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Anonymous 2016-09-16 18:21:44 No.1162272

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Hey guys!

I would like to ask for suggestions and experiences regarding a tour around Iceland that some college mates (so to speak) and I are planning.

Some details:
>we are from Hungary
>we plan to go there around the middle of March, for one week
>plan to rent car & sleep via airbnb

We want to go around the entire island, but the biggest problem is the accomodation. Prices on airbnb start from around 130$/night/person which is very expensive, and we might also run into trouble due to our group size (no exact number as of yet, I estimate 5-8).

Do you know of any cheaper way to sleep somewhere? Sleeping in the car isn't out of the question, but it might get crowded & cold.

How hospitable are the Icelanders? Could we crash in someone's living room in sleeping bags or something?

Anything else you can add, I would appreciate it very much.

I know there are two existing threads about Iceland, but I don't want to derail them, I hope it's okay.

Picture unrelated, probably not Iceland.

addendum before posting: checked hostelworld.com as per the sticky, found some much lower prices, but not enough places for a round-the-island trip. We don't have an exact route yet, so I suppose advice in that regard is also appreciated.

Anonymous 2016-09-16 20:22:13 No.1162292
A week is not a whole lot of time if you want to do much more than drive the Hringvegur. Still.

Buy two tents (in Hungary, Icelandic prices are somewhere just past obscene).
Park your car somewhere it's allowed.
Pitch the tents on the car's leeward side. Or cars' leeward side. Because stuffing 8 dudes in 1 4x4 will get crowded fast.
Draw straws.
Some sleep in the car, some in the tents.

Will it be cold? Most probably, you're going to a country called ICEland in a season that is not summer.

>Crash in someone's living room.
Couchsurfing exists. I don't fancy your odds of the 5-8 of you being able to crash on someone's floor, though.

>pic related is also not Ísland :DDD

Anonymous 2016-09-16 20:57:20 No.1162299
We don't really plan on anything else besides driving & hiking. The main organizer guy is a photographer, that's why he wants to go there, for me it's just a bucket list thing, anything we do, I'll be happy.

We have tents, if we can't get any accomodation, we'll likely camp. Straws is a good idea, thanks.

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