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Anonymous 2016-06-19 13:47:40 No.1129576

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im going to Prague for a week and i would like the usual, places to visit, cheap places to eat, good night clubs...any info about anything, thanks

Anonymous 2016-06-21 06:53:25 No.1130407
Head to the Dox gallery for some art, ][ club for music, sculpture museum for scuputes, communist museum is small but informative, food is cheap anywhere out of the city centre, look up what different exhibits they have in the different Narional Galleries. I've been a few times and really enjoyed it.

Anonymous 2016-06-21 07:46:12 No.1130425
Prague is pretty fucking great. Food is cheap everywhere outside of the generic touristy areas, and sometimes within them, generally being of decent quality. Go see some cheap theatre if you're into that sort of thing.

They sell these ice creams that have cones made of a crunchy version of cinnamon doughnuts, and are normally layered with Nutella.

Be warned: if you want to go clubbing, there is this 5-story place, can't remember what it's called. Everything is massively overpriced because all the tourists are directed there.

There's the Jewish quarter, which looks lovely (inb4 4chan and Jews don't mix) architecturally speaking. There's the massive castle visible from many different places in the city, and that gives you a great view of the city itself. There is the Charles' Bridge (i think) with lots of gothic statues, and the Astronomical Clock, which has been going strong for like 400 years and rings on the hour, every hour, from early in the morning to late at night. Also, if you're willing to pay the bus fare, go to Terezin Concentration Camp. It's...well, it's a tourist attraction.

Public transport is the way to go pretty much everywhere. I stayed in an apartment on Namesti Miru, and I could go everywhere I could ever want to go through trams or trains. Tickets are bought through little machines that only accept coins, but you can also get them from the staff (who are unreliable).

Finally, Czech culture, especially food server culture, can be a tad standoffish. This is because they went through 41 years of communism and also the Hapsburg's spy empire, so older generations tend not to be too vocal in public. And food servers, while they still want tips, make exactly zero effort to earn them (at least in my experience). I stayed for two weeks and almost all of them were blunt like a mace. "Can you recommend a good wine?" "No, I don't care enough." "Oh. Cool."

Overall, Prague is a great city. Have fun.

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