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Anonymous 2016-10-27 01:54:14 No.1176246

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if I get asked at customs where I'm going to stay, should I tell them I've got an AirBnB booked? Will they be cool with that, considering it's sort of a grey area as far as lodging goes? Would it be better to tell them it's a hotel or a friend I'm staying with, and hope they don't ask for any specifics?

Anonymous 2016-10-27 02:08:15 No.1176249
They usualy just need an adress. Sometimes you can omit the typ of accomodation...

Anonymous 2016-10-27 02:13:08 No.1176250
I usually have a printed email of the reservation confirmation, just to have some kind of record I can show an idiot, look up an address, that kind of thing. It wouldn't do to not even understand what you'd tell a taxi, or what neighborhood its in, etc. The form questionsor the human asking you have reasons, so don't try to buck them too much with some kind evasive attitude and should be fine to book only 1 night and be openended like that. Often, I'll find where I want to stay after walking around the next day, and might move.

Anonymous 2016-10-27 02:28:36 No.1176254
If I have got an Airbnb booked for the duration of the stay already though, would it cause any trouble to show them the email confirmation and give them an address? I've heard that some places take issue with that since it messes with their tourism industry

Anonymous 2016-10-27 02:40:37 No.1176261
Where are you going? I've never been anywhere that the need or want more than a hotel name on an address. Often I've had to say, "I'm staying with a friend, here's his address." So just providing an address should normally be fine, there is no real need to get into it being an ABNB if you are worried about that. "I rented a room at 1234 Notanairnbnbatall Street" should be more than adequate.

Anonymous 2016-10-30 11:31:36 No.1177108
Why would immigration give a fuck if you're staying at an Airbnb? The guy who checks you out at immigration doesn't give a shit about the country's tourism ecosystem. Depending on where you are going I'd be surprised if they give a fuck where you are staying at all.

When I travel I just write "Hilton Hotel" on the incoming passenger card no matter where I am staying (usually because I haven't booked anything yet) and the immigration guy (in any country I've been to in any continent) couldn't give any less of shit.

OP you will be fine.

Anonymous 2016-10-30 12:45:49 No.1177125
What country are we talking about, OP?

Anonymous 2016-10-30 14:52:23 No.1177152
For my visa application for Egypt I filled the Ramses Nile Hotel.
For the visitor card when entering Egypt I left it blank

Tunisia card I filled an address I thought was right, but wasn't.
No issues.

What this guy said, desu.

Anonymous 2016-10-30 15:39:40 No.1177163
>asked at customs
Come on /trv/, no one spotted this?
If they ask you it will be at immigration

Anonymous 2016-10-30 15:58:24 No.1177172
>Flying through Western Europe as a white American
>Passport stamped, they say "thank you"
>Go to "nothing to declare" sign
>Literally just walk through a door with my carry on and I'm done, no questions asked, no security
Is it always that easy in Western Europe outside of the UK? This happened to me in Amsterdam.

Anonymous 2016-10-30 18:10:06 No.1177201
with an American passport I think that's pretty rare, they'll usually ask where you're staying and that sort of thing. I had a similar experience to yours in Canada (I'm European), they just asked me how I was, stamped my passport, said thank you, boom, that was it. I think it was because the line was particularly long that day

Anonymous 2016-10-30 20:45:46 No.1177237
This is standard.
First time i had to stand in a line and actually have someone look at my passport was when traveling to Bosnia from Sweden. Schengen area is the best

Anonymous 2016-10-30 23:43:31 No.1177306
Maybe we just knew what he meant and didn't think it worth fussing over.

Anonymous 2016-10-30 23:55:05 No.1177309
Most people at least have their first night worked out. A reservation is something you can cancel.

If you aren't from a country full of deadbeats looking to emigrate and work illegally, I don't think you need to worry very much. If you do not dress like an idiot or a criminal, have your life's belongings in crap luggage with you, you shouldn't raise much suspicion by not having a place to stay. If you are going to London or high season/holiday times somewhere you shouldn't need a reservation, but in places where it does matter to have one, you should have one. Just make a reservation somewhere for your first night. If you can't do that? WTF is wrong with you? This is 2016, there's an app for that.

Anonymous 2016-10-31 01:23:31 No.1177332
Dude, customs would totally be flirting with you if that happened. Take life by the balls and be romantic and shit, fuck.

Anonymous 2016-10-31 21:27:44 No.1177585

I don't think they are flirting with you. If I am on vacation and want to get a room after getting there, I google a hotel that is in the general area that I am staying and out that down.

Anonymous 2016-11-01 04:29:45 No.1177675
Somewhat related. Do you guys declare shit at customs. Like getting a 1000 euro bucks iphone and going through customs in your homecountry. Do you guys think ill be fine throwing the box away and putting that motherfucker in my pocket? Its 20 percent tax lul

Anonymous 2016-11-01 05:02:58 No.1177682
Yeah really depends...

I've bought expensive handbags and luxury watches OS and 4/5 times they never do me.

I am a bit more cautious nowadays and just wear the stuff on my person when going through...

In your described situation – yes you'll definitely be fine OP.

In the extreme case that they do ask where you got the iPhone just say bought it at home.

TLDR; Yes, you'll be fine.

Anonymous 2016-11-02 01:29:50 No.1177910
They can easily check the serial number and see what country it was bought from lol. Just a matter of using an internet browser.

Anonymous 2016-11-02 02:01:50 No.1177914
>be me
>white australian
>touching down in western europe
>only think they cared about was how much cash I had
>"thank you"

but fuck britain man, they had these huge lines of ethnics and immigration was like
"are you on a working visa"
"you sure you arn't working"
"are you planning on working in britain"
"I need bank stamped records of funds for your stay"
I was there for one day catching a ferry to france

Anonymous 2016-11-02 03:29:47 No.1177937
I really doubt anyone cares what you put as your address on those immigration forms.

Anonymous 2016-11-02 04:26:04 No.1177950


Anonymous 2016-11-02 04:27:57 No.1177951
Oh wow – they got you!

Oh wait, how about you just say... "No I bought it at home."


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