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Anonymous 2016-08-28 12:19:22 No.1155626

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Does anyone here have experience with camping in arid conditions, specifically the Arabian Peninsula?

I'll be 4wding and camping there for a week and would appreciate any advice regarding things to prepare for, gear to get, etc...

Anonymous 2016-08-28 12:37:53 No.1155632
I don't know about the Arabian peninsula but I've done plenty of desert camping.

The biggest pain in the ass is that your tent will become uninhabitable within an hour or two after sunrise unless it's 100% shaded. If you get a canvas tent this gets a little better, but those are significantly heacier and bulkier.

The other thing to keep in mind is the massive temperature swing. At night you'll probably need a cold weather sleeping bag, whereas during the day you're going to be miserable from the heat. Pack accordingly.

Anonymous 2016-08-28 12:42:04 No.1155634
>your tent will become uninhabitable within an hour or two after sunrise
Well thankfully? we should be out and about all day with a new campsite every night.

>the massive temperature swing
This is one thing I am interested in, is it actually a bad thing to get a high R-value mattress because it will stop he days heat from radiating out of the ground at night?

Anonymous 2016-08-28 15:10:40 No.1155687
Watch out for Camel Spiders

Anonymous 2016-08-28 17:20:06 No.1155750

Anonymous 2016-08-28 17:50:34 No.1155756
Theese cunts

Anonymous 2016-08-28 17:51:25 No.1155757
I camped around Oman for a couple weeks. Apart from one close call with a snake and a scorpion, it was all pretty smooth. Temeratures were good, mosquitoes weren't bad, firewood easy to find, nobody cares where you pitch your tent.
Possibly the best vacation I've ever had.
Where are you going?

Anonymous 2016-08-28 23:45:23 No.1155879
I'll be in Oman as well, what places did you go?

Most of read about Oman says what you said, that its incredibly laid back and easy to roam around and camp.. It can't all be that simple, surely there is some complication?

Anonymous 2016-08-29 00:33:20 No.1155888

Anonymous 2016-08-29 00:35:00 No.1155889
Don't worry, there's only a 10% at best chance you'll encounter a camel spider, besides their bites generally aren't fatal...

Anonymous 2016-08-29 00:35:33 No.1155890
Weren't they confirmed as a hoax or something?

Anonymous 2016-08-29 01:11:00 No.1155902
How would a scientifically documented creature be a hoax?

Anonymous 2016-08-29 01:46:49 No.1155908
We went to Wadi Shab, Wadi Tiwi, Wadi Bani Khalid, Al Hamra, most of the forts, and Musandam. I highly recommend all of those.
We drove up about a hundred random little wadis in our little Mazda. Every night we pitched camp, lit a big fire, brewed tea, danced naked...it really was amazingly easy. If you're getting a 4x4 you'll have a much easier time than we did; exploring wadis in a 2wd compact car you just have to grit your teeth and try not to think about your liability policy. And some places have police checkpoints where only 4x4s are allowed through.
We camped on beaches around Muscat to save money on hotels; once we went for a nighttime walk and we actually lost our car. Jesus christ, I cringe thinking about that experience -- stumbling around sand dunes in the pitch black for two hours, trying to find our own footprints.
We found a better beach after that; if you want to camp near Muscat, look up Yiti Beach.There are some thick trees there for privacy.

Gear: We didn't have a camp stove because we couldn't find fuel for one in Muscat, but it'd be handy to have. I was gathering firewood in the dark when I almost got bit by a snake and scorpion at the same time.
Definitely get a sleeping pad because you'll always be camping on rocks.
And get mobile data so you can use google earth to look up potential camping spots.

Photo is where we camped on Thanksgiving and had a feast.

Anonymous 2016-08-29 01:52:53 No.1155910
This is common knowledge, but don't leave your boots outside your tent; snakes and scorpions like to crawl inside them for the warmth.

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