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Anonymous 2015-07-17 01:27:13 No.58875862

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Is this shit worth watching? I haven't watched cartoons since I was a kid and am not sure how this compares to the live action shows on currently.

Anonymous 2015-07-17 01:28:01 No.58875890
its good though

Anonymous 2015-07-17 01:29:31 No.58875942
Its arguably one of the best comic book adaptations of all time. At least top 3. Its definitely worth viewing.

Anonymous 2015-07-17 01:30:25 No.58875978
tbh you wouldn't enjoy it without nostalgia goggles, not something you'd watch as an adult 20 years after it aired and enjoy.

Anonymous 2015-07-17 01:31:09 No.58876014
BASED GOAT Theme song
BASED GOAT Harley Quinn
BASED GOAT.... everything

Honestly, its the only adaptation of Batman thats worth a fucking damn, its the greatest animated capeshit that has ever existed, and its arguably the greatest cartoon that has ever been made.

Anonymous 2015-07-17 01:32:31 No.58876068
>i am dead inside

not everyone is "you"

Anonymous 2015-07-17 01:33:21 No.58876101
I am rewatching it aswell.

Depends, it still has kid humor in it at some points.

But its definitely a lot more adult oriented and dark, at least Season 1.

But its worth watching mainly for the artstyle, score and voice acting.

Anonymous 2015-07-17 01:33:53 No.58876114
it's fucking timeless. It's gotten to the point that even it's flaws become marks of character. The animation quality was very inconsistent for example.

Anonymous 2015-07-17 01:34:46 No.58876148
I recall the series being legit good, and they explored very well the worlds and mindsets of certain villains like Harlequinn and Clay Face. It was far better than any live-action treatment anyone ever got, except for maybe Penguin in Batman Returns.


A lot of people who go in for capeshit only care about "badassery" and explosions and other simple shit for simple minds, but Animated Batman was good like Spawn was good--they were characters and not just archetypes to write into some shoddy script for money.

Anonymous 2015-07-17 01:36:20 No.58876206
By Spawn I mean the animated HBO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cDhR4M20gAc

Just want to clarify.

Anonymous 2015-07-17 01:37:08 No.58876236
It's nostalgia proof, it's going to be good forever.

Anonymous 2015-07-17 01:37:11 No.58876239
It has the only Joker that matters.. all the rests are pale failed imitations.

Anonymous 2015-07-17 01:37:58 No.58876271

Anonymous 2015-07-17 01:38:43 No.58876295
>tfw Arkham Asylum was for BTAS fans but Arkham City was for normies who like Batman
>Arkham Knight was for full BvS gritty grimdark realism turds

Anonymous 2015-07-17 01:38:48 No.58876298
This show was my life when I was a kid

I tried to watch it due to BvS hype, and it wasn't too great. Though I only watched the first few episodes, and heard it gets legit good after Heart of Ice

Anonymous 2015-07-17 01:40:07 No.58876339
that explains why i fucking LOVED asylum and completed it 100% while i could barely play City for more than 10 minutes and didnt even bother with the new one...

Anonymous 2015-07-17 01:41:05 No.58876377
The follow up series is lower quality, you should know.
Also watch Superman TAS and Justice League/ Unlimited.

Anonymous 2015-07-17 01:43:05 No.58876429
The first film that they did is by far the best Batman film


Anonymous 2015-07-17 01:43:20 No.58876447
>"Heart of Ice"
>Show gave birth to Harley Quinn
>That Gotham
>That music
>That Joker by Mark Hamil
>That Batman by Kevin Conroy
>All those iconic visuals

It's capeshit at it's finest

Anonymous 2015-07-17 01:45:10 No.58876504

if this doesn't get you hyped to watch motherfucking Batman I don't know what will

Anonymous 2015-07-17 01:46:10 No.58876532

To be fair I thought Asylum and City, both straddled the following on from TAS well. Havent played Knight

TAS and the films had aswell perhaps the most underrated theme


Anonymous 2015-07-17 01:48:32 No.58876611
You know City was written by Paul Dini too, right?

City is objectively the better game you just go against the grain so you can feel better about your shit opinions

Anonymous 2015-07-17 01:51:13 No.58876719
>i get really fucking upset when people think differently than i do so i pretend theyre just lying to make myself feel better


Anonymous 2015-07-17 01:51:41 No.58876737

If you are even remotely interested in batman it will knock your socks off.

Anonymous 2015-07-17 01:52:14 No.58876752
the modern interpretation of Mr Freeze also comes from BTAS.

Anonymous 2015-07-17 01:53:40 No.58876811
Loved all the villain themes. You knew instantly who it was when you heard them. Two-Face in particular had badass theme


Anonymous 2015-07-17 01:55:08 No.58876868
My favorite episode of Batman: The Animated Series is "I Am The Night." Shows that Batman's greatest nemesis is his own self-doubt. The scene where he trashes the Batcave in anguish is painful to watch. Great stuff.

Anonymous 2015-07-17 01:55:20 No.58876874
Asylum had a superior map design and little to none open world bullshit

Anonymous 2015-07-17 01:55:27 No.58876881
It's shit. It was made in the 90's but they made it look like it's from the 50's. it even has film grain effects on some parts.

Bruce Timm has done amazing stuff, but this looks about 70years old.

Anonymous 2015-07-17 01:55:30 No.58876883
>And yet, after Arkham's iconic KillerCroc we will end up with Suicide Squad


Anonymous 2015-07-17 01:56:16 No.58876910

Batman jumps into a room full of men with machine guns and survives by performing a badly animated cartwheel in his pyjamas. Rinse and repeat for every "action" scene. I could do a better fight with shadow puppets.

Conroy has two voices, gruff and retarded, and he can't emote in either of them.

Lots of filler and shit episodes with crap villains.

The show cemented the autistic version of Batman in pop culture, a concept which dominates and ruins ninety percent of stories in which he stars. Key features are total lack of character arc/ development throughout duration and thus incredibly repetitive stories in which by definition nothing interesting can happen. Batman's single-minded and obsessive quest to cripple the poor and mentally ill for justice is pretty retarded, as is the fact nothing ever tempts him to veer from his path or change his methods. As such, he only registers one emotion, which in the case of Conroy seems to be constipation.

Some plots have feels like Beward the Gray Ghost.

Hamill's iconic Joker.

Fleischer-inspired art/ designs which have since been flogged to death by the Timmverse.

Atmospheric music.

Mask of the Phantasm being one of the top three capeshits of all time and a genuinely decent/ emotional story.

Anonymous 2015-07-17 01:56:58 No.58876936
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c-wGseqKzr4 dat scarecrow

Anonymous 2015-07-17 01:57:28 No.58876952
it was based Elfman at his absolute peak

Anonymous 2015-07-17 01:57:36 No.58876956
Yes, best capeshit ever.

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