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Threads added between 2016/01/13 22:00 and 2016/01/14 04:00

/utg/ - Undertale General

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Goat love edition Quality drawings edition Previous Thread: >>128480660 Spoilers ahead, proceed at your own Fish. -The Game >http://store.steampowered.com/app/391540/ >http://undertale.com/ -The Game's Demo >http://undertale.com/demo.htm -Booru >http://under.booru.org/ -Recommended Games >http://pastebin.com/fsqd5Sa6 -Writebin >http://pastebin.com/UCr5qFpc -Steam Group >http://steamcommunity.com/groups/undertalegen -Flockmod >flockmod.com/undertale -Cytube >Channel: Undertale -Shimeji Directory >http://undertaleshimejis.tumblr.com/ IRC Channel: #undertalegeneral on Rizon

skyforge general /sfg/ & sub general for other my.com games: Armored Warfare /AWG/

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>what is my.com? the online gaming front for Obsidian Ent. >About Skyforge: Skyforge is a very different kind of MMORPG, developed by Obsidian Entertainment and Allods. It's about immortals and gods in a sci-fi/fantasy futuristic world with heavy greco-roman influences. >Become a god! Start your own religion! Be worshipped by thousands and have them erect statues and temples in your glory! Accept the vow of Adepts, who offer their very lives at your godly service! No traditional "leveling system", instead there's a Prestige system, your godly power-level measurement, which unlocks new content. A fine breath of fresh air in a stagnant industry of copycats. The combat is similar to Blade N Soul: not a traditional tab-target. There are open zones, solo/3/5 man instances, 10 man raids & PvP. >NEW? READ THE CODEX! (Needs updating. When in doubt, ask.) http://pastebin.com/2P2UKuEz >FAQ http://pastebin.com/UV5g2Tt6 >Is this pay to win? There's a weekly limit to how much you can grind; can't wallet warrior your way to glory, just to cap faster. You can easily convert in-game cash into argents, and buy premium/cosmetics/etc with that. No need to spend $$money. http://sf.my.com/us/news/announcements/skyforge-monetization-explained >Player & Pantheon Stats: https://sfstat.info/na/ >/sfg/ guilds? NA: Warbros EU: nope nope nope nope Steam group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/skyfgen Christmas Event will last until January. Grab your free mount, costumes and silly hats! >About Armored Warfare Armored Warfare is a tank game similar to World of Tanks but you use all modern tanks and modern day anti-armor weapons instead of world war 2 tanks and guns. On top of that there is a pve mode instead of pure pvp like in WoT. Also there is no 1 hit killed by artillery in this game unlike in WoT. >AW wiki: http://armoredwarfare.gamepedia.com/Armored_Warfare_Wiki other AW related info is welcome, just post here so we can update it other my.com games is welcome to post here.

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