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/vp/ Pokémon

Threads added between 2014/11/06 22:00 and 2014/11/07 04:00

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/vp/'s MS Paint Topic Day 303: Remaining Remnants Edition!

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>New to these threads? Give this a quick read: http://pastebin.com/cSmjqGYq (Updated: October 8, 2014) The last Kanto starter! Figured they would show up sooner or later. Best they appear now before it gets too cold! >Pokemon 303: Squirtle >Hard Mode: No References or Fixes You know the drill. Pokemon is selected at random daily, you get in this topic, you draw a Squirtle in MS Paint (or similar program), and post results. Checklist: http://i.imgur.com/Rwb0apZ.jpg Archive can be found here: http://vpdrawings.deviantart.com/

Giveaway General - /gg/: Shitposting Edition

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Want to chat, fuck around, shitpost or circle jerk? Go here: https://kiwiirc.com/client/irc.rizon.net/#/gg/ channel: #/gg/ http://pastebin.com/gwEhXD5A We're also having a monotype tournament, you can still join us here: http://challonge.com/tournaments/signup/W0lcwG2hH5# This thread is for giveaways using the GTS primarily, but all types of giveaways are welcome. Guidelines: 1. When doing a giveaway, make sure you state: >What Pokemon you are giving away >Relevant info about said pokemon (eg. If it is shiny, has HA, etc) >What pokemon on the GTS you want for it >What message the above pokemon should have to be noticed 2. When possible, avoid responding to GTS giveaways that have already been confirmed by other people. 3. Reply to yourself when your giveaway is finished informing the thread it is done. You may wish to adopt a name or tripcode to avoid spoofing. 4. No begging giveaway hosts for specific giveaways. 5. Event Pokémon should be traded through Acquaintances after a Disc-for-Disc trade. 6. Keep smaller giveaways like breeding leftovers elsewhere to avoid clutter. We have threads like wifi general for that.
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Anyone still need a Diancie code? I have like three. Hit me up and I'll send you one.


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Tried to ask on /jp/, but they are ass-hats. Is there a cultural subtlety that justifies bug being strong to dark? Please don't just answer "Why is x strong to y?" If you don't have a possible justification, just don't respond.
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Has it actually ever been used competitively? And if so, was it any good? Also rarely used items thread.

PokeAus - Starter Submissions Stop in Seven Days!

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Right now we want: >Pokémon ideas >Designs >Drawings >For anons to take the survey(s) - BE SURE TO DO THIS >For helpful people to help with the wiki >REMINDER: POPPY NURSE AND INK OCTOPUS ARE NO LONGER CONFIRMED AND WILL BE REVOTED ON WITH THE REQUIRED 66% APPROVAL RATING AT A LATER DATE. THE RESULTS FROM THEIR REFINEMENT SURVEY ARE BEING WITHHELD. Archives: >http://archive.moe/vp/search/subject/pokeaus/ Wiki: (needs ideas) >http://pokeaus.wikia.com/wiki/Pokeaus_Wiki Collected Art (An archive of images people have posted) >https://www.dropbox.com/sh/zzrtbwauoimn3ku/r2lsaxuW8p Current Dex Proposal: >https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1kDbhAFuCYT8_MiyxFxjwB9qLzLLc7wZmKKIFt8u7-4U/edit?usp=sharing Old Survey Conclusions: >http://pokeaus.wikia.com/wiki/Survey_conclusions_index Current survey(s): Census (closes 11/13): >http://surveymonkey.com/s/late2014census Census Live Conclusions: >http://surveymonkey.com/results/SM-VKXT62PL/ Starter Submission Survey (closes 11/13) >http://surveymonkey.com/s/startersubmissions Remember, cooperation is key! Keep criticism cordial!

Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread

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Welcome to the Pokémon anime discussion thread. Talk about new episodes, old episodes, upcoming episodes, anime Pokégirls, sub releases, discuss, speculate, bitch and moan, etc etc. NOT-SHIT SUBS: http://pocketmonsters.edwardk.info/#PocketMonstersXYSubbed Trailer for upcoming events: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0oizngjbAxM Pokemon the Movie XY 2 trailer: http://www.pokemon-movie.jp/ Next episode: XY50: Dance, Pancham; Charm the Public, Fennekin! Do the Step Towards Tomorrow!! [November 13th] http://www.tv-tokyo.co.jp/anime/pokemon_xy/trailer Upcoming episodes: >XY24: The Castle on the Seabed! Skrelp and Dragalge!! [November 20th] >XY51: Hawlucha and Dark Hawlucha! [November 27th] >XY52: Ninja Art Showdown! Frogadier VS Barbaracle!! [December 11th] Shit people will ask: >Is this season good? I haven't watched the anime in [x] years and- Yes, it's fucking good just start watching it already. >Will Serena win da Ash? The long answer: No. |The short answer: Maybe. >Will May return as part of ORAS hype? KAORI has recently returned to voice acting, so we'll see. >Muh Skrelp where? A South Korean ship sank and TV Tokyo have postponed the episode since it deals with a sunken ship >Muh subs when? [PM] is subbing XY but their releases can happen any time of the week. >Muh dubs when? This Saturday, Origins of Mega Evolution! and Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction >Muh episode 24 when? NOVEMBER 20TH, MOTHERFUCKERS! >Last Thread >>21601266
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The item on your left is what you use to mega evolve your Pokemon. What is your mega item?


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TITLE SAYS IT ALL LET'S MEME, TEAM! pastebin.com/0bYpM0at memebasemon.com booru.showderp.com plug.dj/showderp-1 current champ: Reese !!iazZ4lSYcLk status: teambuilding ToTT: post kornheiser
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>15 DAYS As much as I've been disappointed with some announcements for ORAS, the closer we get to release day, the more hyped I'm finding myself. You guys getting this excited now that we're coming up on a new pokemon game?

May "Fixed for /vp/" Thread Six

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>>21561903 reached the bump limit, so here's #6! https://www.dropbox.com/s/cx5fjsu3p6a3g56/May%20Redos.zip?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/k38kqm6vbjg7jl6/Templates.zip?dl=0 This isn't a generic May thread. We're customizing her since Gamefreak won't.

Diancie appreciation thread

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Diancie thread? Diancie thread Also a little cool thing I've learn is that its crystals/gems are a real mineral called Morganite, beautiful thing.

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