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Threads added between 2015/04/18 16:00 and 2015/04/18 22:00

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Just got done watching Taxi Driver on netflix. I thought it was decent but I want to watch more things on net flux because my computer is out of commission so it's basically my only option to watch movies. tl;dr: what are some good movies streaming on netflix?
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So /tv/ I just watched Furious 7. How wasnt anyone bothered by the amount of cheesiness/lack of realism in this film? This is honestly the most unrealistic movie I've ever seen. >The rock is heavily beaten, stabbed, and has a landmine blown up 2 meters away from him, he is sent flying through a 2nd floor window and lands on a car. He only has a broken arm and is completely conscious. >Toretto knows exactly when the asian driver's car will fail and why. >The ultra elite black ops can't hit Shaw when they're rappeling down even though he is less than 20 meters away from them. He runs away on foot and they don't bother chasing him. >The crew manages to launch themselves from a cargo plane while riding their cars and they accurately hit a street that is no more than 10 meters wide. Also they act like landing outside of the road on the fucking caucasus mountains is no big deal >Light machine guns riddle all of the car's fronts with bulletholes for some good 10 seconds, not a single bullet hits the drivers. >if Tej was supposed to be the armor all along, why the hell did Toretto even allowed him to be at the back when they reached the cars?. >Miniguns appear >Tej explicitly says "Oh shit! they got armor piercing rounds!" while he is being shot from all directions by them, still not one of them hits him. >The big bad nameless asian mook could have kicked Brian off the bus when he was about to jump back to Toretto's car instead he shoved him back. >Toretto's car cage is indestructible while a giant moving fortress like the bus is utterly teared up. >The prince's royal guard consisted of UNARMED WOMEN, they didnt even had knives or ceremonial swords, what the hell are they supposed to do if an armed threat (hint: anyone in his right mind who is about to attack a prince would be armed) would show up? >Even his chief of security was just some fat girl on a cocktail dress without even a hidden gun or anything
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Why can't Marvel ever make a serious badass motherfucking epic movie? Why does everything they make have to be goofy and family friendly? Every plot and villain they have is mediocre and forgettable. No depth or drama. Green Lantern was basically DC trying to be Marvel and look how retarded that turned out.

/got/ general

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old >>55460725
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Fuck Avengers, fuck Star Wars, fuck Superman vs. Batman. Attack on Titan live action movie is the true upcoming hit. Get fucking hyped! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=njH4Y1UBucw
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How do we "save" /tv/, /tv/?
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Dr Manhattan or Q from star trek TNG. Who wins?
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Remember taking your parents to see this movie? Remember the ancient mew card?


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>Rome successfully conquering Germania >Romans with British accents >thumbs up meaning mercy instead of death >Marcus Aurelius being as a wise and just ruler instead of a bloodthirsty persecutor of Christians >Commodus being an incestuous megalomaniac who dies in the arena instead of a fair ruler who was killed by his own bodyguard >Rome returning to a republic system of government instead remaining an empire until its decline So this was an Alternate History epic, right? Basically a classic era version of Wolfenstein or Fallout.

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