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Anonymous 2012-12-05 21:13:37 No.659011

[Missing image file: 5234525.jpg]

How many of you guys are currently living in countries that are not your original home land?

Tell us about your story, where do you come from? Where do you live now? How did you end up there? What you think about your new home and what you miss most of your original home country?

Anonymous 2012-12-05 21:48:48 No.659019

[Missing image file: DDR_Reisepass.png]
I like the idea of this thread, but my story isn't too interesting. I'll get us started, though.

I was born in East Berlin shortly before the reunification. My parents were to some extent involved in anti-communist efforts within the DDR (GDR), and were therefore somewhat under surveillance.

They obtained a rare pass allowing them to visit my mother's distant cousin in West Berlin when I was five months old. To spare me growing up under the DDR, and because I had some health problems that the shit hospitals in the East could likely not have dealt with properly, they left me with the cousin during the visit. She raised me herself before my mother's sister in the United States came and adopted me officially from her.

Since then I've lived in the United States. I don't remember any of it, but it's strange how the human mind works, since I still knew a bit of German even though my aunt (from the US) never spoke German with me.

It's a long and confusing story and I didn't tell it properly. West Germany saw all Germans, including us Easterners, as citizens, so everything was a bit easier.

Anyway, this passport is all I have left. My parents died in an accident in 1989, and I was unfortunately never reunited with them.

Anonymous 2012-12-05 22:52:55 No.659024

[Missing image file: 1354292592489.jpg]
Originally from Lebanon i was born in Kuwait (never got the nationally though), i was born during the Gulf war so we had to flee to the Philippines (where my mother is from).
We stayed there for around 5 years before returning to Kuwait where my parents work.

Then when i was 18 (around 2008) i went back to Lebanon for the first time in my life to study (Bio-Medical engineering) eventually i got kicked out of school and went back to Kuwait and i've been working a number of odd jobs since.

So yeah that's basically it i would work a job for 4-6 months, save up and when i'm not wasting my money on video games or drugs i would quit the job and travel for a while then when my money runs out i go back home and find another job.

Now i'm currently working at this private hospital in the Radiology dept. and hopefully by February i would have saved enough to go Ethiopia and then Nepal, might check out India if i had any money left.

That's my story.
As for the other questions.
>What you think about your new home?
It's alright i guess, it's a strict Islamic country but you can still have fun.

>and what you miss most of your original home country?
Probably the scenery and the people but i fucking hate the country with passion, i live in Southern Lebanon (Hezbollah territory) and all i have to say is that it's a shithole.

Anonymous 2012-12-06 02:06:52 No.659049
>claims this isn't an interesting story
>posts a story that could easily be the plot to a book or a movie

doooood. is it wrong that i'm mildly jealous of your exciting life story

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