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Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:30:27 No.122665481

[Missing image file: ]

Fallout 2 > Fallout 4 > Fallout 1 = Fallout New Vegas > Fallout 3 Edition

>Fallout 4 items, map, power armor, companions and bobbleheads guide

>Fallout 4 Weapons guide

>Fallout 4 spoken player names list

>Collectible Checklist and Interactive Map

>Character Builders

>/fog/ Asset and Mod Repository (Mods, Rips, etc):

>VGU (Rips)

>General Information, Recommendations, Run Ideas, etc

Previous Thread:>>122651451

Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:31:32 No.122665563
loli footjobs

Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:31:41 No.122665576


Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:31:59 No.122665598

Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:32:17 No.122665615

Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:32:34 No.122665626
Piper is bestest

Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:33:17 No.122665673
>Fallout 4
>not last

Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:33:32 No.122665692
Has there been any updates to the game?
Filthy codex pirate here.

Also, what mods are you guys running?

Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:33:36 No.122665696
Sixth for Curie

Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:34:12 No.122665738
Remember folks all you need to make a beautiful settlement is a dream in your heart and practice.

Wherever you think a wall should be that's exactly where it should go.

Should we put a cukshed here or a little turret here? You decide, it's up to you, in your settlement you can do whatever you want. You have unlimited power.

Remember there are no mistakes, just happy little accidents.

Happy snaplocking and god bless.

Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:34:33 No.122665759
You spelled "Cait" wrong.

Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:34:40 No.122665771
Curie, Cait, Codsworth, Dogmeat

Danse, Deacon, Valentine

Preston, Piper, MacCready

no-one relevant

Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:34:47 No.122665783
It's just a kick in the teeth to anyone who wanted an AGI/PER centric build.
Maxing it does nothing, it barely even increases VATS shots.

Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:35:03 No.122665796
Fallout 4 SPECIAL:
STR points: Higher equals higher melee damage and weight carry
PER points: higher points equal higher accuracy in VATS (does not seem to affect long range VATS though), easier steal and lockpicking
END: higher points = higher HP + rate of depleting AP when sprinting
CHA: higher points = better barter price and easier/harder to get addicted to drugs/alcohol
INT: higher points = more XP per actions
AGI: higher points = more AP, easier sneak
LUCK: higher points = quicker recharge of critical

So...do I need to pick special perks in CHA and/or bobblehead to pass speech checks? What the hell determine successful speech checks? I would've thought if you have high STR, you can pass intimidate speech check, but I guess not...

What's the deal here, guys? Do I have to invest on CHA points and perks to be able to pass speech checks? I can't even pass one.

Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:35:04 No.122665797

Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:35:25 No.122665819
I gave Hancock a revolver to and made him equip it but after a while he goes back to using his default shotgun. Any idea why?

Buffscale McThundertail 2015-11-18 15:35:29 No.122665829
I did some of the Institute quests with Piper...it was interesting.

Piper dislikes going on a mission with you to retrieve a Synth. But when you retrieve the Synth she likes it.

Make up your mind woman!

Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:35:38 No.122665840
I wonder what made this crater

Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:35:50 No.122665851
>unlimited power
>have to pick between having a nice little patio area or having a door

Fuck you Todd I fucking hate you so much.

Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:36:47 No.122665906
Happy snaplocking and Todd bless friend

Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:37:06 No.122665925
a bloated glowing one iirc

maybe putrid


how can I show them the error of their ways?

Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:37:18 No.122665936
objectively the best song


Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:37:18 No.122665937
CHA perks are mostly worthless, especially Lady Killer.

Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:37:23 No.122665940
where da white waifus at

Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:37:24 No.122665943
Your mom when she sat down

Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:37:25 No.122665945
Went for a mix of Sean Connery and that guy from OSS117

Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:37:42 No.122665956
Holy shit, I remember all the people here complaining that gun damage scales off of AGI, it's "not realistic." There's no pleasing you people.

Buffscale McThundertail 2015-11-18 15:37:45 No.122665960

She also has loads of dialog for this particular quest.

Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:37:48 No.122665964

She does look a little old I suppose


nah, errything vanilla

Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:37:55 No.122665972
>tfw only a Mongrel guarded this

Assuming they're not randomly generated corpses, I'd have loved to watch this fight.

Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:38:05 No.122665982
>trashy tryhard husbando
>shitty opinions
>new thread when old one is on page 7 with 130 images

Literally kill yourself OP

Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:38:07 No.122665983
>lots of food water power defences radio mast thing in Sanctuary
>still only 6 people


Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:38:11 No.122665993
How does companion weaponry and ammunition work? I realize they have an unlimited pool of invisible ammunition with at least their default weapon, but are there any other weapons this applies to?

E.g. lets take Piper, if I give her an upgraded 10mm does she still have unlimited 10mm bullets, what about if I give her say a laser pistol or a .44?

Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:38:12 No.122665996
>Running along discovering locations
>Trip over something
>Last save 30m ago...

I dont even know what happened, I just fell over dead.

Anyone else have this happen?

Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:38:26 No.122666014
Oh I can see what's in it. I just wonder what did it. Also, where can I read more about the war and why things happened?

Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:38:47 No.122666043
shit opinions. try again.

Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:38:49 No.122666047


Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:39:28 No.122666090

No, you have to give them ammo

Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:39:45 No.122666113
Well, fuck. So doing a charismatic run and able to pass every speech checks is pointless/waste of time?

And to add to >>122665783, there is a sniper perk at PER 8 point that is quite useful, but other than that, you are right that having more points in PER does shitall in VATS accuracy. I have 14 points in PER (with clothing) and I did not see any difference in VATS, worse with long distance VATS.

Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:39:49 No.122666115

Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:39:57 No.122666120
Codsworth is dragged down by being a fucking moral fag. He's my god damn robotic servant he should like whatever I like.

Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:39:57 No.122666121
Is the final perk of big hitter completely broken?

Might have to abandon my melee character if it is

Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:39:59 No.122666124
What a slut

Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:40:12 No.122666142
What are the main advantages of unarmed over melee? Unarmed seems to be gimped as far as weapon selection and lack of power armor goes, i dont see any point to picking it over melee.

Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:40:13 No.122666147

Buffscale McThundertail 2015-11-18 15:40:14 No.122666150

But then when I went to do Bunker Hill quest...a fight I wasn't quite expecting since I didn't alert Brotherhood, and figured they would NOT be there, it turned into Piper blowing away BoS and Railroad guys alike. No dialog. No dislike.

Piper just straight up killing Railroad people. What??

Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:40:56 No.122666189
I had something similar happen at General Atomics. I jumped off the elevator when it was like 3 feet from the ground, ran for a second, and then just died. My theory is that some areas may just kill you if you fall from them, even if you've survived much further falls before.

Then again I also wander around at <20% heath a lot just hoping to find a bed or a water pump so I don't have to waste any of my literal hundreds of stimpacks

Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:41:08 No.122666198
There are no words to describe how perfect Gauss-fu is

Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:41:22 No.122666214
he gained sentience so fuck you

Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:41:29 No.122666220
>can't put walls around certain tiles if it doesn't think they're exterior

They really should have used a grid based system

>I haven't used Hancock: the list

Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:41:33 No.122666227
>le New Vegas is good meme

Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:41:53 No.122666248
Try sending people from other settlements to Sanctuary.

Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:41:59 No.122666257
>Excising Libertalia of raiders in a power armour
>drop off the platform and sink like a brick
fuck this shit, I'm coming back when I'm less drunk.

Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:42:03 No.122666263
I like to imagine my character getting frisky with Piper in those long elevator rides. I mean what else are you gonna do in the 20 minutes it takes to load this piece of shit game?

Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:42:10 No.122666271
Unarmed in power armor is pretty good, just check the mods you can install on arms.

Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:42:15 No.122666281
Happend to me. Keep tripping on cars and dying

Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:42:21 No.122666293

Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:42:32 No.122666308
Fallout 4 plays better

New Vegas has objectively the best characters, writing, and atmosphere.

Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:42:35 No.122666313
NV > 3

Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:42:47 No.122666325
>specced out in pistols and melee weapons
>can't find any guns that're enjoyable to use expect for the alien gun
>out of bullets for that
>still another 10 levels off before I can mod it to use cells
>pipe guns are garbage
>10mm isn't cutting it


Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:42:55 No.122666331
>The nuclear Armageddon in the back-story was between the US and China. After shipping several people asked me why China and not the old standby, the Soviet Union. I made the choice when I remembered experiences with Oleg, a Moscow developer I worked with months before when I was assistant-producing a typing game. Once, in the middle of a phone conversation, I heard some muffled bangs, and the phone went quiet. When I asked him what the noise was, he replied, "Oh, it was just the Russian mob firing their guns in the street." I thought he was joking – he wasn’t. After that, I had a really hard time believing that the once mighty USSR would be in a position to threaten the world any time soon. So I turned to the next major communist country that typifies "the East": China.


Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:43:18 No.122666360
Codsworth is also headache inducingly loud with his engines and he constantly ruins stealth
>Maxing it does nothing, it barely even increases VATS shots.
Two of the absolute best shooting perks in the game are at 9 and 10 per

The hitting through cover one makes you into a fucking god

Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:43:19 No.122666361
Speech checks are pretty much never critical, they just give extra dialogue/caps/speech XP or whatever, and they can be passed with drugs and clothes anyways.

Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:43:21 No.122666364
CHA is most important for settlements, you'll need local leader and # of settlers is based off of CHA.

Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:43:25 No.122666368
>ask for money
>Codsworth dislikes that
He's just jealous

Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:43:34 No.122666383
>want to play NV
>don't want to fuck around with mods

why this new thread edition

Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:43:35 No.122666386
You play vidya wrong and should feel bad

Buffscale McThundertail 2015-11-18 15:43:43 No.122666397

And when I go meet Shaun, Piper's there with me, I just knew there would be some kind of super unique dialog between them...nope. Nothin'.

Not even a "Hi, I'm gonna be your new mom"

So...I take it Piper doesn't care at all if you side with Institute.

Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:43:49 No.122666406
>taking nick down to vault 111 just so I can see his reaction to my dead wife

Am I a bad person?

Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:44:08 No.122666430
I didn't even fall, it was a flat surface and I just died.

There was a car there, might have somehow clipped into it and it killed me that way.

Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:44:08 No.122666431
Laser pistols.

Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:44:21 No.122666446


Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:44:25 No.122666450
You have to give them ammo, even if their default uses the same ammo as the new weapon. So if you want to give Piper an upgraded 10mm, you have to give her ammo too, or else she'll switch to her default one.

Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:44:33 No.122666471
loads faster than my modded skyrim tbqh

Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:44:50 No.122666490
I answered you last thread dipshit fucking read it instead of closing the thread

>Speech checks are entirely CHA, nothing outside of that and lady killer/black widow (which just functions like a point in CHA) impacts dialogue

>If you carry a suit, glasses and a hat and take grape mentats you will go from 1 CHA to 10

>You can pass every speech check in the game if you dress up for them

Only go deep in CHA if you want to a) build settlements or b) pacify/control enemies

Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:44:51 No.122666492
Yeah the perks are fine, but the stat itself does jack shit.

Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:44:51 No.122666493

Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:45:09 No.122666516
>painted Hot Rod Flames to my PA
>Codsworth tolerates you.
>Codsworth loved that.

O-okay, Tin Can Friend?

Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:45:16 No.122666520



Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:45:23 No.122666528
Pretty fun, but bleed is actually more damage.

Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:45:26 No.122666529
You need 6 charisma for local leader perk and if you dont have that perk you are suffering

Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:45:36 No.122666542

>New Vegas
>good atmosphere

Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:45:38 No.122666543
No, Charisma is important for settlements.
It's also important if you like money.

Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:45:43 No.122666550
Just one more reason she is bottom tier.

Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:45:57 No.122666578
She cares, she gives you a whole speech after destroying the brotherhood, but at the same time writes a news paper article saying the institute can't be all bad because you're a part of it.

Buffscale McThundertail 2015-11-18 15:46:02 No.122666591

I'm curious what all the companions say.

Especially Strong.

Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:46:04 No.122666592
>Mr Gutsy
>repeated 'Will you comply' in a silly voice until he attacked me

10/10 writing

Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:46:23 No.122666616
Plasma Pistols then.
Or you can get a cancer gun off Children of Atom.
And get Deliverer.

Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:46:24 No.122666617
He needs ammo

>not adding it via console

Fuck beth for tying their minigame to stats and perks

Fucking forcing me to take cap collector to make my settlement a functional town

Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:46:51 No.122666645
>Plays better
I would've agreed up until the buggy AI and buggy mission objectives that would not complete, requiring me to redo the entire mission, kept happening.

FO4 does have better lighting, effects, animations, and gunplay. I actually like the course of the main story better than New Vegas, although the factions and many of the side quests in New Vegas are incredibly more interesting.

What a disappointment the Institute is as a faction, Minutemen too really.

Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:47:12 No.122666674
>"You... You gonna eat that?"

Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:47:15 No.122666680
>Only go deep in CHA if you want to a) build settlements or b) pacify/control enemies
If you don't use VATS Charisma ends up being one of the more worthwhile SPECIAL investments.

Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:47:19 No.122666683
Hancock, Dogmeat, Valentine

Curie, Deacon

Danse, MacCready

Everyone else.

Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:47:20 No.122666685
>Dress Piper up as Nora
>Take her to visit ded wifecicle


Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:47:39 No.122666713

I'm not fond of the gamma gun, but... a plasma pistol may not be a bad idea, damn shame ammo for those things are scarce though.

I've heard about deliverer, where the fuck do I get it?

Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:47:40 No.122666714
yes anon

Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:48:06 No.122666742
If it has a legendary that was a real enemy

Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:48:13 No.122666756
>Not savescumming every 30 seconds
I'm basically mashing quick save the entire time I play

Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:48:40 No.122666779
I tried decking my character with CHA infused clothing, but didnt take any pill, still failed the speech check (I have CHA at 2), so what gives? I think it was at 7-8 (due to clothing) so I do not think CHA points affect speech check successful/failure rate, unless you invest in the perk. Am I wrong?

Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:48:40 No.122666780
You should have murdered him right there to see what she does.

Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:48:54 No.122666791
It's better than 3. The atmosphere is more thematic, but the orange is annoying.

Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:49:19 No.122666813
>tell her to get in the cryopod with you and play dead

Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:49:37 No.122666823
>putting the latest entry in last place

When will this meme die?

Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:49:52 No.122666835
You only have 6 beds under a player built roof
Unarmed has even better bonuses on stuff like ninja

But it's not worth it because no weapon variety and melee weapons outscale them

Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:49:53 No.122666836
I wanna write a fapfic in which Nora takes a Raider prisoner and has Strong hold him down while she rides him, but I've never written anything before that wasn't for school.


Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:49:54 No.122666837
>everything is orange is good atmosphere

Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:50:01 No.122666847


He's a cute pupper but he needs to stay the fuck home.

Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:50:48 No.122666881
>unarmed was fucking amazing in NV
>subpar in FO4

I miss that ballistic fist.

Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:50:49 No.122666882
This is so fun

Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:50:54 No.122666890
You don't need any perks.
CHA is all you need, and you can require as high as 10 or 11 for some checks.

Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:51:09 No.122666908
I hope you did the right thing and freed the awesome pirates

Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:51:12 No.122666913
Who /stillwearingweddingring/ here

Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:51:25 No.122666927
>24 FOOD
>22 BEDS

Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:51:28 No.122666932
Don't do it, I'd rather read a programmed technical writing application execute a fapfic writing task than read yours.

Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:51:45 No.122666949
What a trooper.

Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:51:51 No.122666954
kek'd. which building is that?

Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:51:57 No.122666961
>There are some people here who let this innocent ball of fluff die

Buffscale McThundertail 2015-11-18 15:52:12 No.122666981

I have the save right before that still. Not overwritten.

50/50 chance that Father is invincible during this part or Piper says nothing

I'll get in game and test

Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:52:14 No.122666982
Jesus christ, this fucker scared the crap out of me. He almost one hit me from full health. If it wasn't for my cripple gun, I'd be screwed.

Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:52:26 No.122666997
>tight city with threats around most corners and dark buildings
>a bright desert

What the fuck are you defining atmosphere as? And I loved NV but I never bought the mojave as a real location for a single moment, the whole thing is so gamey

Especially the linear opening walk with difficult enemies if you try to go the other way

Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:52:27 No.122667001
If I cooperate with Railroad to take down the BoS and the Institute, can I still be pals with Danse later?

Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:52:42 No.122667019
>You only have 6 beds under a player built roof

Oh cunt you're right! Thanks mate

Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:52:45 No.122667025
>Curiefags act just like Talifags in Mass Effect

The horrors.

Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:52:47 No.122667030
>Can teleport around like fucking coldsteel in VATS
>Can suplex people
>Multiple extremely powerful fist/claw weapons, and the power armor

u wot

Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:52:55 No.122667035

>4 is worse than 3

C'mon anon. Try harder with your baiting

Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:53:05 No.122667046

Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:53:12 No.122667053

Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:53:25 No.122667068
I had my jetpack on and jetpacked onto the ship as it took off. Bad things happened., and all the robots disappeared.

Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:53:27 No.122667069
I've cleared this fucking factory 4 times it's so fucking shit stop sending me here Preston you ape

Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:53:49 No.122667091
>Sample size of 1
>I don't think there's any correlation
This website is 18+

Anonymous 2015-11-18 15:53:58 No.122667102
>I've heard about deliverer, where the fuck do I get it?
Railroad, it's after their first quest

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