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/vp/ Pokémon

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Anonymous 2014-11-06 03:23:19 No.21598163

[Missing image file: ]

As of today, Phantom Forces have been unleashed! Find 'em where PTCG booster packs are sold.

Reprints in PHF include..

>Professor Sycamore
>Tierno (Available in the Kalos Starter Decks released last year, first time it's being released in an actual set)
>Roller Skates
>Enhanced Hammer (Only printed in DEX, reprinted in Japan as an XY-P promo)
>Goomy and Sliggoo (Same attacks as FLF Goomy/Sliggoo, but alternate artwork. Saw release as an XY-P promo in Japan.)

SRs in the set include the gold-bordered Megas and the Full-Art Diaga. The Shiny Mega Gengar promo released in Japan is NOT in the set.

PTCGO client:

The client was updated to include PHF cards/packs, Expanded format (about damn time!), and new products on the Shop page.

Decklists from Worlds:

News for TCG:

Standard Legal card list:

If you want to sell your cards go to eBay or TrollAndToad for prices BEFORE posting anything.

PROTIP: The older and more common your cards are, the less they'll earn in the secondary market. Whether or not they're playable in Modified helps and hinders the price as well.

>TOTT: What new PHF cards are you seeing a lot of on the TCGO?

Anonymous 2014-11-06 03:27:29 No.21598196

I haven't actually seen very many PHF cards being played aside from my own.

I must say though, Mystery energies and Dimension Valley are amazing in my deck. Now if only I had a Gengar-EX to go with the M-Gengar-EX and foil spirit link I pulled...

Head ringer is really funny combined with my Meloetta's psychic too.

Anonymous 2014-11-06 03:38:03 No.21598289
>Just opened 2 packs of a 3-pack blister on the TCGO.
>First pack had a Chandelure.
>Second pack had a Chandelure AND a Jamming Net.

Looks like we have another bug, boys.


That's odd, I assumed that Enhanced Hammer would see some use with Seismitoad EX.

Anonymous 2014-11-06 03:53:04 No.21598396
Oh shit, you guys think CVS has any?

I was about to leave to get some cheetos and shit, but if CVS won't have these, I'll make the trek to wal-mart if I have to.

Anonymous 2014-11-06 04:03:14 No.21598463
Just downloaded that patch because I didn't have a choice. Now the app won't respond. Anybody know what to do?

Anonymous 2014-11-06 04:12:01 No.21598528
CVS sells Pogeyman cards?

Anonymous 2014-11-06 04:24:10 No.21598653
Samefag here. Is anyone else having this problem?

Anonymous 2014-11-06 04:32:29 No.21598722
>Purchase 3 pack blister
>First has Chandelure and RH Chandelure
>Second pack has Exploud and RH Exploud

Shit's crazy.

Anonymous 2014-11-06 04:36:15 No.21598751
the store i work at just started, unfortunately we only have furious fists

Anonymous 2014-11-06 05:30:46 No.21599143
>Defeated a Landorus/Lucario/Hawlucha/Garbodor deck and a Donphan and Friends deck with my "Seismitroll" deck.

Oh man, this hilarious...

Oh, and a lot of folks are conceding matches because of Enhanced Hammer. It's like they don't know it was reprinted!


The only CVS Pharmacies I've been to have only had Furious Fists in stock.

But even if they had Phantom Forces in stock, I wouldn't buy them at their price of 4.99 a pack.

Anonymous 2014-11-06 05:34:54 No.21599188
Time for the quarterly dose of case opening results

Phantom Forces "Aegislash Seven" Edition

Case 1

Box 1: M Gengar EX, Florges EX FA, Dialga EX, Manectric EX
Box 2: Aegislash EX, M Manectric EX SR, Jamming Net, Head Ringer, Lysandre's Trump Card FA, Manectric EX
Box 3: AZ FA, Gengar EX, Dialga EX FA, Lysandre's Trump Card FA, Aegislash EX, M Manectric EX, Head Ringer
Box 4: Jamming Net, Malamar EX, Lysandre's Trump Card FA, M Gengar EX, M Manectric EX SR, Gengar EX FA, Gengar EX
Box 5: M Manectric EX, M Gengar EX, Manectric EX FA, Aegislash EX, Malamar EX FA, Jamming Net, Florges EX
Box 6: Aegislash EX, M Gengar EX, Gengar EX FA, Gengar EX, Florges EX FA, Malamar EX

Case 2

Box 1: Xerosic FA, M Manectric EX, Malamar EX FA, Aegislash EX, M Gengar EX, Manectric EX
Box 2: Aegislash EX x2, M Manectric EX, Florges EX, Florges EX FA, Jamming Net
Box 3: Florges EX, Manectric EX, Head Ringer, Gengar EX FA, Gengar EX, AZ FA, M Manectric EX
Box 4: Gengar EX, Head Ringer, Xerosic FA, M Gengar EX, M Gengar EX SR, Dialga EX
Box 5: Dialga EX, Manectric EX FA, Manectric EX, Malamar EX, Jamming Net, Head Ringer
Box 6: Malmar EX, Head Ringer, Gengar EX, AZ FA, Manectric EX`

Anonymous 2014-11-06 05:45:37 No.21599303

Final Tally:

EX: 6x Manectric EX, 5x M Manectric EX, 6x Gengar EX, 6x M Gengar EX, 4x Malamar EX, 3x Dialga EX, 7x Aegislash EX, 3x Florges EX (Total 40)
Full Art: 3x Manectric EX, 3x Gengar EX, 2 Malamar EX, 3x Florges EX, 3x AZ, 3x Lysandre's Trump Card, 2x Xerosic (Total 19)
Secret Rares: 2x M Manectric EX, M Gengar EX, Dialga EX FA
Team Flare Tools: 5x Head Ringer, 5x Jamming Net

Due to the ludicrious amounts of EX, Full Arts, and other premium cards you get quite a lot less regular holos, I only have almost 5 base sets worth of regular holos (fifth set is missing a Chandelure), some leftovers and way too many non holo rares. The 2 cases also yield 3 full sets of reverse holos and a bunch of left overs (again, too many commons) and a lot of trainers (probably at least a majority of them are)

And here's my question, what am I supposed to do with all those Aegislash EXs? Are they actually good enough to be usable or is it as bad as Florges EX, which I should be happy that I didn't open that many?

Anonymous 2014-11-06 05:53:50 No.21599388

It's somewhat usable with Bronzong PHF and Plasma Klinklang (and even more so with Klingklang BLW), but Xerosic and Enhanced Hammer sort of nullify the Ability.

And since a majority of the cards needed to support Aegislash EX support with Abilities, they're in danger of getting locked by Garbotoxin.

Anonymous 2014-11-06 06:00:48 No.21599440

Aegislash EX prevents damage from your opponent's Pokemon that has Special Energy attached (effects still work though), so they will have to either Xerosic their own Pokemon or retreat using Special Energy

Anonymous 2014-11-06 06:42:20 No.21599738

You mean booster you fucking idiots, blister packs are the foil things you pop pills out of.

Anonymous 2014-11-06 06:47:37 No.21599763

... you never heard of 1 to 3 pack + promo/whatever card blisters for Pokemon?

Anonymous 2014-11-06 07:12:18 No.21599917
How much did you pay in total?

Anonymous 2014-11-06 08:29:31 No.21600146
would it be hard to beat a deck that has ex cards with a deck with no ex cards?

Anonymous 2014-11-06 08:38:55 No.21600182
siglyph & suicine, pyroar ect

Anonymous 2014-11-06 11:23:44 No.21601057

Don't forget my nigga Scizor.

Anonymous 2014-11-06 12:57:32 No.21601378
I just downloaded this a few days ago, does anyone have any current promo codes to add some variety to my decks?

Anonymous 2014-11-06 13:05:20 No.21601402
Not him, but looks like it's worth about $1000 american.

Anonymous 2014-11-06 14:01:03 No.21601610

What >>21601402 said, though I sell pretty most of that stuff and the codes to make all of the money back anyway

>Opening that many EXs and stuff
>They aren't "that good" in the meta


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