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/x/ Paranormal

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Anonymous 2016-11-26 11:50:25 No.18367955

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Our world is strange...


But we think it’s normal because we can’t see anything else. HyperNormalisation - the story of how we got here.

HyperNormalisation: A new film by Adam Curtis - BBC




HyperNormalisation will draw upon a maelstrom of stories, attempting to weave them together and ascertain...


Anonymous 2016-11-26 12:38:24 No.18368022
I watched it. Some parts were ok but it's partly liberal bias against people like Trump, Putin and Assad. Adam Curtis is a cuck.

Anonymous 2016-11-26 12:43:15 No.18368026


The cult doc-maker explores the falsity of modern life in his own inimitable style. Just make sure you put enough time aside to watch it

Curtis crafts a mammoth labyrinth of political storytelling in the film


165-minute opus makes a feature of its sheer unwieldiness, as Curtis veers from social history to conspiracy theory via the odd rambling bar-room anecdote, like a man who’s two-dozen browser tabs into a major Wikipedia binge

He argues that an army of technocrats, complacent radicals and Faustian internet entrepreneurs have conspired to create an unreal world; one whose familiar and often comforting details blind us to its total inauthenticity. Not wishing to undersell the concept, Curtis begins the film with a shot of a torch shining limply into a thicket, so that viewers find themselves literally unable to see the wood for the trees.

From there, HyperNormalisation tracks a course to the present day

Anonymous 2016-11-26 12:44:47 No.18368028
back to /pol/ faggot

Anonymous 2016-11-26 12:46:39 No.18368032
After nearly four decades making television and the occasional theatrical feature, Curtis has settled into his role as British state broadcasting’s grand maestro of Internet-bound, all-archival, contrarian agitprop


Anonymous 2016-11-26 12:46:42 No.18368033
What took you so long? Busy telling tards about your latest anal probing?

The Astral Llama 2016-11-26 12:47:45 No.18368035
I literally never say this, but OP is a legit shill.

Or the Adam dude himself...

Anonymous 2016-11-26 12:50:55 No.18368043
>I watched it
Sure you did.

Anonymous 2016-11-26 12:55:05 No.18368051
Of course I watched. Watched eveything he has ever made. Best part of this for me was the history of suicide bombings started by Hafez al-Assad. Made me think.

Anonymous 2016-11-26 13:25:48 No.18368089
The film embraces the peculiarities of online viewing, trusting that its audience – if confused – will skip back 20 minutes to refresh their memories, or supplement Curtis’s argument with research of their own. If its colossal running time means it’s unlikely to be watched in a single sitting, each viewer must decide for themselves how exactly to navigate the experience.

His films posit that the official history of the twentieth century—told to us by statesmen and newsreaders, amplified by the mainstream media in all its technologically enhanced forms—is the work of “managers of perception,” people who avoid telling the public the uncomfortable and complicated truths about the world in order to retain power within a status quo that isn’t ever quite what it seems to be

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