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/vp/ Pokémon

Threads added between 2014/11/05 22:00 and 2014/11/06 04:00

/vp/'s MS Paint Topic Day 302: In The Thousands Edition!

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>New to these threads? Give this a quick read: http://pastebin.com/cSmjqGYq (Updated: October 8, 2014) We've gotten over 10,000 submissions at this point. That is absolutely amazing! I love making progress! Sick of the fairies? Today is your lucky day! >Pokemon 302: Toxicroak >Hard Mode: No References or Fixes You know the drill. Pokemon is selected at random daily, you get in this topic, you draw a Toxicroak in MS Paint (or similar program), and post results. Checklist: http://i.imgur.com/e2E2xwk.jpg Archive can be found here: http://vpdrawings.deviantart.com/ How did Mr. Mime get more submissions than Sylveon?
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Would you get drunk with Eevee or 'lutions? I'd like to drink cider with Flareon. Maybe spiced with cinnamon.


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Last thread was archived. We had a ton of people participate! Draw yourself with your favorite Pokemon. Doesn't matter how "good" you are. Just enjoy the fun and doodle away! Collecting everyone's work: http://imgur.com/a/FjNkO
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BUT WHO WILL YOU PICK? May or White beanie?

Pokemon TCG/O General: 2Spoopy4October Edition

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As of today, Phantom Forces have been unleashed! Find 'em where PTCG booster packs are sold. Reprints in PHF include.. >Professor Sycamore >Shauna >Tierno (Available in the Kalos Starter Decks released last year, first time it's being released in an actual set) >DCE >Roller Skates >Enhanced Hammer (Only printed in DEX, reprinted in Japan as an XY-P promo) >Goomy and Sliggoo (Same attacks as FLF Goomy/Sliggoo, but alternate artwork. Saw release as an XY-P promo in Japan.) SRs in the set include the gold-bordered Megas and the Full-Art Diaga. The Shiny Mega Gengar promo released in Japan is NOT in the set. PTCGO client: http://www.pokemon.com/us/pokemon-tcg/play-online/download/ The client was updated to include PHF cards/packs, Expanded format (about damn time!), and new products on the Shop page. Decklists from Worlds: http://www.pokemon.com/us/play-pokemon/worlds/2014/decks/popular/ News for TCG: http://pokebeach.com/ Standard Legal card list: http://pokegym.net/forums/view.php?pg=stdformat If you want to sell your cards go to eBay or TrollAndToad for prices BEFORE posting anything. PROTIP: The older and more common your cards are, the less they'll earn in the secondary market. Whether or not they're playable in Modified helps and hinders the price as well. >TOTT: What new PHF cards are you seeing a lot of on the TCGO?
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Post your favorite Pokemon here. Mine is pic related.
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HERE WE GO AGAIN https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LVbiYKaVBy8
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ITT Pokémon that would make great pets The only flaws on him are that he can't fly and isn't fast, but itcould be fixed.
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Umbreon Thread 3,2,1 GO
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>smogon thinks it knows better than gamefreak >gamefreak with smarter and paid people >why counter shit, it is easier to ban it >people still defend this

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