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duck 2016-07-04 06:29:33 No.6621574

[Missing image file: ]

post a wallpaper that has a story and tell that story.

i have a few but they might take a bit to write out

pic related is something i tried to do for about ten minutes but couldnt get the gradient right so i smart filled/spot healed/blurred and then posted it anyway. immediately after, i found another version that was far better. the worst thing is, if you reverse image search it, it will pull up the better version.

thats why i hate it.

duck 2016-07-04 06:31:57 No.6621577
i love the sky. i have always wanted to learn to paint just so i could paint the sky.

pic related is an image of the sky i took one day on my first day as a security guard. the color of it makes me comfortable.

duck 2016-07-04 06:38:45 No.6621589
god im a fucking idiot. ill repost with pic.

duck 2016-07-04 06:39:24 No.6621590
pic related is the first wallpaper i downloaded with my new hdd

the amound of snow reminds me of when i was a kid, middle school probably, and it was christmas break. i went outside at about 2:00 AM and it was snowing gently, with this amount of snow already on the ground. the lights on the street were the same yellow and it made the street i knew so well seem like a new, magical place.

the snow muffles sound and the lack of people made me feel alone, but i wasnt lonely. i was in a special place and nobody could ruin it. it was serene, isolated.

its the reason winter is my favorite season. and night is my favorite time of day.

duck 2016-07-04 06:44:12 No.6621601
i went to see the wind rises in theaters with my gf. she didnt like it because she thought it was plain and boring.

but for me it was the first miyazaki film i payed attention too. and i related to the main character bucause i too couldnt be what i wanted most.

the dream sequences seemed like the ramblengs of an old man, confusing but somehow they make sense. i havent seen many other miyazaki films but i hope to eventually see them all.

duck 2016-07-04 06:45:17 No.6621603
thats it for now. ill try to be back tomorrow to post more and read your stories.

adrift 2016-07-04 06:51:25 No.6621604
This is the wallpaper I had on my laptop as I introduced my gf to ricing. I still remember lying on a hotel bed with her and saying "wow that's an interesting wallpaper" (I don't know if it was an actual compliment).

I ended up ricing her LG G4, but she switched back to an iPhone.

Anonymous 2016-07-04 07:16:34 No.6621617
I once graduated at the top of my class top of my class in the Navy Seal and have been involved in numerous secret raids on Al-Quaeda

Anonymous 2016-07-04 07:25:39 No.6621631
This made my desktop wallpaper at my office PC.
Thanks anon.
I would want to watch the film as well.

Anonymous 2016-07-04 07:27:25 No.6621636
The first time I hit a serious low point in my life, I googled wallpapers with this phrase. Something about the typesetting and the background just really speak to me and make me believe it.

Anonymous 2016-07-04 07:30:08 No.6621638
damn, growing up a winterbro ik how you feel. tyty

Anonymous 2016-07-05 09:09:14 No.6622720

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