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Anonymous 2016-06-22 01:53:48 No.1130710

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Hello, /trv/

I'm planning to go to Hungary in August of 2017. My two friends are leaving from Florida and I'm leaving from California.

Can this place be done with a 3k USD budget? (Including airfare, I hace found tickets for 800 usd even during summer months)

With this budget, will I be a richfag and be able to buy good meals and have fun?

Also, I want to take dsy trips outside of Hungary to Bratslavia and Vienna. I looked, and it seems like this can be had for 40-50 dollars round trip.

Are the trains reliable to go around the country? Is the Danube cruises worth it?
Also, which card should I use for taking cash out for ATMs. Should I carry cash as well?

Anonymous 2016-06-22 02:01:13 No.1130711
If you really want to go cheapo try to get a flight to Amsterdam via WOW Airlines and then take the train from Eindhoven and from there Ryanair flight to Budapest.

Budget of 3k should be more than enough depending on how long you stay. You can live on 3k for months in Eastern Europe if you want to.

Budapest is a good place as a hub because Vienna, Bratislava, Belgrade, Zagreb etc. are all close. If you get bored with Budapest just hop on a train.

Trains are good now, the only train that isn't very modern is the old Serbian train to goes from Budapest to Belgrade. But Bratislava and Vienna should be nice modern trains.

Also do carry some cash, maybe about €20 worth of Florint.

Anonymous 2016-06-22 02:47:17 No.1130724
I will make sure I dont carry much cash. We plan to stay for 14-16 days.

Also, I dont really understand the itinerary you gave me...sorry. Maybe a typo?

Anonymous 2016-06-22 03:33:46 No.1130736
Nvm about my last post. Its actually more expensive to fly into Amsterdam and do the train and RyanAir and shit

Anonymous 2016-06-22 04:52:20 No.1130747
Really? I would imagine booking via wow months in advance would make it very cheap. Though my asumption was that you'd pay 800 usd one way. If it's round trip then I understand.

I'm going to Budapest next week, so perhaps if you don't mind this could become a Hungary/Budapest general?

I'll contribute when I get back. Staying in Budapest for six days before moving onto Belgrade.

Anonymous 2016-06-22 15:32:27 No.1130899
I wouldn't mind if this was the Hungary general.

Where are you staying in Budapest?

Anonymous 2016-06-22 15:34:25 No.1130901
If you're going to Bratislava and Vienna make sure to get buses from Student Agency, they're cheap as fuck (8 euro from Budapest to Vienna).

Anonymous 2016-06-22 16:52:00 No.1130924
The Railjet trains from Budapest to Vienna are very good. If you book in advance at ÖBB (www.oebb.at) and fix dates, special deals are worth the money. Regarding the Danube cruise: I'd take a look into the cycling option. The cycle route from Germany to Vienna is very popular, as far as I know it's way less crowded after Vienna. Cheap and potentially very fun option to get around.

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