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The Risktaker 2013-12-11 17:04:51 No.792875

[Missing image file: 220px-Rob_Van_Dam_RVD_thumbs.jpg]

Never been to /trv/. Hope to hear you all out and not be called an faggot. Please read on.

I'm 23. Haven't done anything with my life. I'm fat and I might be an alcholic. I live in the midwest and I hate it.

I lost my job a month ago. I can't afford any of my bills. I've got seven dollars to my name. I am going through alcohol withdrawl because I haven't had a drink in a month.

I considered suicide, but I'm not going to do that. I'm not ready to die. I want to be a writer, and I want to see the world. So I've got a plan. I've got three jobs I might hear back from in the next two weeks. If I'm not hired at any of them, I'll put this plan into action.

I'll go back to see my family on Christmas. I've asked for gas money and whiskey. Save for my immediate family and two friends, I won't miss any of them, although lying to them that things are going well for me will suck.

I'll then make the drive back to my apartment, gather my things in my three bags ( as many clean clothes as possible, some toiletries, a few blankets and some books in two backpacks and one duffel bag), and throw them in my car. I'll leave my phone and laptop in the apartment, and make my way first south, to Texas, and then west, to California, where I'll abandon my car in the Los Angeles area.

From there, I'll try to grab showers as I can, which is a huge worry for me -- I'm slightly OCD about my appearance. But my time will be spent trying to do odd jobs such as dishwashing to get food, find a place to sleep, and stay warm and as safe as a man on the streets of L.A. can be. Getting in shape will be a goal, but I figure that I won't be able to bitch about that as long as I'm alive. Also, I'll be using a fake name, an anagram I've created on a nickname I gave myself after being dumped by my last girlfriend.

Any thoughts or opinions would be welcome. I'm not looking for advice, I'm convinced that this is my only option other than suicide, and I'm not ready to die yet.

Anonymous 2013-12-11 17:47:36 No.792886
If you're serious, here's some tips

1. Unemployment is SKYHIGH in california, and HIGHER than that in LA. Don't expect to get a job.
2. It's WAY more dangerous here than the midwest. Not sure why you're miserable out there, but by any standard, it's worse here in LA unless you're a wealthy socialite.
3. If it's hope or a future you want, there are better options than california. Joining the military isn't that bad if you are smart enough to get a specialization of some sort. But you gotta do that before you lose your address and credit worthiness.

Not sure how else to help. Shit's fucked in this country.

Flee the country if you speak a second language.

The Risktaker 2013-12-11 18:55:43 No.792901

I looked into the Navy. I'm 360 lbs. I can't join the military.
I'm just hoping to get to California because I assume the weather will be more agreeable than in the midwest. It's been below 20 in my city for a week now; if I'm going to be homeless, I would prefer not to freeze to death.
I don't speak a second language, but if I had the money to, I'd absolutely get out of the country. I'd love to disappear to Germany for a while.

Anonymous 2013-12-11 19:04:06 No.792905
>360 lbs
Yeah, okay forget the navy then.

You could consider looking for jobs in texas if climate is going to be a problem. They've had an explosion of menial, service sector jobs. Which seems to be the best you'll get in your situation at the moment.

But california isn't safe for a homeless person.

The Risktaker 2013-12-11 19:06:03 No.792906

I should go into detail about my goals.

First, to escape my financial burden. I owe maybe $25,000 in debt over the next few years. I have no job. I have two weeks before I put my plan into action. Three weeks before shit hits the fan with my financials.

I want to disassociate myself from my current life and personality. I'm a weak-willed, pathetic individual. I will change my name when I reach L.A. Eventually, I will legally change my name and take care of my financial debt, but that will be years down the road, on my own terms. Tough shit, Hyundai and student loans.

As for a job, I'm sure there will be some piece of shit willing to let me wash dishes under the table for a few hours for a few bucks and a free meal. I don't want to pay rent, I just want to eat to survive.

The Risktaker 2013-12-11 19:07:28 No.792907

Any specific part of Texas? The Austin area was my second option. That'd definitely be on the table. I'll start Google-ing this immediately, but if you can point me in any direction, I'd appreciate it.

Anonymous 2013-12-11 19:46:16 No.792919
Here at /trv/ we're different, and we wanna help you out.

Anonymous 2013-12-11 20:25:02 No.792926
>Any thoughts or opinions would be welcome.

May only thought is that this has nothing to do with travel and you are a rather obvious troll.

Hidden, maybe other things but I can't talk about that.

Anonymous 2013-12-11 21:13:33 No.792933
you're 23, go for it and don't look back. you are young and you have nothing but time. improve your diet and wash dishes for a while. clear your head and rather than thinking of the present or the immediate future, think maybe 4 or 5 years down the road. most under the table stuff will probably taken by illegal immigrants though, if you think about it.

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