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Threads added between 2012/09/16 04:00 and 2012/09/16 10:00

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>during the whole game you hear this theme every time you save. http://soundcloud.com/litenvy/a-place-unknown-to-all >This theme plays at the final boss http://soundcloud.com/litenvy/last-chance-final-boss-theme it'd be cool . . . right?
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Steam avatar thread no gay shit edition

1 piano + online mode = ??

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Hey /v/ lets play the piano, this time in multiplayer mode site: http://www.multiplayerpiano.com//v/ if you're autistic or feel autistic, please leave now. thanks get in here guys, let's make a masterpiece pic related, last thread
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Where did all the Xbots go? It's been a while since I've seen one.
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It physically pains me that I cannot go back to knowing nothing about WoW and playing it for the first time in Vanilla. There is still nothing that comes close to that level of magic. I think most anger towards the game, the lore direction, its expansion themes, the casualising, are all directly rooted in that people are upset that they can no longer achieve that magical feeling in the game. There are people who started in Wrath and feel the same way you did in Vanilla/BC. They feel that nostaligia, hell, they're about to be in the same boat as us Vanilla players were in when Wrath launched, they're the old players as soon as Mists hits. Crazy right? It is all because of age, and being there to see the game go through so many changes that really strips the magic on a personal level. I am a Vanilla player, I hate where the game has gone, but I remind myself that Vanilla+BC and Wrath to a lesser extent was my time, and this new generation is for others. I can't compare the game to what is was then simply because it's not directed at me anymore, I am not the target audience, and I'm not sure I want to be anymore; I've moved on from WoW, and I cherish the memories I had of my time in it. I just think, like many people, I stuck around for longer than I should have.
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/v/ why Naughty dog killed Crash Bandicoot? Pic related
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Cryostasis a worthwhile game?
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http://spoonyexperiment.com/2012/09/15/to-boldly-flee-part-1-spoony-commentary/ Noah talks about his departure from TGWTG.
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>tfw the opening cinematic starts of one of your favorite games what game is it for you /v/? ffx for me

Too many questions, not enough answers

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Let's get your guys' opinions on some of the big questions in Dark Souls: Where do you think Priscilla comes from? Do you think Gwyndolin hopes to honor the memory of his father, or just wants to see what's left of him dead? What are the real intentions of the primordial serpents? What of the Sun's firstborn?
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>Thank you for contacting 2k Support. All users with a Russian IP address that are attempting to purchase and play the game will be restricted to the RU version of the game. This version of the game will only be compatible with other RU versions of the game, meaning you will only be able to play online with other Russian IP players. We deeply apologize for any and all inconvenience this issue may cause. >If you have any further questions regarding refunds or compensation inquiries, please direct these towards the retailer from whom you made your pre–purchase. That means even people who don't live in Russia, like Estonians or Lats, get Russian version, effectively fucking over the whole CIS zone. IT'S OVER, BORDERLANDS 2 IS FINISHED
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Anyone else notice this?
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>Get 2.2 million dollars on Planetary Annihilation >Immediately take site down the day after SCAM GAMES GENERAL TELL US ABOUT KICKSTARTER SCAMS, DON'T BE SHY TO ADMIT THAT YOU FELL FOR SOME.
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>PS3 version of Bayonetta is completely inferior >Sold a lot more better in US and PAL regions for the 360 >More then half the fanbase was formed in the 360 because the PS3 version was complete shit even proven as a fact numerous times >Bayonetta 2 gets canned >Later appears on a Nintendo Conference >Wii U Exclusives >DELICIOUS SONNY BABIES TEARS I don't understand console peasants, do Nintendudes and Sonyfriends just hate each other naturally? What about the Xbros more then half the fans originally played it on a 360? Feels good to be idort

It's time for...

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Guess The Video Game!

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