.

Let me know if you find anything better

Anonymous 2016-06-22 05:02:08 No.1130750
Anyone else?

Anonymous 2016-06-22 05:15:35 No.1130751
After reading about that Japanese guy that was raped with a gun pointed at his head in Tunisia or something I dropped the idea

Anonymous 2016-06-22 05:25:54 No.1130755
couch surfing is a lie unless you're a hot girl. and even then you gotta send 50 emails for a response.

Anonymous 2016-06-22 07:49:54 No.1130796
Thinking of couchsurfing in Tokyo during my September trip.
Travelling alone, it seems like a good idea. I don't mind tourists but don't really want to meet them (hostels).

Anonymous 2016-06-22 08:40:23 No.1130809
I've heard a lot of good things (as well as a few not so good things) about couchsurfing, but most of them are from a fair few years back. Is it still popular? Seems like it would be a good way to experience interesting places that don't have a well-developed tourism industry.

Anonymous 2016-06-22 11:47:06 No.1130839
>inb4 this derails into sexchat about how everyone gets laid with couchsurfing

That being said, I've heard from a few people that it can be very fun. Their hosts were nice people (most through Europe) that showed them around and even drove them to a few places when needed.

Anonymous 2016-06-22 13:35:10 No.1130859
Ireland and Ukraine in two cities each. Almost always very pleasant or at least not bad experiences. We were invited to go out with them, they showed us the cities/ countryside etc.

That is so not true. If you have that experience you are doing it wrong. You can absolutely never ever use a copypaste message and send it to as many people as possible. They will know and they will decline.
I was lucky and the first one I sent a copypase message actually was nice enough to look past it and let me come. He gave me much needed tips that massively increase my yield in responses.

Usually I will write at least three paragraphs where I go very much into detail about how their interests align with my own, what Id like to do with them, etc. Just really making them feel like I have read their profile thorroughly and carefully selected only the ones that actually interest me the most, which I do.
I rarely have to message more than two people to find something, and if it took longer it was usually because of bad luck and they had already planned to do something or had another guest at their place.

>inb4 this derails into sexchat about how everyone gets laid with couchsurfing
only time I could probably have gotten laid was with a 60 year old gay dude...

Anonymous 2016-06-22 15:23:43 No.1130897
Hey thanks for the tips, much appreciated.
How long ahead do you have to organize it, usually? Are many hosts spontaneous, or do you have to plan weeks in advance?

Anonymous 2016-06-22 15:44:29 No.1130906
I tend to not make many plans when traveling, so usually I ask them about three or four days in advance, but Im sure if you can then its better to ask them sooner rather than later.
If you put enough effort in it and are in a city with a decent enough amount of hosts you could probably even find someone on the day youre arriving, though.

Anonymous 2016-06-22 16:11:36 No.1130915
Couchsurfed in Jekaterinburg with my gf. Our host were very friendly and showed us around. Only problem was we had to register in the city without a hostel doing it, so that was hellish.

Anonymous 2016-06-22 16:38:58 No.1130922
I've used it quite a bit. Have like 30 references at this point. I'm trying to host now that I'm living somewhere to repay my karmic debt (lol).

I love it, but it's changed a lot over the years. Lots of people sending shit requests now (copy & paste) who just want a free place to stay. I think that's okay, too but I think you should put a little bit of effort into your request.

I can easily find a host now, but as a guy starting out it used to be pretty hard in any of the big cities. I imagine it's even harder now but I haven't surfed lately as I've also noticed that a lot of hosts are jaded or exhausted from having so many shit freeloading surfers.

It's about the exchange so if you're just trying to save money (and only that), then please don't make an account. I only say this as someone who made an account because he was running out of money in Europe. I've since apologized to people who have hosted me and I pretty much spend whatever I would've used on accomodation, on my host.

I try to be really selective with my hosts because I like being alone. And even though most hosts are nice, it sucks being stuck with someone for x amount of days even though you don't really click all that well.

Also, I've fucked a bunch of my hosts but don't move on my surfers as I've met too many women who have had their experiences of couchsurfing ruined that way.

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