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Anonymous 2013-12-11 13:28:31 No.792829

[Missing image file: PhuketTown-01.jpg]

Im going to Phuket in about a week before heading to France and am looking to stock up on some top notch merchandise before i leave. Normally i just buy the normal tourist goods, but i was thinking this time of buying a knife or a BB gun and trying to bring it back into Australia. Worst comes to worse and i get caught, they can fine me up to $500 (maximum fine, normally they just confiscate the item). You have to remind yourself when thinking about this pirated DVD's are illegal, yet they let them through no worries, so i am wondering where they draw the line?

Also, im renting a motorbike for a few days while there, are there any interesting things to see or do that aren't marketed directly towards tourists or dont have (as) many tourists around it?

1. Is there any place that is significantly cheaper than the key tourist zones for general merchandise (eg clothes, shoes, electronics)? Im thinking maybe the weekend market, except from the sound of it its really marketed at tourists...

2. Do you have any hints for taking restricted import items into Australia? Im not talking about like Bombs, drugs or anything actually dangerous... Im thinking like a BB gun, lasers or a knife? Any, like smuggling techniques that i could use? Anyone had any experience with things like this?

Anonymous 2013-12-11 13:44:28 No.792836
For small items, put them in a condom, tie the end, lube it, and stick it up your arse, mate. You can get a kathoey to help you with that if you need it.

For larger items, try hollowing out a book, or wearing them on your person in an unobtrusive manner. Surgical implantation is generally not recommended due to the risk of infections in Thailand.

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