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/x/ Paranormal

Threads added between 2016/12/30 22:00 and 2016/12/31 04:00

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NEYFLIS ORIGINAL: BARRY Why are not one of you polacks talking about this? Is my entire reality a joke?
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I was told to post this here. They said you guys could help me. My head is always full of noise and I don't know how to make it stop. Sometimes it is weird cartoonish sound effects. Sometimes it's weird made up music that keeps shifting in pitch and fading in and out really fast and sounds like some kind of bizarre fucked up circus music. Sometimes it is a song I heard and it is often distorted or choppy or changed in some way. Sometimes it's this weird narrator voice in my head that I don't feel like I conciously control. It narrates everything that is happening often in the third person like a novel. Sometimes it is an angry voice yelling and swearing. Sometimes it is made up conversations in my head. Sometimes it is a jumble of words that make no sense. It is exhausting. I just want some peace and quiet. Usually it's a mixture of many or all of these at once. I don't think it is a hallucination per se. It doesn't sound like I am physically hearing it with my ears. I know it's in my head. Is this normal? Is everyone's mind like this

What does /x/ think about the bilderberg hack?

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http://bilderbergmeetings.org/ Some fake shill bullshit or something real? Whats with the odd capitalization?

Atlantis was found by George S. Alexander a while back

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I've been on a binger reading up about ancient lost cities and reopened the books and documentaries about atlantis, I recently came to the interest of the Eye of Sahara formation or the "Richat Structure" as its formally named. The structure leaves an instant image of Platos Atlantis description in mind A few years back a couple of explorers noticed the similarities as well http://visitingatlantis.com/Truth.html their documentaries makes some very promising connections , more so than any of "atlantis found documentary" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=76e-A7RNjKI > The structures rings and measurements match those of platos descriptions > Artifacts have been found scattered all over by the natives , even collect them > Evidence of sea beds / sea life, even whale bones all over the plains and dunes heading towards the structure, leaving many to believe the entire area was under water once > when seeing the area from space, you can almost imagine the path of the "flood" , swallows up the location of the structure

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