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Threads added between 2016/03/30 10:00 and 2016/03/30 16:00

Pokemon Amie Ideas

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ITT: Things you think would make Amie better in Sun and Moon I'll start: >more to do More things other than just feeding and stroking. Something like catch or frisbee would be cool >mega evolutions would be cool if we could have the mega versions of pokemon in amie instead of having them locked to battle >two pokemon at once Someone suggested somewhere that it would be cool if pokemon could build a bond with each other from battling as a team - what if you could have two pokemon in Amie interacting? >custom backgrounds This is a big one - let us have different areas. Currently playing with fish pokemon is weird because they just float - a fishtank for water types would be great

What do you think of these Gen 5 Pokemon Day 22-Lilligant line

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Yesterday was all about the cotton Pokemon Cottonee and Whimsicott, today will be about the 2nd member line of this qt grass duo, Petilil and Lilligant. My thoughts: Like Cottonee/Whimsicott, not much except that I think the designs are decent. I've heard good things about them competitive wise due to learning good moves like quiver dance and petal dance. So yeah, overall they're nice Pokemon, with not much else to say. Oh and disclaimer: The sole purpose of these threads is to simply catalog each Pokemon line of Gen 5's dex in sequential order and ask your opinions on them: Whether you like or dislike them, and why. Don't worry, there is no biased conspiracy here that the "Unovabortions" are trying to make the Gen 5 Pokemon sound better than they are. Infact, I intend to do this with the other Gens once I'm finished with this one.

vp directs emerald

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aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand we're back! What we did yesterday: >Chose Treecko "Cuck King" as our starter >Captured a tedious team of Zigzagoons >Beautiful evolved into Beautifuly >We beat Roxanne >A quads post asked to catch an Aron named 9999 First decision: Who's Aron replacing? 1, 5, 9 >

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