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Anonymous 2014-08-09 05:12:05 No.884659

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Ok, /trv/, I'm going to Paris for my second time.
I posted here when preparing for my first time there a couple years ago and you were very helpful. Now, as you can imagine, I pretty much did all the basic attractions and this time I was hoping you could tell me about lesser known places and things to do, as opposed to the typical touristy stuff (I'm guessing locals would be really helpful here).
First time I stayed there I really enjoyed small music joints like "Le caveau des oubliettes" and such... I kinda' like dark, bohemian-looking music joints and stuff like that (and if they reek of weed, all the better).
Also, maybe some parks, interesting streets and places to hang out at night would be nice.

Anonymous 2014-08-09 05:31:47 No.884663
Maybe try le lapin agile in Montmartre. Look it up on Google you could like it. Also just walking in le marais and near chatelet les halles is interesting. The 13th arrondissement is kind if fun (its the Chinatown of paris ). L'ile de la cite has La conciergerie, a prison which you will like to visit if French history appeals to you, I liked it). Also the catacombs. Not the mainstream visit, find a guide on internet or try to find one by other means and get a private tour in the illegal parts of it (which is 90% of the galleries) there is a lot of interesting things and its a hotspot for subculture (you might run in skinheads though but its unlikely as they have been eradicated from paris in the 80's, long but fascinating story). Anyway hope I helped, have fun!

Anonymous 2014-08-09 09:31:36 No.884704
You helped very much, indeed, thanks for the detailed answer.
Anyone else?

Anonymous 2014-08-10 06:03:22 No.884947
Ok, this is pretty far down so I'm gonna' bump it.

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