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Anonymous 2016-06-16 08:34:38 No.1128352

[Missing image file: ]

Anonymous 2016-06-16 14:33:18 No.1128431
I speak German

Anonymous 2016-06-16 15:27:37 No.1128439

Anonymous 2016-06-19 04:23:35 No.1129414
/int/ is a shitposting shilling hellscape. Anything discussed here would be better than there. Besides it's probably more useful to people traveling.

Anonymous 2016-06-19 05:08:57 No.1129435

Whats the point of this thread? Seriously. Do we talk about what we're currently learning or whatever?
If so I'm native Malay speaker, a massive weeb faggot with intermediate Japanese shaberi skills currently learning the moon runes, also learning Mandarin and next Hindi. Focusing on the most spoken languages first.

Anonymous 2016-06-19 05:10:11 No.1129437

Spanish and Portuguese. Knowing Spanish made my trips to Spain and Mexico much more enjoyable than if I had had to rely on English only.

Anonymous 2016-06-19 05:23:20 No.1129441
I'm a native Korean speaker. It's obviously useful in Korea but also in Korean restaurants in America.

Anonymous 2016-06-19 05:25:00 No.1129443
I wish /trv/ had flags like /int/.

Anonymous 2016-06-19 05:56:35 No.1129451
I speak English and Spanish. Learning Japanese. I know Hiragana and Katakana so far, and how to count/read numbers.

Anonymous 2016-06-19 06:12:11 No.1129455
I'm thinking of moving to France next year to study French. I've always wanted to learn and immersion seems like the way to go. Can anyone recommend schools or programs that I can look into? Is this type of thing available to me as a non-EU resident?

Anonymous 2016-06-19 06:38:26 No.1129462
>learning hindi
ewe ald

why not just learn bahasa indonesi and thai? they're your neighbors, at least, instead of foreign displaced invaders

I reccommend the brussels international tolerance scholarship for studying french. it's an explosive program that will really let your skills take flight. you'll feel like you're on fire.

Anonymous 2016-06-19 06:52:28 No.1129469

lmoawhat Indonesian is so close to Malay I don't really need to learn it, plus I've pretty much gotten the hang of it thanks to all the cheesy Indonesian dramas they air on tv everyday. And I'm not sure if b8 but in Malaysia there are four races, including the Indians, so.
Also not really interested in Thailand at the moment, it just seems like theres nothing there that I can't find here? It just seems like a meme country to me.

Anonymous 2016-06-19 06:58:55 No.1129470
there are millions of illegal tamils in your country. pandering to them by speaking their language seems kind of dumb

and fwiw thailand is a lot nicer than malaysia in terms of art, architecture, culture, etc. it's right in your backyard. if you prefer sandsculptures I guess that's normal because of how you were raised, but the idea that malaysia has everythng inside its own borders is kinda silly. especially in reference to learning tamil.

btw please stop bombing people at the thai border

Anonymous 2016-06-19 07:24:00 No.1129479

>millions of illegal tamils
Have you actually lived here before? You're talking about illegal immigrants from Bangladesh. And I actually agree Malaysia's everything is beyond lame but Thailand being nicer or whatever still doesn't interest me >at the moment<

Anonymous 2016-06-19 07:26:33 No.1129481
What's available to you depends on your nationality. You should go to your local "institut français" to ask them if you'd be eligible for some sort of programmes, about the already available resources to learn French where you are right now, and to the one in the city where you'll live while in France. They can at least give you a list of all the nearby recognized French teaching institutes.
There are "institut français" and "alliance française" in most big cities.
You should look around http://www.fusac.fr
It's a free newspaper available in Paris for English speakers with classified ads (language learning, housing and jobs) and articles about French and life in France.

Anonymous 2016-06-19 07:32:56 No.1129483
Thanks mate, I'm Australian. I'll l visit the alliance française in Sydney when I'm there next month.

Anonymous 2016-06-19 07:51:31 No.1129486
I speak English and some French currently. Attempting to learn some Japanese. I have learned some basic vocabulary and grammar so far but was looking for some advice on how to learn hiragana and katakana as well as some kanji better.

Anonymous 2016-06-19 11:11:21 No.1129532
I'm learning Portuguese then probably Spanish

Anonymous 2016-06-20 16:34:29 No.1130121
>how to learn hiragana and katakana
Just fucking write it until it gets stuck in your head.
You can literally learn it in 3 days. I can assure you if you can't do that, you will never learn Japanese.

Anonymous 2016-06-21 04:43:59 No.1130377
I speak English and French fluently, and I've been learning Russian for two years now.

Anonymous 2016-06-21 07:21:37 No.1130415

Professional linguist here.

My native language is English, but I also know German and Japanese.

Does anybody have any experience learning languages while living in southeast Asian countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, or Cambodia? I'm thinking of traveling to one of those countries just because language classes and living expenses are really cheap there.

Anonymous 2016-06-21 07:31:00 No.1130419
yes. but you have to actually ask a question

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