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Threads added between 2012/10/03 and 2012/10/10

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From 2012/10/03 22:00 to 2012/10/04 04:00 (6)
From 2012/10/04 04:00 to 2012/10/04 10:00 (5)
From 2012/10/04 10:00 to 2012/10/04 16:00 (17)
From 2012/10/04 16:00 to 2012/10/04 22:00 (1)
From 2012/10/04 22:00 to 2012/10/05 04:00 (1)
From 2012/10/05 04:00 to 2012/10/05 10:00 (10)
From 2012/10/05 10:00 to 2012/10/05 16:00 (13)
From 2012/10/05 16:00 to 2012/10/05 22:00 (40)
From 2012/10/05 22:00 to 2012/10/06 04:00 (6)
From 2012/10/06 04:00 to 2012/10/06 10:00 (16)
From 2012/10/06 10:00 to 2012/10/06 16:00 (0)
From 2012/10/06 16:00 to 2012/10/06 22:00 (5)
From 2012/10/06 22:00 to 2012/10/07 04:00 (10)
From 2012/10/07 04:00 to 2012/10/07 10:00 (0)
From 2012/10/07 10:00 to 2012/10/07 16:00 (17)
From 2012/10/07 16:00 to 2012/10/07 22:00 (2)
From 2012/10/07 22:00 to 2012/10/08 04:00 (0)
From 2012/10/08 04:00 to 2012/10/08 10:00 (4)
From 2012/10/08 10:00 to 2012/10/08 16:00 (2)
From 2012/10/08 16:00 to 2012/10/08 22:00 (6)
From 2012/10/08 22:00 to 2012/10/09 04:00 (11)
From 2012/10/09 04:00 to 2012/10/09 10:00 (0)
From 2012/10/09 10:00 to 2012/10/09 16:00 (6)
From 2012/10/09 16:00 to 2012/10/09 22:00 (1)
From 2012/10/09 22:00 to 2012/10/10 04:00 (0)
From 2012/10/10 04:00 to 2012/10/10 10:00 (7)
From 2012/10/10 10:00 to 2012/10/10 16:00 (6)
From 2012/10/10 16:00 to 2012/10/10 22:00 (3)
From 2012/10/10 22:00 to 2012/10/11 04:00 (4)

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310 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: Image9.jpg]
Should I buy Dishonored? Y/N
133 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: quentin.jpg]
>PC "Master" Race >Western Bakas When will you silly Gaijins recognize your inferiority? Console video games (or vidcons as I call them). the ultimate medium of expression, able to convey any emotion ranging from hatred to love, loyalty to fear, all in front of our eyes. Ah, and with lovingly crafted art, music, and the ability to control the action, vidcons are the ultimate combination of the high arts. While I tend to play the stoic, I will be the first to admit that vidcons haven driven me to cry, to scream and shout, to feel actual hate; such is the power of this force beyond our wildest reckoning. And here I am, before you, to temp your tongues with the taint of such a tantalizing topic. And the Japanese, the true geniuses behind the world of video games. Pah, I throw my scorn upon such incompetents of the West who would mock the true art of the Japanese with 'games' such as Baldur's Gate and Madden. Perhaps it is that the West is not as intelligent as the East, but this is a matter for another day. Japan has given us such masterpieces as the Final Fantasy series, Star Ocean, Wild Arms, and of course, Arc the Lad. Yes, some of the finest vidcons in the world were created by Japanese. I come to you today to ask you in all earnesty, what is your favorite vidcon? I will reveal mine after the grand debate has illustriously begun, but not before the first poster falls victim to my plot of discussion.
58 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 250px-Final_Fantasy_8_ntsc-front.jpg]
Love it or Hate it?
278 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 1336436572948.png]
Welcome to the /v/ & /vg/ Gauntlet, Gentlemen. Start with NES 1. Open http://random.org and input 1 - 850 2. Open http://pastebin.com/DCAu2qHP and find your number 3. You have three days to complete the game without assistance Once you complete that you progress onto SNES : input 1-692 http://pastebin.com/hqsjLpad Then GB/GBC : input 1-671 http://pastebin.com/zbBVtJhr Then Genesis input 1-534 http://pastebin.com/52qHhhGF Then Turbografx-16 : input 1-150 http://pastebin.com/8pFkJp0b Then onto DOS Input 1-3654 http://pastebin.com/ETSV1sHK Then onto Neogeo input 1-147 http://pastebin.com/uh2bswQm Then onto Game boy Advance Input 1-1017 http://pastebin.com/16mdZ0ZH Then onto Commodore 64 Input 1-1924 http://pastebin.com/4P41ehsQ Wiki: http://vgauntlet.wikia.com/wiki//v/_Gauntlet_Wiki AND BRING ME SCREENSHOTS PARKER More Rules: 1) Savestates are allowed ONLY for the purpose of taking screenshots and ONLY if your emulator/game in question does not have a pause function. 2) Rerolls are allowed under the following conditions: The game you get requires some sort of hardware functionality that cannot be accurately emulated to complete (eg, Boktai) The game would otherwise require cheats, hacks, or alteration of the software to complete due to a bug (eg, Cheetahmen II) For games that have a high score Or no end, the rule is: If no high score has been established, set a goal and beat it if you're playing something another anon already has a high score on, beat their high score If you are playing extended rpgs/pokemon/whatever You get a week (Depending on the game needs to be asked in thread) Extra rule (not official yet) If you lose / give up to a game you have to go back one square instead (i.e. if you gave up a Genesis game, you go back to GB/GBA and continue from there)
27 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 1344882740701.jpg]

Good Beat-em-ups/ Side scrolling action

15 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: muramasa0914.jpg]
Recommend me some good ones, /v/ >also, 4chan pass lolwut

Dark Souls Beginner class.

11 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 68767_386153608119369_890653810_n.jpg]
Hey /v/illains, I'm starting Dark Souls right now and would like to know your recommendation in terms of Class for an absolute beginner to the game. I tend to play as a ranger\thief guy in other games, but it seems that isn't as much of a choice right here. Am I wrong?
34 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: manyyearsofprogress.jpg]
Guys, why?
315 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: rs-logo1.gif]
Why aren't you playing 2006scape, /v/?
234 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 300px-HubbleDeepField.800px.jpg]
>you actually have to be stupid an uneducated to NOT believe in other intelligent life forms in our universe
146 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: image.jpg]
Treyarch tries and defends the fact they are using the same engine as CoD4 >http://www.ign.com/articles/2012/10/10/treyarch-defends-black-ops-ageing-engine To lazy to paste bin so if someone else wants to for the whole article, but here are the main things. >"Anybody who comes at the engine needs to remember it's the 60 frames they love in the first place," he asserted. "And we can make it beautiful - that's through years and years of working with the engine, improving upon it and improving the pipeline and improving our approach, our lighting rendering. >"To me, it's like I never really understood," Vondehaar concluded. "It runs at 60 and it's gorgeous. What exactly is there to be upset about with the engine?"
217 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: skyrim1.jpg]
Why did Skyrim get so popular with normal people? When Oblivion came out I don't remember a single normal person/casual/non gamer even acknowledging its existence It's just confusing, can you explain it to me /v/?
30 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 1348661367683.gif]
Is GW2 gonna die? Idk whether i should bother playing it anymore is all. Any mmo vets seen big games like this start slow and pickup later gif unrelated
31 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 1349657874600.jpg]
What are some other games that let you go on dates other than GTA type games?
1 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: image.jpg]
Haven't seen a thread today so... 06scape discussion. Also, i quit rs years ago. how is it today? Pic unrelated
22 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 1341711344513.jpg]
Why is it that when a Japanese developer tries to make a WRPG, it feels fresh even when the designer is trying to be generic, but when a western developer tries to make a JRPG, the result is always an embarrassing disaster?
55 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 1348589820559.gif]
Microsoft are forcing anyone who makes videos containing content from their games to show a disclaimer for at least 5 seconds. http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2012-10-10-microsoft-slaps-down-user-creation-rules-for-machinima- videos-fanfiction
104 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 21654654354651321.jpg]
Alright /v/, give three fucking good reasons I shouldn't get rid of this god awful game. >inb4 It's challenging fags
238 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: itsprettyfun.jpg]
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cfOdlduYlzs Game of the year they said It's not a console port they said
75 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: chainsaw.jpg]
I'm about to into the Resident Evil series for the first time. Which game is the best to start with?

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