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Anonymous 2015-11-16 15:00:56 No.122470194

[Missing image file: ]

The Gang's All Here Edition

GO3 Info










Previous Thread: >>122426514

Anonymous 2015-11-16 15:11:14 No.122470785
I wish Quiet would fart in my mouth

Anonymous 2015-11-16 15:13:57 No.122470930
Do it. (Defecate)

Anonymous 2015-11-16 15:17:00 No.122471086

Anonymous 2015-11-16 15:37:01 No.122472161

Anonymous 2015-11-16 15:40:04 No.122472345
Stefanie Joosten

Anonymous 2015-11-16 15:42:00 No.122472464
best waifu to be quiet honest with you my families

Anonymous 2015-11-16 15:44:29 No.122472614
holy fuck i come here after 5 days and this is what this general had turned into

Anonymous 2015-11-16 15:47:51 No.122472792
So has the grade 8 stuff been released yet?

Anonymous 2015-11-16 15:47:54 No.122472801

How do I get in?
Or will you find me when the time is right?

Anonymous 2015-11-16 15:48:24 No.122472824
Yeah, but the requierements are so fucking high you need to buy another FOB.

Anonymous 2015-11-16 15:50:19 No.122472935
Thanks Konami

Anonymous 2015-11-16 15:50:56 No.122472982
Stop fucking posting her

Anonymous 2015-11-16 15:52:54 No.122473101

Anonymous 2015-11-16 15:57:45 No.122473376
>you're just thugs, terrorists
>you wanted something to cling to to prove you deserve to be alive
>you're alone
>it's murder what you're doing
>war and violence can never lead to peace
>d-dog is a wolf

Was he wrong tho

Anonymous 2015-11-16 16:00:17 No.122473512

Anonymous 2015-11-16 16:00:24 No.122473518
He's a whiny cukc who cares

Anonymous 2015-11-16 16:03:26 No.122473692
Can someone translate what these tasks are?

Anonymous 2015-11-16 16:03:26 No.122473693
>who cares

post qts

Anonymous 2015-11-16 16:04:44 No.122473761

Anonymous 2015-11-16 16:05:51 No.122473826
Do you think Ocelot is quiet in bed?

Anonymous 2015-11-16 16:06:24 No.122473867
Is chapter 3 happening?

Anonymous 2015-11-16 16:06:27 No.122473874
lemon party

Anonymous 2015-11-16 16:07:31 No.122473938
Even I'd make a more attractive girl than that bitch

Anonymous 2015-11-16 16:08:43 No.122474031
a-anon....that's so lewd

also I'd like to think he's a little loud, actually, kinda like a yowling cat but a little more pleasant than that

Anonymous 2015-11-16 16:09:26 No.122474068
Do you think Quiet is Ocelot in bed?

Anonymous 2015-11-16 16:11:30 No.122474220

Anonymous 2015-11-16 16:11:32 No.122474221
post pics to prove it

Anonymous 2015-11-16 16:13:54 No.122474379
Sprinting is the new sneaking.
Being spotted is the new stealth.

First Webm... Pl... Please be gentle...

Anonymous 2015-11-16 16:14:05 No.122474390
the bottom two say something about a "tactical takedown"

I can't really read the kanji (because they're so small) but I'll keep trying...

Anonymous 2015-11-16 16:14:53 No.122474448
stop trying to make this about your shit tier character who never showed up again.

Anonymous 2015-11-16 16:16:28 No.122474537
wtf are you on about m80?

Anonymous 2015-11-16 16:17:05 No.122474575
I think he puts up a fight. But, one of those fights that he secretly wants to lose.

Anonymous 2015-11-16 16:19:30 No.122474708
also, the first two say something about "marking." that's pretty much all I can read, the kanji is way too small to make out (also I'm not a native Japanese speaker so I'm a shit)

sorry anon

Anonymous 2015-11-16 16:20:32 No.122474785
but the words we shared

Anonymous 2015-11-16 16:21:39 No.122474858

I guess not only he sprinted, he also thre himself to prone a lot until he reached the core.

switch to medium or close range and that won't happen again.

Anonymous 2015-11-16 16:22:11 No.122474893
The only thing we shared was a boot to your head a couple of times and then a bullet to your heart.

Anonymous 2015-11-16 16:22:51 No.122474939
b-but anon, do I really have to go dress up right now just for this?
I just got home and my stockings haven't even arrived in mail yet

Anonymous 2015-11-16 16:23:32 No.122474985
Shouldn't being detected start an alert even if he ducks away?

Anonymous 2015-11-16 16:23:57 No.122475013
Yes you little faggot

Anonymous 2015-11-16 16:24:15 No.122475034

Anonymous 2015-11-16 16:25:03 No.122475089
>[EXTREME] Code Talker
>equip babby suit because i know it's a bitch to endure if i don't correctly evade the skull snipers
>make my way past them without being spotted
>make it to the mansion
>some B rank faggot sees me
>assault rifle
>the screen is literally filled with burn marks
>i just won't die
>suddenly i notice the hit count steadily increasing to 50
>literally as if on cue at 69 hits, quiet decides to come by and snipe half the faggots who are shooting at me

Anonymous 2015-11-16 16:25:37 No.122475128
>if you bring her here, I'll just have her killed

Excuse me Kaz? This is my base. You don't call the shots here. Step off bitch.

Anonymous 2015-11-16 16:26:09 No.122475164
"Derete it" Hideo Kojima

Anonymous 2015-11-16 16:27:02 No.122475216
literally easiest mission in the game
ride past skulls
scale cliff
head past waterfall to mansion
avoid guard on searchlight
throw magazine to distract the two guards by door
enter mansion
turn left down the stairs
grab code talker
run to helicopter avoiding puppets

boom s rank
maybe even a no traces if your good enough

Anonymous 2015-11-16 16:28:31 No.122475313
>He has the gall to order your own men to train lasers on you.
I wanted to rip the faggots crutch out of his hand and start beating the shit out of him with it.

Anonymous 2015-11-16 16:28:56 No.122475336
You are looking at your iDroid, a fictional holographic device that serves as a communication device, map and support center. Currently in the screenshot you are viewing the map portion, which is displaying Mother Base, a former oil rig purchased by Diamond Dogs for the purpose of being a safe haven. Specifically it is the R&D department's platform, who are responsible for developing new weapons and items. There is a circle on the map which is labelled as "Battle Gear Hangar" because you have brought back a scientist named Huey Emmerich who is at the time of viewing the map in the process of developing a new type of tank he has named the Battle Gear to be used on combat deployments.
I hope this cleared things up for you.

Anonymous 2015-11-16 16:29:20 No.122475367
He was doing you a favor, Anon. He didn't want you to get attached.

Anonymous 2015-11-16 16:29:38 No.122475398
he finished developing it though

Anonymous 2015-11-16 16:29:58 No.122475428
hang on, that's true.

could that be... chained reflex mode?

that some bullshit if it is.

Anonymous 2015-11-16 16:31:39 No.122475532
Then it should be there for your viewing pleasure.

Anonymous 2015-11-16 16:31:43 No.122475540
I have S-rank anti-reflex, and he never neutralized a single guard. he only shot UAV's.

Anonymous 2015-11-16 16:31:57 No.122475556
Thanks Jeeves

Anonymous 2015-11-16 16:32:55 No.122475638
lol defending cut content
it's clear there was more with the battle gear and the notification is an afterthought of what could have been another buddy

Anonymous 2015-11-16 16:33:47 No.122475685
He didn't want anybody else replacing his status as best waifu

Anonymous 2015-11-16 16:34:21 No.122475723
He's not defending it, Anon. In fact he's making a joke out of it.

Anonymous 2015-11-16 16:35:01 No.122475773
im proud

Anonymous 2015-11-16 16:35:10 No.122475782
There was? First I've ever heard of it.

Anonymous 2015-11-16 16:36:19 No.122475873
this. Notice how Ocelot didnt give a shit. Had venom been Big Boss, however...

Anonymous 2015-11-16 16:36:23 No.122475880
>go behind airport
>phantom cigar
>fulton truck

You shouldn't be.

Anonymous 2015-11-16 16:36:52 No.122475919
>phantom cigar
wait what why

Anonymous 2015-11-16 16:37:51 No.122476005

Anonymous 2015-11-16 16:37:57 No.122476012
He's mainly referring to the no hits, anyone can no traces that run, but to no traces it with no hits is hard.

Anonymous 2015-11-16 16:39:15 No.122476105
Exactly, he wasn't anywhere near that short.

Anonymous 2015-11-16 16:39:40 No.122476128
hehe this is my favorite one

Anonymous 2015-11-16 16:39:51 No.122476146
You use it to speed up the amount of time it takes for the convoy truck to arrive with the two tanks. As soon as you see headlights, you ditch the cigar.

What do you mean "no hits"? From the phantom cigar? If you mean physical hits by bullets, then that comes with no-tracing a mission. Clarify.

Anonymous 2015-11-16 16:41:10 No.122476240

When will they learn

Anonymous 2015-11-16 16:41:11 No.122476242
>You use it to speed up the amount of time it takes for the convoy truck to arrive with the two tanks. As soon as you see headlights, you ditch the cigar.
the truck is there from the start lol

Anonymous 2015-11-16 16:41:48 No.122476282
I have personally done no traces runs with hits taken, sometimes dozens.

You don't have to wait for the tanks to arrive, just run right to the truck, trigger the skulls, fulton the truck and run like hell.

Anonymous 2015-11-16 16:45:27 No.122476554
It's not.

Anonymous 2015-11-16 16:45:52 No.122476592
no mate it really is

Anonymous 2015-11-16 16:46:41 No.122476640
you are incorrect, by the time you can get to the airport it is already there.

Anonymous 2015-11-16 16:48:19 No.122476763
i cut the power but this thing keeps talking, how do I turn it off!

Anonymous 2015-11-16 16:48:54 No.122476809
You don't even have to trigger the skulls. You can just fulton the truck. I've done it before.

It's never there when I play it...

What the fuck. It always came from my right when I hung out by the cliff behind the holding area. I never assumed it was already in there.

Anonymous 2015-11-16 16:49:32 No.122476867
You don't.

Anonymous 2015-11-16 16:49:51 No.122476894
why would you want to turn it off?
you aren't worried it'll reveal something compromising about you are you?
huey is that you

Anonymous 2015-11-16 16:53:49 No.122477154
quiet sure let off a big one

Anonymous 2015-11-16 16:54:01 No.122477169
>You don't even have to trigger the skulls. You can just fulton the truck. I've done it before.

I would like to know how, I know you can use the fulton ballista, but that restricts to A and doesn't allow a no traces. Every time I've gotten within 50m of the truck in all locations it's triggered the skulls.

Anonymous 2015-11-16 16:55:35 No.122477268
He should have been thrown overboard the second he tried to pull that shit. That's high treason.

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