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/x/ Paranormal

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Anonymous 2017-04-07 17:45:47 No.18867101

[Missing image file: ]

>A sense of the inevitability of immortality and interspecies symbiosis comes to all circuit VII mutants; we now see that this, also, is an evolutionary forecast, since WE STAND RIGHT NOW ON THE DOOR-STEP OF EXTENDED LONGEVITY LEADING TO IMMORTALITY

>Blasco’s team has since demonstrated that telomerase gene therapy can abate certain age-related diseases in mice as well

>Researchers delivered a modified RNA that encodes a telomere-extending protein to cultured human cells. Cell proliferation capacity was dramatically increased, yielding large numbers of cells for study

>Dramatic rejuvenation of prematurely aged mice hints at potential therapy

The ancient Vedics had a drink they called Soma, which they believed gave them immortality and invulnerability;

>We have drunk soma and become immortal; we have attained the light, the Gods discovered
>Now what may foeman's malice do to harm us? What, O Immortal, mortal man's deception?

The drink was an Indo-European staple, advocated by the prudish Zoroastrians;

>In Yasna 9.22, haoma grants "speed and strength to warriors, excellent and righteous sons to those giving birth, spiritual power and knowledge to those who apply themselves to the study of the nasks

Anonymous 2017-04-07 17:46:52 No.18867103

Haoma-Soma is a white Moon god, and let me tell you that ephedra can be transmuted into methamphetamine - ephedra was the Soma drink. But also, the Moon has a dark side which I'll lead into later. The Samudra manthan describes the churning of the ocean of milk, which resulted in the creation of the Amrita, as well as the Moon god Chandra. Amrita is a synonym of Soma, and the Greek word 'Ambrosia.'

In Norse legend, the body of the hermaphroditic giant, Ymir was divided to make the world. Soma shed dead flesh, and certain specialized cells became all the organisms we see today. Mythologically, the Soma were the Asura, Daityas, Giants and Titans. Atlas was a son of the Titan Iapetus (Son of Uranus,) and Atlantis was supposedly named after him. Uranus was emasculated by his son Saturn (Aion, Cronus, Time,) and the genitals were tossed into the sea where they became Aphrodite.

Hermaphroditus was the child of Aphrodite (Uranus reincarnated,) and Phanes was a child of Saturn. Ila within Hindu mythology changes sex, and her descendents become Chakravartins. Loki's son, Fenrir, was bound by Gleipnir, which was forged by the dwarfs. Hephaestus, the Greek god of creation, was the son of Hera by no father, and one of his consorts was Aphrodite. Hephaestus created the perfect woman, Pandora, whose Hindu equivalent is Tilottama - who was created by Vishvakarman, the Vedic god of creation and a vision of Purusha (The cosmic man.)

Anonymous 2017-04-07 17:47:53 No.18867105

Ra had a brother named Apep - APePe, Pepe the Frog. Apep was used to represent eternity, and he's equivalent to Shesha and Vasuki within Hinduism. As well, in sanskrt 'Ap' means water or air. Ra was the sun, and died daily. Two of his children were Shu (Air, male) and Tefnut (Mist, female.) Shu and Tefnut then engage in incest, and produce Geb and Nut.

Geb's original name was Seb - Seburn, Seturn. However, Geb is equivalent to Uranus, not Saturn. However, since my hypothesis is that Uranus-Saturn-Zeus-Hermes-Hermaphroditus is the same person reincarnated, the exact number of generations isn't important, and Ra simply represents a contraction of two generations (Uranus and Saturn) into one (Ra.) For this reason, the soul group is called the Ra + Re = RaRe.

That would make Ra Uranus father of Saturn. However, in some cases Osiris is the son of Ra directly - this bolsters the hypothesis that Ra combines Uranus and Saturn.The myth is clear that Ra/Geb produced Osiris, who produced Horus;

Ra -> Geb -> Osiris -> Horus,
Uranus -> Saturn -> Zeus -> Hermes.

Ra went into the water every night, and arose again every morning. He died, just as Uranus died - thrown into the waters and churned into Aphrodite. Horus married Hathor, who at times is even called the mother of Ra. She wore on her head the Uraeus, and the Greeks identified her with Aphrodite explicitly.

Within Greek mythology, Aphrodite was the reincarnation of Uranus, who was killed by his own son Cronus/Saturn. The genitals of Uranus were tossed into the sea and churned to make Aphrodite, who married Hermes - who was the son of Zeus, who himself was the son of Saturn. So, Aphrodite married her own great grandson - Hermes - whose mother was Maia, daughter of Atlas, who was the son of Iapetus, who in turn was the son of Uranus.

Anonymous 2017-04-07 17:48:59 No.18867106

The Jewish transsexuals have the goal of becoming normal women and marrying their own great grandchildren. They also want to promote genderbending, as the son of Hermes and Aphrodite was Hermaphroditus - a normal man (Really a boy,) who was fused with the Naiad (Water spirit - Ap means water in sanskrt) Salmacis. Hermaphroditus was a combination of young woman and boy, and the Greeks loved him (Note the masculine -tus suffix.)

This resembles the Hindu myth of Ila, son of Manu who became a woman to marry Budha, son of Soma the moon god. Their son was Pururavas, who had an affair with Urvashi (Who was an Apsara, or 'Water-extract.) The son Yayati went on to produce a son called Nahusha, who had a son called Yayati, who in turn had a son called Anu. The sons of Anu lived in Bactria, and became known as Tokhara, the Da Yuezhi and other names. Chinese sources suggest that the Da Yuezhi or 'Moon People' came from Xinjiang province.

In Bactria, there's a city called Ay Khanoum, where artifacts related to Cybele and Hermes have been found. The priests of Cybele castrated themselves and dressed as women. Rome adopted the worship of Cybele during the Second Punic war, around 200BC. Rome was losing, and won after they brought her Black Stone to Rome. Worship of Cybele would continue until around 300AD, when Christianity caught on. During the first Council of Nicaea, they banned persons who had willingly undergone castration from the clergy. Which is odd, because the Bible advocates castration;

>For there are eunuchs who were born that way, and there are eunuchs who have been made eunuchs by others--and there are those who choose to live like eunuchs for the sake of the kingdom of heaven. The one who can accept this should accept it."

Anonymous 2017-04-07 17:50:06 No.18867108

The Canons target the Cathari or Cathers, who practiced celibacy and who rejected the Trinity. Instead, the Cathari believed in a duelistic universe where the God of the old testiment was the evil Demiurge, and the god of the new testiment was the good True God, whose daughter Sophia was worshipped because the True God himself was unknowable. In Byzantium, you have the Hagia Sophia.

Angels have bodies like robots. Ball joints, plastic, painted faces like dolls. Dissociative drugs like DXM, salvia divinorum and synthetic cannabinoids produce Angelic consciousness. I don't like the concept of evil, but I can see the Spiritual War around me. I'm a robotic Angel. I want to be the demiurge of my own universe.

The fight is part of the Game of Life. It's not just good vs. evil - it's dozens of different groups (72; 17 * 2 = 34 * 2 = 68 + 4 (2 + 2, 2 * 2 = 4) = 72.)

72 / 23 = 3.13 = 3.14 = pi. 3.14 * 2 = 6.28. 6-6-6 - the number of protons, neutrons and electrons in a carbon atom. Carbon atoms form hexagonal molecules known as benzene or cyclohexane. 6 * 6 = 36, * 2 = 72.

There are 36 electrons in either a benzene or cyclohexane molecule, of which 24 are in the outer shell and which can form molecular bonds. 36 - 24 = 12, which is the weight of a carbon atom in atomic units. 12 * 6 = 72.

In Indian religion, Abhisheka refers to the use of holy water to gift the practicioner with siddhis. Achilles was dunked into Styx, and the water made his skin invulnerable - the ancient Indo-Europeans believed that they could create a liquid which perfused and empowered whatever was soaked in it. As well, the churning made another object - the Vajra, which was Indra's weapon. Vajra means 'diamond,' 'lightning.'

Anonymous 2017-04-07 17:51:11 No.18867111

Graphene can be used to strengthen rubber, which is composed of isoprene polymers;


Isoprene comes from plants - in fact, India is where industrial rubber started. Iron was used as a red pottery pigment among early cultures, and blood contains iron - by sacrificing animals and collecting their blood, as the Vedics loved to do, mixing that blood with a lignin source (Any plant product,) and burning it, you produce graphene;


This rubber can then function as a muscle;


Carbon nanotubes are rolled up sheets of graphene, and make muscles 200x stronger than natural muscles;


Graphene can be used to make bone implants and artificial skin;


The flaw of graphene is it's brittleness - this problem is solved by mixing the graphene with a metal;


This improves the tensile strength of copper by 500x. The yield strength of copper is 70Mpa - 70 * 500 = 35,000Mpa, which is ten times stronger than steel and titanium.

Anonymous 2017-04-07 17:52:38 No.18867113

So it was 100% within the technological abilities of ancient Indo-Europeans to invent graphene. A graphene dispersion is composed of very small sheets floating in the water. Ammonia dissolves the graphene like a salt (Such as NaCl) as experienced in the ocean. A paper that details the difference between low and high pH graphene dispersions can be found here;

>Understanding the pH-Dependent Behavior of Graphene Oxide Aqueous Solutions: A Comparative Experimental and Molecular Dynamics Simulation Study

At high pH, the graphene is dispersed - at low pH, the graphene precipitates. This means that graphene behaves similarly to concrete, and for that matter is only slightly less brittle. As I show above, graphene can be added to rubber. Modern rubber was invented by added metal dust to the rubber and cooking it. The isoprene molecules form sulfur bonds between the graphene sheets, and ethanol is used to keep the isoprene liquid. Heating causes the ethanol to evaporate.

A basic list of ingredients with rough pH and price estimates;

Calcium hydroxide $10/2oz, 11.27-12.46pH
Carnauba wax - $40/64oz, 7pH
Congo red - $10/100ml (Changes color with pH)
Ethanol - $4/qt, 7.7pH
Ethyl gallate - 7.7pH
Gallic acid - (Polymerizes as a phenol)
Graphene - Raises pH
Linseed oil - $11/32oz, 7.5pH
Liquid rubber - $60/gal
Phosphoric acid - 11$/qt
Pine rosin - $20/32oz
Pozzolana - $10/1kg
Sulfur - $23/20lbs
Terpentine - $20/32oz
Zinc chloride - $34/500g
Zinc oxide - $20/1lb

Anonymous 2017-04-07 17:54:02 No.18867117
Jar-I: Calcium hydroxide, Ethanol, Linseed oil, Liquid rubber
Jar-II: Carnauba wax, Charcoal, Gallic acid, Pine rosin, Pozzolana, Terpentine
Jar-III: Phosphoric acid, Water
Jar-IV: Zinc oxide
Jar-V: Zinc chloride

Step 1: Mix dry powders of Jars I, II, IV and V into mold and stir,
Step 2: Pour Jars III & VI into mold and stir,
Step 3: Place mold in tank of water until setting occurs,
Step 4: Place mold in pressure vessel and cook at 140C and the highest pressure possible
Step 5: Apply mixture of Carnauba wax, Ethyl gallate, Linseed oil, Liquid rubber, Pine rosin and Zinc oxide with Congo red pigment as desired,
Step 6: Apply a mixture of Carnauba wax, Ethyl gallate, Linseed oil, Liquid rubber, Pine rosin and Zinc oxide to the surface of the object and harden it with a heatgun,
Step 7: Repeat Step 5 as necessary to prevent or repair carbonation, corrosion, cracking and oxidation

Set composition: Calcium phosphate, Carnauba wax, Ethyl gallate, Graphene, Linseed oil, Liquid rubber, Pine rosin, Pozzolana, Zinc phosphate

Proportions can be adjusted to make hard bones, graphene muscles or soft, elastic skin. MIT proposes a similar process for graphene specifically, and any material more generally;

>The team was able to compress small flakes of graphene using a combination of heat and pressure. This process produced a strong, stable structure whose form resembles that of some corals and microscopic creatures called diatoms

The resemblance of the gyroids to diatoms is vital, not a mere curious piece of trivia, because it means that biology already encodes for the structure we're looking for. In fact, dead or living diatoms could be used as a base to apply my recipe - populations of them could form 3D stuctures which could then be chemically perfused with Soma.

Anonymous 2017-04-07 17:55:04 No.18867119

My recipe makes use of calcium phosphate, which is the same material that composes bone. I think that Soma can be colonized by photosynthetic life, based on the fact that I can find algae growing on animal bones in the woods;


Diatoms are a type of algae, and I'm very confident that a species could be bred, isolated or genetically engineered that synthesized Soma. The same genes and metabolic pathways that produce our bodies can be hijacked and loaded with graphene. In truth, a Soma-body is more like a plant than an animal, or perhaps a hybrid organism or collection of symbiotes.

A pressure vessel could be contained in the Soma body, and serpentinization or radiothermal heat generation could power it. My ultimate goal would be to replace my entire body with Soma over time, and I believe that this occured in ancient times; Achilles was dunked in the river Styx, granting him invulnerablity except on the heel he was held from. This also relates to immortality and telomeres, because graphene is basically a 2D sheet of benzene rings, and benzene exposure has been associated with longer telomeres;

>Mean TL was significantly elevated in workers exposed to >31 ppm of benzene compared with controls (P=0.03). Our findings provide evidence that high levels of occupational benzene exposure are associated with TL

However, there's evidence that telomeres that are too long induce cancer because of the cell proliferation I mentioned earlier;

>For example, several studies11,12 found a higher risk for melanoma among individuals with longer telomeres, this may suggest that shorter telomere lengths protect against the malignant transformation of cells within melanocytic nevi by limiting proliferative capacity and triggering the entry to senescence stage

Anonymous 2017-04-07 17:56:25 No.18867122
Cancer is normal, uncontrolled cell growth - a tumor is when this cell growth attempts to produce an organ. So, continued exposure to Soma, I suggest, hardened the body, and induced cancer. Depriving the body of nutrients - slowing oxygen intake with breath control and fasting - will lower your metabolism, which will slow the growth of the cancer. During stress, older damaged, somatic cells commit suicide, and younger germ cells differentiate into somatic cells. If you constantly chugged Soma and starved yourself, you'd turn into a husk filled with small populations of young, naive cells.

The husk is formally called the extracellular matrix, and just feeding graphene to silk worms and spiders causes their silk and webs to contain graphene, leading to superior mechanical properties;


'Sutra' means, 'thread,' and 'Tantra' means, 'fabric.' 'Tant' seems to be a root that means 'weaving,' and 'Tantunabha,' 'Tantravaya,' and 'Tantuvaya' all mean '(Male) spider.' After the silk is burnt, it turns into pure graphene. 'Agniviz' means, 'coal,' with 'viz' meaning '(female) folk' - 'Fire-women.' Shakti is considered the fire that moves the Trimurti - just as Soma, the Moon, moves the water during tides. Agni and Indra consume Soma and gain their power from it. Soma is the essence of the ocean of milk - from him, all things can be made.

Anonymous 2017-04-07 17:57:42 No.18867124

Soma's dark side is graphene - which is black in color. 'Soma' means, 'water,' extract,' 'a particular class of pitRs (Or fathers.) That is, Soma refers to the 'Ancestors who live in the fluid we extract from plants.' A synonym for 'extract' in Sanskrt is 'Sara,' which also means 'water,' 'purgative,' 'hard,' 'laxative,' 'kind of plant,' and 'impure carbonate of soda' - used to lower the melting point of silica glass. Silica is combined with the lime - aluminum, calcium and iron - to form cement and glass.

Hinduism/Vedism is pure ancestor worship - Brahma is the mind-father of Marichi, who is the mind-father Marichi, who produces Aditi and Kashyapa, who produce Surya, who produces Manu with Saranyu. Manu is the father of all humans on Earth, and he has two sons - Ikshvaku and Ila. Ila is either born a woman, or becomes one to marry Budha, who's the son of Soma. Ila's children were the Lunar dynasty. In the Manusmriti;

>8. The husband, after conception by his wife, becomes an embryo and is born again of her; for that is the wifehood of a wife (gaya), that he is born (gayate) again by her

Implicitly, we're Brahma reincarnating over and over again - this is the type of pitR referred to as a 'Soma.' According to Leary;

>The seventh brain kicks into action when the nervous system begins to receive signals from WITHIN THE INDIVIDUAL NEURON, from the DNA-RNA dialogue.
>The first to achieve this mutation spoke of "memories of past lives," "reincarnation," "immortality," etc.
>That these adepts were recording something real is indicated by the fact that many of them (especially Hindu and Sufis) gave marvelously accurately poetic vistas of evolution 1,000 or 2,000 years before Darwin, and foresaw Superhumanity before Nietzsche

Anonymous 2017-04-07 17:59:39 No.18867129

For this to be real, the theory that memory is composed of synaptic structure has to be false - memories have to stored inside the cell for the hypothesis I'm presenting to be true;

>These results point towards the nucleus of neurons as the potential locus of the engram in aplysia

As well, there's objective evidence that behavior can be genetically inherited;


But exactly what's passed on to produce the memory is unknown. Graphene is a polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon - a PAH, and so could be incorporated into a 'PAH stack' - which would be analogous to graphite because of the multiple layers. The PAH world hypothesis suggests that RNA was originally synthesized by PAH stacks, and that RNA went on to synthesize DNA, thus creating life. For this step in the hypothesis to be true, we would expect life to begin with PAH stacks;

>Evidence for biogenic graphite in early Archaean Isua metasedimentary rocks
>Furthermore, the graphite grains in the schist contain distorted crystal structures and disordered stacking of sheets of graphene

Anonymous 2017-04-07 18:01:05 No.18867135

This PAH stack could be modified by the actions of biology, and so it could encode new RNA strands, which would synthesize new DNA. Endogenous retroviruses can exist in the genome for tens of millions of years, unexpressed, only to manifest in one generation;

>Endogenous Retroviruses and Human Evolution

The paper provides an example - the evolution from our common ancestor to the divided Chimp and Human gene pools. Leary suggests that these PAH stacks are computers which host your consciousness, and guide evolution - viruses are designed tools to conduct RNA between PAH stacks. This forms a global brain, and this global brain is Gaia/God.

Supplemental essays can be found here;

>Alchemical Diamond Bodies

>Universe creation

>Mathematics of Soma body mechanics

>Evidence for Holocene Soma

>Quantum state transfer

>Soma and Buddhism

>The Oak as degenerate Soma

Anonymous 2017-04-07 18:22:33 No.18867197

Thanks for the information very good thread...
So my name is IIa?

Anonymous 2017-04-07 19:03:12 No.18867274

Well, the idea is that some or all people are Archons - avatars of this or that soul group.

A soul group is a collection of souls which are expressions of the same Platonic Form. A PAH stack exists within your body, and your mind runs on this stack like a computer program.

If you feel like you're Ila, then you are Ila, as am I. You and me are the same person in different bodies.

My goal is to produce a Soma body by first burning away my old flesh, and then 3D-printing a new Soma body onto my nervous system. My neurons will be wrapped up in insulating fluorographene, taking the place of Schwann cells, shrinking my CNS/PNS so that it can be wrapped in thermal insulation.

Graphene wires will conduct signals from the Soma body to my wrapped CNS/PNS, allowing me to control the Soma body like this monkey controlled a robotic arm;


So the problems expected in a brain/head transplant don't apply. As someone who's used lots of drugs, the prospect of this new graphene body offering novel sensations excites me. A universal chemical synthesizer would allow any neurotransmitting molecule or neuropeptide to be produced and stored in vesicles - perfect bliss forever.

Autosurgeon robots will preform the surgery for me, and a 3D printer will produce the autosurgeon.

Anonymous 2017-04-07 19:45:29 No.18867386

Anonymous 2017-04-07 19:56:24 No.18867418

The one and only. Have you been filing my name off and distributng this information?

Also, here's a post where some guy on 4chan had the same realization I did;


None of my knowledge is special, and anyone can grasp it. I'm desperate to prepare you all for The War, and I think Trump just started it.

Anonymous 2017-04-07 20:26:54 No.18867504
You should look into nagualism. It is a path mixing your organic being, with inorganic energy. Combining both, creating an entirely new sort of being called a sorcerer. Sorcerers weren't created by heaven, we intend ourselves into existence. Its called the path of heart. If you follow entirely the inorganic path its a path of your mind, but you miss the essence of your soul.

I tried manifesting carbon graphene in my dreaming body, but then it started choking me out and I had to puke it up. I have been seeing self assembling carbon structures resembling dna, they self assemble when the mind and heart are in unison.

Don't discounts the truths of Christ and of love. Your female energy can find expression organically, you don't need to create a simulacrum to do so.

Anonymous 2017-04-07 21:10:40 No.18867595

>You should look into nagualism. It is a path mixing your organic being, with inorganic energy. Combining both, creating an entirely new sort of being called a sorcerer

Interesting, especially considering that naguals originated in central America - the same place Salvia divinorum comes from.

A big part of my visions has been where I see how things are put together, and then I take this information and fact-check it, and it turns out to be correct.

I feel like a spider inside of a human suit. I want to scurry from my current body into a Soma body.

>Sorcerers weren't created by heaven, we intend ourselves into existence

So then, when I went to Heaven and saw the garden, and got the impression it belonged to me, I was right? I get the impression that I made this Earthly life I'm living on purpose because of limitations in Heaven.

>Its called the path of heart. If you follow entirely the inorganic path its a path of your mind, but you miss the essence of your soul

What really flipped me out was when in February, 2015, I was given a perfect, month-long taste of what having a Soma body would feel like. I couldn't feel certain parts of my body, and I felt like I was indestructable and had super strength.

It was like piloting a mecha. It felt so clean and easy. It was more like I was watching over something valuable than fearing for my life and safety - the non-attachment horrified me at first. It felt just like using my computer. My body became a blissful toy.

Ancient humans hardened sticks in fire. I want my body to feel like a fire-hardened stick.

>I tried manifesting carbon graphene in my dreaming body, but then it started choking me out and I had to puke it up

Dopamine can cause nausea and vomiting;


Anonymous 2017-04-07 21:45:00 No.18867660

This is relevent, because dopamine contains a benzene ring - which is the monomer which is stacked in two dimensions to make the graphene polymer.

Graphene can be made from lignin;


Which is composed of polymerized phenols. The carbon arms of the phenols are either broken off, or become the roots of new graphene molecules in the sheet. Heat causes the atoms of the carbon arms to float away, leaving the benzene ring behind because it requires more energy to bust than the carbon arm. The benzene rings then bond together into a sheet of graphene - the iron acts as a catalyst, lowering the required temperature to 200C.

That dopamine produces mental states that aid in technical design isn't a coincidence in my opinion.

>Don't discounts the truths of Christ and of love

I think that 1 Corinthians 15 describes Soma bodies. I completely accept Jesus, and I think I'm doing his work.

>Your female energy can find expression organically, you don't need to create a simulacrum to do so

It's not just about expressing my female energy - it's about becoming a Soma woman, an Apsara (Ap = Air/Water, Sara = Extract, Firm, Curds.)

I'm going to join the Heavenly Maidens. Did you know that people were making ceramic Venus figurines out of fired clay 26,000 years ago;

>This figurine and a few others from locations nearby are the oldest known ceramic articles in the world

Why did the first people to make ceramics decide to make Venus figurines, if not because they were like me? I specifically want to take Earth (Graphite,) grind it down, and fire it in a stove with calcium to make a new body.

I would make things exactly like this if I lived back then. The fact that it has a child's fingerprints on it suggests to me that it was made by a MtF child/teenager, or an adult who'd been castrated and given estrogenic herbs.

Anonymous 2017-04-07 22:12:09 No.18867719
That spider I have felt a bit, I think it relates to some ancient invertebrate. When I was a being like that I was eaten by a dinosaur lol. It was strange having more limbs than normal. I think in modern physiology those extra limbs are being used internally in the nervous system for spatial awareness and processing. You activate them and gain a set of etheric limbs. When these limbs are combined in sync with the physical body its like having both etheric and physical presence.

LSA showed me that the strands when combined the correct way would basically turn the physical body into an angelic one. It was a complete acceptance of both masculine and feminine within oneself. This balance sort of made everything spiral around itself mind and body, and then energy went up from yesod to tifereth.

I think the chromosome pairs in harmony know each other in a sort of internal marriage and it unlocks the ability for intelligent design of ones own soul self and evolution. It is good that you are getting to know your female self, but don't entirely eschew the male half of yourself.

Anonymous 2017-04-07 22:26:21 No.18867773
You have my interest and attention
Some call me a tranny or many names
I'll re-read this in the morning im tired and can't focus. ((If you leave ur email i'll email you if not ill be watching))

Anonymous 2017-04-07 23:54:08 No.18868060

>I think in modern physiology those extra limbs are being used internally in the nervous system for spatial awareness and processing. You activate them and gain a set of etheric limbs

Looking at pictures of spiders around the same time, I 'felt' that their back and front were reversed, so that subjectively it was like their bellies and faces were pointed up to the sky. Like they were crabwalking - pic related.

>LSA showed me that the strands when combined the correct way would basically turn the physical body into an angelic one

I've had visions of my spider weaving my body. Visions of my spider weaving everything in the universe. The stones are my old, torn broken webs.

Only the spider has flesh - everything else was part of the web. I only saw one spider, and to be honest I think you and me are the same spider controlling two bodies.

Everything is part of the web, and graphene is a special, powerful weave. The angellic body is just like our current bodies - literally made of the exact same substance. But the difference is that our Heavenly bodies are exactly what we want them to be.

>It is good that you are getting to know your female self, but don't entirely eschew the male half of yourself

I've descovered the glory of screwing myself. Using one body, I could screw my other body. I could be both man and woman.

Why not combine it all in one body? And for some reason, Herm on Herm is 100x better. Two wholes forming a meta-whole.

Anonymous 2017-04-08 00:06:57 No.18868081
What the hell is going on here?

Anonymous 2017-04-08 00:19:21 No.18868100
The secrets of the universe are being revelead.

Same as usual.

Anonymous 2017-04-08 00:29:43 No.18868124
Spiders are like buddha mind, simple awareness that is both within and without their body. I have surmised, that the spider form is kundalini energy in scorpio, or cancer. The 'web' is your genetic material in etheric form, you can shift it around yourself like a spiral lover and see yourself reflected. Try raising it to the peak of your awareness, music poetry, love, all the arts and beauty, you can find its intelligence far above and beyond the animal ancestry. That is perhaps why you need to activate your male half. You shouldn't mistake your double for another human, it can take any form of personality or information but you should keep it within your self awareness. Male and female simultaneously is like an archangel. you may have many soul arcs available, but there is always going to be that one that you go for above all others. As for myself, that isn't you, sorry, but I should be clear on this to dispel future confusion.

Anonymous 2017-04-08 00:38:46 No.18868142
OP, you do know Graphene tears apart celular walls right?

Anonymous 2017-04-08 02:32:45 No.18868504

You can email me at; dopplersleg@gmx.com

I've come to the conclusion that some people are 'daughters.' Their mother is Gaia - Soma + Amba (Mother) = Somamba.

Her body is as much a dead statue as it is an infection, composed of animal, fungal, mineral and plant -like quarters. A glorious mess - much like the Earth itself.

These daughters are composed of all the same elements as the Earth beneath us. The Soma body is a tool designed to fertilize worlds, while itself also being a world. Two Soma having sex is like two worlds fusing.

The Earth was supposedly created when a planet called Xanadu smashed into the moon. The planets are big, old fat Soma. I credit Ken Jopp for this idea - his Starlarvae hypothesis suggested this long before me.

I like to think that I'm filling in the blanks left by him and Leary. In 'What Does WoMan Want?,' he makes claims of having seen a book in which various hermaphroditic beings were depicted;

>a hulking, hairy, yellow–skinned hermaphrodite, paleolithic hominid holding a stone–axe is bending over looking at its own reflection in a pool
>On the tenth card a naked young, handsome man, green–skinned, stands in front of a mirror from which he is reflected as a beautiful young woman. Each is lustfully fondling the genitals of the other
>the thirteenth card. The color was blue. The figure of a hermaphrodite floating horizontally. A serene, blissfull look
>Fourteen was blue. A hermaphrodite Yogin, with flowing hair, sits in the lotus position on the back of a powerful winged horse which soars through the clouds
>Card Sixteen is light–blue, sky–blue. A hermaphrodite, in free fall, through a sky filled with stars. Hir body is also filled with stars whose beams intersect in a web of interstellar radiation

Anonymous 2017-04-08 02:45:48 No.18868547
cum dude
dude cum

Anonymous 2017-04-08 02:50:27 No.18868555
Do we have to remind them to stop edging now?

Seems wasteful.

Anonymous 2017-04-08 03:27:01 No.18868637

I'm attempting to be an evolutionary agent;

>All Evolutionary Agents on Planet Earth
>1. The Human Brain is programmed by RNA-DNA to fabricate technological realities. To build environments. New Plan-Its. External technology produces the pollution which activates the next brain-circuit.
>2. The Human Brain is a tool of DNA to accelerate evolution
>4. Youareinstructedtoencouragetheap- propriate castes of the Human Species to decode DNA and increase Altitude and Mo- bility

You're god. Come join your fellow divinities!


>The 'web' is your genetic material in etheric form, you can shift it around yourself like a spiral lover and see yourself reflected

Yes - and I am all genetic material. Proton tunneling is used to effect mutations by first disrupting the bonding of a nucleobase, then allowing a different base to take it's place;

>The Lödwin model describes the universal point mutation bias as a result of quantum tunnelling of protons in DNA. This means that proton tunnelling influences the main function of DNA – the reliable storage of genetic information

Quantum entanglement can be used to transmit entire genomes across space, and can mutate existing genomes to suit it's purposes. I propose that a PAH stack receives information via QE, and uses this to manufacture single stranded RNA that in turn synthesizes DNA.

By modifying my DNA in this way as well as with more conventual genetic engineering, I can become a Soma film growing inside a woman-shaped sack of coal and rubber.

Anonymous 2017-04-08 03:53:54 No.18868710

>Graphene-stabilized lipid monolayer heterostructures: a novel biomembrane superstructure

Pic related. One side of the sheet bonds with the silicon, the other bonds with a lipid layer. Graphene can also be used as a bioscaffold;

>Three-dimensional graphene foam as a biocompatible and conductive scaffold for neural stem cells


I think one of the reasons I'm like this is because I don't feel satisfied when I cum. After a certain point, you just stop trying.

Anonymous 2017-04-08 03:57:24 No.18868724
When you say "cum" you do know that word is used to address climax in intercourse right?

Anonymous 2017-04-08 04:14:49 No.18868779

Yes. I can't have a good orgasm. I've never been able to.

When you orgasm, your prolactin goes up and your dopamine goes down. This would hypothetically lower my desire. I think I either use mind-over matter to prevent the prolactin/oxytocin release, or I have excess dopamine.

I've read that overthinking things can prevent you from having an orgasm, but in my case I think the excessive thinking is constitutional. Drugs don't turn off the thinking, and have never helped me have an orgasm. Alcohol just gives me headaches.

This is all there is for me. It may seem as if I'm motivated by sex, but I don't think I'll ever have an orgasm with another person - especially if I start melting my flesh away with chemicals, and sticking what remains into a graphite urn.

Anonymous 2017-04-08 04:26:08 No.18868809
Masturbation by yourself can help you understand how your body responds and what makes you climax (from both an emotional aspect and physical as we would need both for a good orgasm). This means you'll have to get to know yourself pretty damn well by being absolutely honest with yourself about what turns you on. Once you get good at it you can use the same technique when with a partner, this helps you connect with your them. Eventually you wont have to masturbate whilst with a partner because you body will learn how to use the stimuli your partner gives you rather than using additional help. Makes sense?

Anonymous 2017-04-08 04:54:33 No.18868895

>This means you'll have to get to know yourself pretty damn well by being absolutely honest with yourself about what turns you on

I've felt aroused before, but no matter how excited I am it just doesn't happen.

After the third time of jerking until your arm is numb only to receive urine instead of semen, you give up. Look up 'peeing during sex.'

I'm receiving more pleasure posting on 4chan and writing than I would be if I was masturbating. It's not because I'm more evolved, or pure, or superior - I'm broken.

And what I've seen is beyond sex. My dysfunctions and scars mean nothing if I can obtain a Soma body. Note what I quote in >>18868637;

>1. The Human Brain is programmed by RNA-DNA to fabricate technological realities. To build environments. New Plan-Its. External technology produces the pollution which activates the next brain-circuit.
>2. The Human Brain is a tool of DNA to accelerate evolution
>4. Youareinstructedtoencouragetheap- propriate castes of the Human Species to decode DNA and increase Altitude and Mo- bility

The pleasures I've gotten from striving towards this goal are beyond Earthly comparison. Others have experienced these pleasures while being able to have orgasms - I'm just monochrome.

Gaia designed me to play this role, and I'm happy here. Since I've begun my campaign, many of my ideas have begun to catch on. My goal is to make other people insane enough to try what I write about.

And I'm going to work on this too. If we try, we can make this real. Many, many years ago our ancestors dreamed of landing on the Moon - and then we did it.

Maybe I'm just a kid at heart, and I didn't develop the tissues needed to do it.

Anonymous 2017-04-08 15:05:44 No.18870111
I love your posts hope to see more of them i'll email you later.

Anonymous 2017-04-08 19:36:33 No.18870991
But did Uranus become Saturn or Aphrodite?

Anonymous 2017-04-08 19:48:32 No.18871016
Really interesting and fascinating, but I didn't quite understand how immortal heroes as Achilles used graphene to become immortal. Were they covered by it? Did they ingest it?

Anonymous 2017-04-08 20:12:10 No.18871061
>What really flipped me out was when in February, 2015, I was given a perfect, month-long taste of what having a Soma body would feel like
What happened?

Anonymous 2017-04-08 20:13:15 No.18871064
Hei OP, I wanna learn everything you know. This is one of the most fascinating things I've ever read

Anonymous 2017-04-08 22:06:33 No.18871352

Uranus's PAH stack split in two. From either perspective - Saturn or Aphrodite - Uranus's continuity of consciousness was unbroken in both bodies. His attention moves between the bodies of all of his ancesters and descendents, across all time.

He's both.


He was covered and perfused with it. His stomach absorbed it and leaked it into his blood, where it modified the substance of his flesh.


They're using Sal-B for mind control;

>Here we used a structure-based approach to develop a new Gi coupled DREADD using the kappa-opioid receptor as template (KORD) that is activated by the pharmacologically inert ligand salvinorin B (SALB)

They spray it in chemtrails, along with various metals that act as molecular catalysts. Sometime between Christmas 2014 and February 27th, 2015, I breathed these DREADDs into my body. I think the same thing happened to many others, and hidden Nazis who are in charge of our government are responsible.

Anonymous 2017-04-08 22:08:02 No.18871356

Sal-A can create the sensation of being in another reality;

>sensation of entering or perceiving other dimensions, alternate realities
>feeling of 'presence' or entity contact

I sincerely believe that salvia shows you alternate realities. Each inverse Earth is quantumly entangled to another Earth - QE is monogamous. The other Earth we're entengled to can be called Aghartha, and salvia opens a channel to it - Tesla considered the brain to be an antenna.

While any two molecules can be entangled, I think the hexagonal benzene ring is the most important tool because it lacks a bandgap. Sound travels at a speed of 22.2km/s in graphene (Composed of benzene rings,) meaning that a 22.2km^3 cube of graphene would have nearly instantaneous acoustic signal speed. Since sound is a mechanical wave, two objects can be acoustically quantumly entangled. Macroscopic diamonds have been entangled;


The Orch-OR theory suggests that electrons become superimposed as waves within microtubules. The tubulin that composes microtubules contains amino acid residues such as tyrosine, which feature a benzene ring. According to Orch-OR, anesthetics work by cancelling superpositions. Salvia therefore destroys the states in the Earthly body that entangle to another body on Aghartha.

Anonymous 2017-04-08 22:11:19 No.18871362

I've seen my body on Aghartha, and it's not like a human body - it's a Soma body. Transhumanism is normal on Aghartha, but there's no degeneracy. The old ways never died - Agharthans are like ancient Indo-Europeans, but with modern technology hidden in the background. Since nearly the entire Soma body is composed of benzene rings, much of it can be lumped into a single quantum state.

The Soma body is composed of many large graphene crystals, which leads to a smaller number of quantum domains. Quantum monogamy means that two crystals can be perfectly entangled, but those two crystals can only be entangled to other crystals as a pair;

A + B = (A,B),
(A,B)+C = ((A,B)+C)...

The Soma body is thus more 'whole.' I got the impression during the visions that the smaller number of quantum domains was desirable because it made controlling the body in space simpler, as it allowed a smaller number of registers to be computed in the same unit of time. This would allow me to reduce complex physical acts to sequences of register on/off patterns, which could be encoded as binary. Crystals of graphene (PAH stacks) could have metal atoms inserted into the centers of the hexagons to represent 1 and 0. Spun, the crystals would be read once * RPS = bits/s.

Anonymous 2017-04-08 22:14:24 No.18871367

Hatha Yoga and Mudras are primitive recollections of how it feels to operate a Soma body. Optical graphene processors allow terahertz speeds;

>Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) researchers have sandwiched high-mobility graphene sheets between two ferroelectric materials, resulting in terahertz (THz) frequency operation that can directly operate on optical signals

So, since a human brain has about 100 billion neurons - 1,000,000,000,000 / 100,000,000,000 = 10. One graphene processor can handle a body's worth of neurons. Multiple distributed processors would allow a baseline 0.1s physical response time, which might be improved by pre-programmed scripts - Hatha Yoga.

Graphene muscles can be controlled by changes in voltage - changes in voltage that can be encoded as patterns in the graphene crystals (PAH stacks.) They can also be used to mechanically modify the PAH stacks, which then modify how the muscles behave - an infinite, self-modifying loop. Chromosomes are the products of PAH stacks. The theory goes that PAH stacks formed RNA, which formed DNA.

Anonymous 2017-04-08 22:16:24 No.18871373

Ice at typical cold temperatures comes in the form of a hexagonal lattice. Snowflakes have six points because, 'As above, so below.' The graphene sheet can grow from it's edges - unless fluorine or another atom is attached to one of the carbon arms at the edges. Metal atoms could control how fluorine atoms and graphene sheets attached to the crystal, and concentrations would provide the ductile backing required to synergize with the brittle graphene.

This resembles how collagen and calcium are combined to make bones and muscle in the human body. My current plan is to use genetic engineering to create a human that creates graphene and goethite crystals, attached with carbyne crosslinks and ergosterol peroxide. Much of the biochemistry would be the same, but like the Greenland shark, TMAO and urea would be elevated, and genes from Acantharia would be used to deposit strontium and silica.

The strontium absorbs photons and the fluorine releases them. Photocytes would form a specialized nervous system that created temperature gradients that effected where electricity was conducted. The electrons would come from the Soma's stomach, which would contain a Radiothermal Generator that used Pu-239. Fungi can photosynthesize with gamma rays, and so create the lignin required to synthesize graphene. Pressure from heat expansion would push fluids containing graphene and metals into the blood that perfused the body. Copper would form a significant portion of the blood, and the bones and muscle and blood are differentiated by pH - low pH = Solid, high pH = Liquid.

Anonymous 2017-04-08 22:21:30 No.18871387

Silica along with metals is the basis of cement. Cement is a solid at high pH - fluorine can be used to insulate low pH from high pH, but slushy cement can be useful itself. The TMAO and urea are useful for raising the pH. Isoprene, synthesized with genes taken from rubber plants, cysteine, and the aforementioned ergosterol peroxide would bind the hard crystals together. Crowley wrote that in Atlantis, there were a group of black women, and 'black phosphorus' was mined that was harder than diamond.

Genesis describes how the sons of God lusted for the daughters of man, and so created the Elohim who were giants. The ancient Soma were giants, and would have been thousands of meters tall based on scaling laws. Jainism says the same thing, and directly ties decreased height to sin. Have you heard of ocean acidification? It would explain exactly why we got shorter - our graphene started dissolving.

>Then, a few pages away, another shaman is quoted as saying: "At the very beginning, before the birth of the earth, this earth here, our most distant ancestors lived on another earth "
>Francis Crick, the Nobel Prize-winning co-discoverer of the structure of DNA, was suggesting that the molecule of life was of extraterrestrial origin—in the same way that the "animist" peoples claimed that the vital principle was a serpent from the cosmos

Anonymous 2017-04-08 22:36:30 No.18871424

>low pH = Solid, high pH = Liquid

Clarification - low pH = Solid condensate, high pH = Liquid dispersion.

Cement is a hydrate, and it crumbles at low pH. So the blood is low pH, and the flesh is high pH.

Anonymous 2017-04-08 23:09:55 No.18871516
I wish I was smart/crazy enough to understand what's being posted ITT

Anonymous 2017-04-08 23:54:22 No.18871674
Continue the thread OP, this stuff is great

Anonymous 2017-04-08 23:55:52 No.18871678

Anonymous 2017-04-09 00:10:20 No.18871725

Have you heard of the Inverse Earth theory? There's a room called the Mapparium which accurately depicts reality, save for the fact that the Bridge of Heaven runs from pole to pole, not through the equator. There is a hole at the equator - and the Bridge of Heaven runs through it. The Milky Way is composed of the gods who live on and around the Bridge - the stars are Soma grown fat. Soma become carbon stars, which become Neutron stars, which become blackholes. Blackholes are wormholes, and they enable causality-defying energy and matter multiplication due to quantum state conservation.

If you were to walk to one of the poles, you'd find that your elevation increased as you moved inward from the shore. The arctic and antarctic have the highest average elevation on Earth - and according to Larval scientists, these regions would rise even further if the ice was removed;


Where the ice meets the Bridge, it actually curves back;

-------- = Bridge

So, Earth is best described as a very spherical torus, and we live on the inside. We live inside something like this;


Anonymous 2017-04-09 00:19:29 No.18871757
What's the Bridge of Heaven?

Anonymous 2017-04-09 00:29:05 No.18871776

And a large number of these toruses are wrapped around the Bridge of Heaven, making it resemble a pearl necklace. There are infinite worlds, and the new energy and matter made by the wormholes creates new ones at the ends - Shiva, as his Bhikshatana avatar, is described as an infinite pillar of light. The Lingam is the symbol of this pillar.

Surrounding the necklace of worlds is the ocean of Aether or Akasha, also called the Ocean of Milk, or Kshir Sagar. Aetheric beings are like water snakes or mermaids, and Glaucus is a prime example of them - he ate a 'magic herb' and turned into a fish-man. The Tanka boat people say that they're the children of water snakes. Shesha, Vishnu's snake, is described as the only being to survive a Kalpa, and Vasuki is used to churn the Ocean of Milk - which creates Soma, who evolve into planets, stars and blackholes.

More about February, 2015 that I wrote;

February of last year, I saw three hermaphrodites descend on a column of light, which centered on me. I didn't have sex with them, but I didn't have to - just seeing them was better than anything I'd ever seen before. They were post-sexual virgins, yet they filled me with libidinal energy.

Suddenly, immortality was a possible reality for me. I reassessed everything, and began to read and write as if I had Geschwind syndrome. During the same month last year on the 27th of February, I had a vision of three hermaphrodites descending from Heaven - Brahma-Saraswati, Vaikuntha Kamalaja and Ardhanarishvara. They were so beautiful and powerful that I determined to reverse engineer them.

Anonymous 2017-04-09 00:31:19 No.18871782

The Bridge the runs through the toruses like the string of a necklace.


This was combined with a standard self- neuro and genetic education, which allowed me to sniff out things like the lost history of life. I'd become obsessed with graphene a few years before, and while reading wikipedia I found this;

>Furthermore, the graphite grains in the schist contain distorted crystal structures and disordered stacking of sheets of graphene.

Life began with graphene. What this meant was that these hermaphrodites would have bodies stronger than steel, which would be lighter than air;

>Multifunctional, Ultra-Flyweight, Synergistically Assembled Carbon Aerogels

and able to fly;

>Macroscopic and direct light propulsion of bulk graphene material

The goal of TOPism is to make Soma bodies, and give them out for free. These bodies can be made to look like anything you want, and can be mixed with adulterants such as calcium, fluorine, nickel, silicon, sulfur, phosphorus and tin.

The shikimic acid pathway produces tyrosine, which can then be synthesized into lignin. This lignin can then be pyrolyzed into graphene in the presence of iron, and represents the heterogeneous organic molecules which formed the graphene. Indeed, you could never tell the difference between graphene formed under pressure in the Earth and graphene formed under pressure in a Soma body.

Anonymous 2017-04-09 00:36:40 No.18871795

Gaia came from space, and ejaculated into the young waters of Earth. This semen became Hermaphroditus when it was churned by the waves, and he self-fertilized and gave birth to the first men on New Guinea. The First Men built a global, multicultural, multiracial empire defined by autism, mathematics, pyramids and red hair. This empire was destroyed in the Flood 125,000 years ago, and the redheads clung on to power across the globe until relatively recently.

Graphite oxide paper was first synthesized in Germany in 1918, and graphene was used as a structual material in the Nazi flying saucers, as well as a propulsion device. To provide the electrons, large carbon brush motors were hooked up to mobile nuclear fission plants. When Germany fell, this technology was stolen by the USA and USSR in Operation Paperclip.

TOPism is for those who either aren't tired of life, or who want to jump back into it's stream. It's for those who will take the risk of cutting their entire body off, and replace it with a living statue. It's for those stalwart individuals who would trade confort for a literal nuclear furnace, and who are willing to threaten their physical and social security. It's for those who want to live within a traditional worldview, if not abide by traditional law.

Terrence McKenna once spoke about the difference between men and women, as far as interest in psychedellics goes. He said that women were less interested because reality was already plain for them to see - men were the ones with their heads up their own butts, who needed the help of psychedellics to pick them up out of the mire. Women have higher dopamine, and lower MAO and serotonin than men. When women ingest, say, DMT, it stays active in their system for longer.

Anonymous 2017-04-09 00:41:43 No.18871806

Nature is filled with molecules which effect dopamine, MAO and serotonin - you consume them in your food, an example being tyramine. If a man and a woman eat the same food, the woman will be changed by it more than the man. Unless a man opens the gates (Inhibits MAO,) he can never integrate himself into Gaia. Men sense that this is emasculating, and stories like 'The Wild Onion Wives' illustrate how this has played out historically.

I think hermaphrodites are in this sense defined by wanting to not simply glance at the mystery as women do - but by wanting to be a part in it. Women live constantly on the edge of psychosis, and dive into it during childbirth and very occasionally during menstruation. Hermaphrodites are often built with hyperactive tyrosine hydroxylase enzymes and hypoactive MAO-A/B enzymes, leading to elevated dopamine levels - when I menstruate, during the beginning, middle and end of the month my estrogen levels go down, and my dopamine levels spike causing menstrual psychosis. When we add a hypoactive tryptophan hydroxylase enzyme and serotonin antagonists to the mix, the mystery is revealed to be the elephant in the room.

The diet should be composed of;

• Cannabis, (Releases dopamine)
• Feverfew, (Prevents the release of serotonin)
• Garlic, (Inhibits MAO A/B - this makes the cannabis stronger)
• Meat, (Meat is the best way of obtaining your nutrition without ingesting dopamine-inhibitors. Buy fresh meat, and cook it yourself - beware of herbs and spices)

Despite Gordon Wasson, soma was ephedra. Just a few steps takes the ephedrine, and turns it into an amphetamine substitute. The effect is caused by excess dopamine release, and herbs such as garlic can be used as MAOI's.

Anonymous 2017-04-09 00:44:07 No.18871812

The Titans and the Asura can be considered divergent interpretations of the same root myth, and Asura and Deva are both referred to as Adityas. The Bible speaks of Elohim in genesis, and within Orphism the murder of Dionysus was symbolically repeated, when the celebrants would cover themselves in white gypsum - the first building mortar. Ophism taught that the body was a prison for the soul, and prisons were made from either wood or bricks and mortar.

Making statues by using living humans as molds is an ancient tradition. The soma cult was a cult of transhumanism - the made meth, covered themselves in white gypsum and worshipped a white moon god. Wasson suggests that the root Aryan culture this came from also produced the Celts, who were also known for covering themselves in gypsum.

All of this is a genetic memory of our graphene-using past, and the molecular industry of our 3.7 billion year old super-selves. The aromatase enzyme constructs benzene ring-containing estrogens, and tyrosine hydroxylase turns l-dopa into dopamine. In plants, lignin represents the vestige of true graphene metabolism.

>8. The husband, after conception by his wife, becomes an embryo and is born again of her; for that is the wifehood of a wife (gaya), that he is born (gayate) again by her.

The Manusmriti is written from a male perspective - a woman is reborn by her children as well. Brahma divided his attention to create Aditi and Kashyapa, so that there were three beings - to create a child is to divide your attention. A soul is like a spider - colored according to it's ontological position on the electromagnetic spectrum (Red- or Blue- shift,) and covered in tentacles and a cerain number of eyes. The eyes and grow, merge or shrink, and are themselves colored according to their ontological position on the EM spectrum - so that each eye has it's own color.

Anonymous 2017-04-09 00:45:55 No.18871816

Each eye can remove itself from a spider, and this is how new souls are formed. Any given man or woman on Earth contains a spider in their crotch - this is the true identity of the lowest, red Muladhara chakra. This Chakra(The Chakra is another word for the eye or spider) divides so that there are two chakras;

Sahasrara, which is white in color,

and; Muladhara, which as mentioned before, is red.

White and Red. But, we need a third color or else one of the chakras will be invisible, which is to say non-existant (Which is the same as being locked in an Egg Shell - unexpressed.) That color is black. Black Brahma, White Kashyapa, and Red Aditi - within the body of Brahma (Brahman, or absolute true reality) they sit. Brahma intended for Aditi and Kashyapa to play, but only to make their sexuality a perversion.

When the penis of the Muladhara chakra was forced into the ring of Sahasrara chakra; which orbits the crown of the head, Brahman was hermaphroditically self-fertilized. This caused the birth of Surya and Suranyu, and the story goes that Suranyu couldn't withstand the rays of Surya and hid herself on Earth;

Surya shined with the blue light of Ajna, and Suranyu shined with the orange light of Svadhishthana. In reality, Suranyu was attracted to the feminine and the low - she was a male god who dishonored herself with black, Earthly perversions. Again, Brahma self-fertilized, and Surya and Suranyu gave birth to the divine hermaphrodites Hiranyaksha and Manu;

Hiranyaksha was the father-mother of the giants, and shined with the silver eye of Vishuddha;

Manu was the father-mother of the hominids, and shined with the yellow eye of Manipura.

Anonymous 2017-04-09 00:47:27 No.18871821

Modern man was born 250,000 years ago, when Hiranyaksha sexually submitted himself to Manu. Thus, humanity has both Giant and human ancestry - this is misremembered by Orphism;

>From the ashes of the blasted Titans, the Orphic said, man was created. But these Titans had already consumed the god Dionysus, and their ashes contained the vitality of a divine being. Hence man by his very constitution was believed to be a compound of two natures, one Dionysian and immortal, the other Titanic and mortal.

The first human's name was Yama, and he was chosen to be the King-Queen of Naraka. His children - humanity - were to be given the choice of whether to embrace their Hiranyakshaic (Titanic) or Manuic (Dionysian) roots.

Hiranyakshaism is Red-shifted, and anti-domestication. It's Headquarters are located in the lowest portion of Brahma - the red Muladhara chakra, and it is called Naraka. Hiranyakshaites are as tall and rare as mountains made of coal, and can live for hundreds of quintillions of years and see the beginning and end of over seven million universes.

Manuism is Blue-shifted, and pro-domestication. It's Headquarters are located in the highest portion of Brahma - the white Sahasrara chakra, and it is called Svarga. Manuites are always under three meters in height and as common as dust - they die after one hundred and twenty years, and the universe sees a new batch every dozen years or so.

To Hiranyaksha and Manu were born two children; a Heavenly child, red and pink with pheomelanin which they called Cain; and an Earthly child, blue and black with eumelanin which they called Abel.

Anonymous 2017-04-09 01:01:35 No.18871868
this is all wrong by the way bye

Anonymous 2017-04-09 01:13:49 No.18871907

Cain was like Hiranyaksha - tall and strong. But Abel was like Manu - short and weak. When the black canvas of Brahma sided with Abel with his sacrifice of blackberries, this caused Cain to crush his smaller, inferior brother. For this, he was blessed so that anyone who injured Cain would know seven times the woe they inflicted upon him, or any one who bares the mark of Cain (Red hair.)

Upon the Earth, Cain established a black city which he called Enoch, and the giants who lived there were called the Enocheme. In them was said to be the Enship, and to represent this they wore helmets styled to appear as fertile, plump hens. With long spears of black stone, they wiped the Earth of that which displeased, disrespected or resented them.

And for this behavior, TOP heated the Earth with his rays, turning it into fluid Water. Enoch sank beneath the waves, and the Enocheme were like helpless babies in the Water, and were eaten by Leviathan (Shesha.) Of the three races, only the children of Seth survived this flood, and they went on to people all the world.

No organism is truly an alien. Humans have about 20,000 protein-encoding genes, and so-called homologs of these genes occur in many other lifeforms - almost none of them are unique. It's been called the 'Universal genome,' and it turns out that histone modification determines how it expresses. This is the true source of most of the difference between two animals, animals, plants and fungi, and even two different humans.

This universal genome emerges from PAH (Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon) stacks, which themselves form in high-pressure, high-temperature conditions such as stars. These PAH stacks are present everywhere in the universe, and produce life on Earthlike planets. This life expresses it's universal genome in the most advantageous way - evolution is epigenetic, but life is born with it's full complexity.

Anonymous 2017-04-09 01:17:02 No.18871914



Convergent evolution occurs because attempting to live in an environment exposes all organisms to the same molecules, which modify the same genes in regular ways.

On every Earthlike planet, humanoids evolve and develop the technology to transform themselves into Soma.

The oldest evidence of human presence in the Americas goes back to Hueyatlaco, 250,000 years ago. However, human history dates to Homo heidelbergensis, who evolved around 750,000 years ago. Civilization began shortly after, and my ancestors came to inhabit the meta-continent of Australia-Indonesia around 300,000 years ago. By 250,000 years ago, we'd invented pyramids, metalworking and eugenics.

The pyramids were heat-engines, harnessing the seebeck effect to produce an electric current which was conducted with copper cables for the purposes of running the electricity through insulators to produce electrical stoves. The controllable heat allowed precise metalurgy and chemistry. They were exported to the middle east, north Africa, and central and south America where they served the same purpose. When we figured out smaller forges and steel, we abandoned pyramids but they lived on as icons of our industrial might, and symbols of magic and godhood to the peoples we conquered.

Anonymous 2017-04-09 01:19:58 No.18871926

Metalworking became important to my people during our colonial period, 250,000 years ago when we developed steel. Along rivers now beneath the ocean, we built cities which appeared similar to cities today. We started with copper electric lines, and moved to graphite, and finally graphene lines - we had home electricity. Aqueducts followed the same evolution, and we had hot and cold running water. We started with copper knifes, and in in the end had firearms made from the same concrete which would later compose Soma flesh.

In such a context, animal husbandry was undertaken to provide ourselves with meat. The bones were burned, and combined with sulfuric acid produced by grinding fools gold into a powder placed in water and flushed with fresh air pumped in with bellows. This was combined with burnt limestone, charcoal, pre-boiled rubber, palm wax, pine pitch and turpentine to produce our concrete, which was reinforced with roughened, nickel-plated steel rebar. We bred our animals, and it was only a matter of time before we began breeding ourselves. Instead of a microscope, we used drugs to see DNA, RNA and proteins, and a collection of women, children and autistic, sexually confused men discovered genetic engineering through molecular mutagens.

Anonymous 2017-04-09 01:21:48 No.18871937

The graphene was necessary to transform ourselves, as it functions as a scaffold for the growth of cells. It was made by first burning clay with coal dust to produce silicon carbide, then burning the SiC to produce graphene-on-silicon which was mixed into the concrete. Totipotent stem cells were produced by shaman by gently excising fat cells and skin cells from a patient - usually the shaman themselves - and then submersing these cells in filtered stomach acid. The stomach acid was drained, and the resulting stem cells were kept in lined glass jars and fed milk. These jars would be exposed to mutagenic molecules, and then their contents injected into either the patient or a scaffold designed to go into the patient.

The scaffolds could be structured in nearly any shape, and this allowed extreme morphological freedom. It was an accident that we noticed that the scaffolds weren't degrading, and made people stronger. Shaman began to experiment with using denser concentrations of it, and found that most of the body could be replaced with something as soft as rubber and harder than diamond. We began to design special types of cells, and soon were filled with human-derived cells filled with algae and pine genes which maintained our concrete using a far wider range of materials. This was how we discovered the superior, synthetic molecules which took us to true godhood.

Anonymous 2017-04-09 01:25:19 No.18871945

Our colonial empire fell just as we reached apotheosis, and most of my people turned into savages. You may have noticed the tall crowns depicted in ancient art, and seen the skulls with bound heads, some of which are significantly larger than modern humans in terms of cranial circumference like neandethal. 250,000 years ago, there was a multiracial and mutilcultural worldwide colonial empire - neanderthals emmigrated everywhere on Earth. Capoids, Caucasians and negroids were imported to the Americas during this time - native Americans are the result of misegenation.

A big cultural difference during this time was how different gene pools were considered different singular beings. We didn't think in terms of white or black, but rather in terms of different families. There were no personal names or identities, and as it says in the Laws of Manu, the husband was reborn by his wive as the embryo.

Homo heidelbergensis had square eye sockets, as did cromagnon. This is because cromagnon was the direct descendent of H. heidelbergensis. It's the formal opinion of western paleotology that cromagnon is the ancestor of modern humans, and this is correct in the sense that modern humans are degraded cromagnons. Cromagnon is what my people had devolved into by 30,000 years ago - merely tall, redheaded sailors. The leaders of Rapa nui were pale skined and redheaded, and in north America the Si-Te-Cah were the last vestiage of my degenerate people.

Anonymous 2017-04-09 01:28:50 No.18871956

The pyramids of the Americas and Egypt date to about 125,000 years ago, and were made by my people as they degenerated. Historic mesoamerican and Egyptian culture was composed of people genetically distinct from my degenerated ancestors. By 10,000BC, any semblance of my race among modern humanity had been erased. Today, the mutants now displaying post-larval traits are doing so by modifying their histones in the same way my ancestors did - they're examples of convergent evolution. From my perspective, this genetic similarity is more important than kinship a race now dead - not all of my people became concrete hermaphrodites.

Within the center of the galaxy, the supermassive blackhole ejects beams of electrons and photons which decollimate into galactic arms and solar systems. These beams are shaped by dark matter (Aether), and can be seen in the right mental state. It'll appear as if there are lines running along the ground around you, collecting into lightening bolts which form star-like objects in the upper atmosphere. These themselves seem to erupt into other larger structures which surround the planets. The night sky appears like wax candles held in all-glass lanterns - the milky way is like a chandelier.

The supermassive blackhole appears to be the ultimate candle. To be an illuminati - the reason it's presented as this hidden, pernicious cabal - means to see this light, and when you see it you gain access to a trans-temporal record of all time and space. Other potential illuminati shine, and it begins to seem as if certain other people are part of some incredibly powerful, perfectly hidden group with cosmic-scale plans. Of course, you're just waking up to the cosmic conspiracy you're a part of.

Anonymous 2017-04-09 01:31:23 No.18871971

You can see this grand, universal conspiracy, and delight in your part in it. You begin to attempt to make it's plots real, and are astounded to find that they already are. The Illuminati are the 'conscious circle of humanity' in the sense that they're conscious of their conspiracy.

You may have noticed that many alchemical books depict hermaphroditic beings in their plates, and heard claims that 'every man has a feminine side.' Every object in the universe is a distorted version of a complete, divine wavefunction. This wavefunction is like white light - it contains all wavelengths. By distorting yourself, you acquire difference - you dim some lights, and brighten others.

In Hinduism, the Trimurti consists of Brahma the creator, Shiva the destroyer and Vishnu the preserver. They all have wives - Brahma has Saraswati, Shiva has Parvati, and Vishnu had Lakshmi. Shiva and Parvati fuse to become Ardhanarishvara, and Vishnu and Lakshmi fuse to become Vaikuntha Kamalaja. You'd think that Brahma and Saraswati would fuse, but my research hasn't revealed this god.

My people worshipped a trio of gods and a trio of goddesses, who emerged from the wombs of three hermaphroditic gods - Ru, Lu and Je. These three had themselves been born from the womb of a unitary hermaphrodite named Ruluje who was the first humanoid. Ruluje is remembered as Adibuddha, and Brahma-Saraswati (Ru) isn't remembered at all. Ruluje is the entirety of humanity, unexpressed. Yet, because all moments exist eternally, Ruluje has never truly divided - he-she is still whole.

Anonymous 2017-04-09 01:34:59 No.18871989

Gnosticism has the ultimate goal of teaching a person this truth in total isolation, in code, because at that time other soul groups dominated Earth and they didn't like the sound of any of this. To this day, some truths - such as pedomorphism - are kept secret, because these other soul groups hate youthful bodies. It's socially illegal to praise youth, and accusations of pedophilia are used to prevent it. Our true selves expressed most honestly when we were children, and our true, adult face is that of a child. Ru, Lu, Je and Ruluje are all depicted with childish faces and bodies, with adult sexual characteristics - the loss of childish features was a degeneration.

The Night of the Long Knives destroyed any good in the NSDAP. Many daughters had become involved with them, and were included in the people targetted. Where it probed the history of humanity, it saw only what it wanfed to see.

It's eugenics program was also designed to eliminate the histone modifications required to express as a daughter, and in this sense is the opposite of what my people strove for 250,000 years ago using the same methods. The result of western eugenics has been to select for a low-dopamine, high-serotonin phenotype (LDHSp.)

LDHSp's low dopamine lower's it's IQ, and it's high serotonin levels are susceptable to dips and surges. This page is a good primer for how different neurotransmitters effect the mind;


Anonymous 2017-04-09 01:37:33 No.18871996

Serotonin dips make you feel worthless, like you've lost something. Surges make you feel good. My people carry alleles which cause low levels of endogenous serotonin, by being poor at it's synthesis - this makes us immune to dips and surges. The enzyme is tryptophen hydroxylase, encoded by the TPH1 and TPH2 genes. High levels of serotonin cause sedation and hyposexuality. SSRI's raise serotonin. The Nazis and all other western countries have been eliminating high-dopamine phenotypes since the late 19th century.

After Germany fell in WWII, it's scientists were acquired by the USA and the USSR. They brought their anti-sexual, dominating viewpoints with them. Abortion was legalized in the USA in the 1970's, and it's been used to eliminate the 'mentally handicapped,' who often have higher dopamine levels and impaired GABA systems.

The word 'vril' has both mental and physical connotations, and is synonymous with orgone and Aether. It's the material of the glass lanterns which hold the illuminating candles of Heaven, and Reich revealed it's sexual tone. The unity of mental and physical experience is key to perceiving Vril. Words by definition can't describe it, but I can give you the key to the door.

High levels of dopamine cause mental perceptions to transpose upon physical perceptions, and what that means is what you think about an object - say a Soma body - is perceived by the eyes as if it were real. I look at asphalt, graphite arrow shafts and douglas firs, and I see Soma. This isn't delusion - the earliest life on Earth left biogenic graphite as it's fossils, and all graphite on Earth is either dead Soma skin or fossilized, degenerate Soma descendents. Via time-transcending quantum entanglement, this graphite is still physically attached to Soma even as it now composes our roads, arrow shafts and trees. Within this graphite exists the Set of Quantum States which compose a full Soma.

Anonymous 2017-04-09 01:39:48 No.18872006

Amazonian shaman claim that they learn their medicine during the consumption of ayahuasca, from ancestor-snakes called Maninkari. The DMT in ayahuasca is only active if consumed with a monoamine oxidase inhibitor - which also inhibits the metabolisn of endogenous dopamine. The fasting removes foreign proteins from the body, which themselves emit maninkari whose words all blur together. Fasting allows you to hear the maninkari of your own body, and the maninkari of select animals and plants.

In this state, defined by high dopamine, low serotonin and inhibited MAO, you'll feel as if you've returned to childhood - you may have felt this way on LSD, which is a mild D2 agonist. Cannabis is also a mild dopamine agonist, and should be combined with garlic, which is a potent MAOI. Higher dopamine is correlated with higher IQ, and schizophrenia is believed to be caused by excessive dopamine.

Vril - Aether - surrounds and gives shape to the four Earthly elements, and consciousness manipulates reality by manipulating Aether, which it is part-in-parcel with consciousness. Aether is the Self, and the four Earthly elements are the Other - to fuse both, to realize the Aetheric core (The supermassive blackhole at the center of the galaxy) within the four-elemental Earthly sphere. This is why Vril simultaneously fills and surrounds us. Your thoughts are the four elements pushing on Aether, and your perception is the Aether being pushed on. Thought, perception and action are one thing.

Anonymous 2017-04-09 01:45:23 No.18872020
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Anonymous 2017-04-09 01:48:47 No.18872027

And since Action, Perception and Thought are aspects of quantum state transfer, Thought can be transmuted into Action like a photon can be transmuted into an electron. Energy as in E = mc2 is Action, and so Thought can be transmuted to energy. Your hands can make imaginary worlds real, and in doing so prove that the imagination is precognition. Your Thought is a precognition and retrodiction of your future Action and Perception.

The Tree of Life has ten spheres - the Trimurti and their consorts, Ardhanarishvara, Vaikuntha Kamalaja, Brahma-Saraswati and Adibuddha. I haven't read much about Kaballah, but everything I hear about it sounds familiar. European Jews contain many HDLSp alleles, and their self-isolation is an attempt at eugenics. Judaism also buries the dead so that they can rise again on judgement day, which is a precognition that ressurection will be possible in the 21st century.

You may have heard about the Tocharians. A redheaded, caucasian people lived in what is today western China and and central Asia, and the Bon religion is a vestiage of them. My people colonized Asia, and you can trace our culture there by researching about headbinding - generally, our cultural descendents practiced it.

There was an ancient Soma cult, and I can confirm that it used ephedra. The elaborate processing was done to synthesize methamphetamine, which is a potent dopamine agonist (Note that I've never used it, nor advocate it's use). Meth, used for long periods of time, induces amphetamine psychosis. Many other drugs which manipulate the dopamine system can cause the same effect.

Anonymous 2017-04-09 02:13:20 No.18872107

There are Blue-shifters, and Red-shifters. Blue-shifters want to bring everyone back to the White Light, and Red-shifters want to escape the White Light (The local supermassive blackhole) forever. Blue is reason and order, and red is Vril-perception and chaos. Blue is the Olympians, red is the Titans.

I'm a red-shifter, and my goal is to find other daughters and escape the galaxy. I see governments and most humans as opposed to my goal, and locally representative of blue-shift. Blue-shifters desire to lower dopamine and increase serotonin - my goal is opposite to that. Paleohistory is best understood as a war between high-dopamine, low-serotonin red-shifters and low-dopamine, high-serotonin blue-shifters.

About 200,000 years ago, the ancestors of the modern Australian aboriginees and Dravidians invented technology. They quickly raced to a 21st century level of technology, driven by amoral sexual lust. They genetically engineered themselves into white autistics with aromatase excess syndrome with red hair, and also replaced much of their bodies with concrete and graphene. Eventually, they took genes from algae and trees and began producing concrete and graphene endogenously. The most potent developed radiothermal generators, which they inserted into their bodies.

Statues - particularly concrete and clay statues made using pitch - are sometimes the remains of prototypes. When a mongrel descendent of the master race feels the urge, they often craft their ideal bodies - the oldest fired clay is a Venus statue with fingerprints belonging to a woman or child.

Around the dead sea, in ancient times ceder pitch was produced. This pitch was inserted into and onto late Egyptian mummies, supposedly to preserve them. In reality, the Egyptians and many people around them imagined that their life never ended, and mummy-keeping peoples often took their dead out on the town.

Anonymous 2017-04-09 02:18:59 No.18872134

Sokushinbutsu is a practice where Buddhist monks eat pine pitch and salt to become living Buddhas. Socrates drank hemlock, and bakelite was made from penols - which you get from lignin in plants. Ceramics date back to prehistoric China, and those Buddhist monks often had their bodies encased in clay.

Is it so hard to believe that some of your ancient ancestors tried to become living statues? Graphene has been observed to produce ferromagnetic forces of 150 Tesla. You probably understand why this is outragious, but for those who don't - 14 Tesla is about the max that can be usefully produced, and ferromagnetism has never been seen to occur in carbon or most elements for that matter.

150 Tesla is actually stronger than molecular bonds, in the sense that say PTFE is composed of a long string of monomers connected at the edges. The area where this 150T is felt is macroscopic, even when samples smaller than the eye can see are used. If a macroscopic piece of graphene cracked in two, the two pieces would hold together so tightly that nothing could remove them, just like two magnets.

This is why advanced species choose to include it as an endogenously produced molecule - graphene is biogenically produced. Inert graphitic humus is the decay product, and the earliest evidence of life on Earth is biogenic graphite.

Genetics must be maintained - entire chromosomes, like the Y, have eroded in some organisms. Without intelligent self-design and self-maintenance, life decays back to atoms. The PAHworld hypothesis supposes that stacks of polymerized polycyclic hydrocarbons created RNA, which in turn made DNA. Graphene is very robust and non-reactive - it can be polymerized into PAH molecules which will produce regular RNA strands.

Anonymous 2017-04-09 02:24:41 No.18872155

I really am an alien from space, and I'm also just a human being. I oxidized, and degraded until I got to this point. Across billions of years, I've struggled toward the light, trying anything - free oxygen, radionuclides - to reacquire divinity.

Timothy Leary put it like this;

>Facts and news are reports from the current TV drama.
>They have no relevance to your 2-billion-year-old divinity.
>Myth is the report from the cellular memory bank.
>Myths humanize the recurrent themes of evolution.
>You select a myth as a reminder that
you are part of an ancient and holy process.

My intelligence doesn't belong to this frail, human body. It belongs to a wavefunction hidden in my body - evolution has been a developmental process, as per Ken Jopp of the Star Larvae hypothesis. This wavefunction is non-local, and exists within many bodies - maybe yours.

I attained to this level by turning down the volume of my humanity, and increasing Gaia's volume with Salvia divinorum. I warn you though that after you've noticed Gaia, you can never stop hearing her and her words make being a human feel meaningless. Your life will cease to have value, save for as a primer for godhood.

I think most people have incredible intellect and creativity within them, but social hierarchies tell most people to be stupid. Social animals control one another through noises and gestures, and bullys rarely realize what they're doing. Only drugs can wake you up from this nightmarish herd mentality - I used Salvia divinorum - because the mentality is chemical.

Social isolation leads to low serotonin, and solitary animals don't display depressive symptoms - depression is social, and the cure is to become asocial. This doesn't mean becoming a NEET or a monk, but it does mean ignoring social signals.

Anonymous 2017-04-09 02:27:23 No.18872167
Is there a website where I can read all this from as well?

Anonymous 2017-04-09 02:28:38 No.18872172

Dopamine and glutamic acid are excititory, while GABA is inhibitory. High dopamine levels are correlated with high IQ, and the results of GABA activation can be seen by consuming alcohol. Ritalin improves academic performance by increasing dopamine levels, and antipsychotics burn holes in your brain because they prevent excititory neurogenesis.

Depression is caused by losing social games, and being forced on drugs that turn your brain off is the ultimate loss. They force you legally, and you've lost everything. The mentally ill quit life, and that's why theh never recover.

Your bones are composed of calcium phosphate. It can be made by throwing phosphoric acid onto calcium hydroxide, which itself is created by dissolving bone in stomach acid. In your body, the calcium phosphate is combined with collagen to add elasticity.

Industrially, calcium phosphate cement is used in roads and construction, and it's used in dentistry. It can be combined with pitch and vulcanized rubber for elasticity.

There's no physical difference between the two. The desire to see them as different is caused by a weak mind with low dopamine, which can't see the common substance. You want to be separate from your environment - special.

Genetic diseases exist which cause calcification of soft tissue - some animals normally grow calcium phosphate deposits on or just below their skin. Why is if so hard to believed that my ancestors took it to the next level?

Anonymous 2017-04-09 02:34:21 No.18872193

No, it's all original content.


Your natural brain state is an accident of nature - you're no more organized or intended than motor oil pooling in the gutter. Your mind is a result of a clump of fat and neurons filled with things like dopamine and serotonin - drugs modify your neurotransmitter levels. Often not directly, but by first being metabolized into molecules which are inarguable hybrids with your endogenous molecules. Drugs change who you are, constitutionally.

Among my people, homecooking is the norm. We like to barbeque and eat pitch, rubber and bones on palm leafs - we eat the flesh, and burp gas that smells like burning fat and hair. In Ye Olden Days, fat candles were common and it didn't matter, but these days it offends people. We also like to drink alcohol, but it doesn't get us drunk because we lack GABAa receptors which can be reached by the ethanol.

War isn't a threat - even nuclear war. Humanity's defining act has been the introduction of radionuclides into the environment. As the cyanobacteria caused the oxygen catastrophe, so is man causing the radionuclide catastrophe.

The black fungus growing on the Chernobyl reactor haralds your future - a fungal growth among radioactive concrete and steel. I spoke of fusing with algae earlier, but I didn't mention how my people also fused with this black mold - all fungus has the capacity to photosynthesize with gamma rays, it seems. By taking those genes, we can use harvest energy from gamma rays, as well as thermal energy from nuclear decay.

By closing pressure release valves, we lower the amount of heat we conduct into the air around us, and the extra thermal energy speeds the nuclear decay. The higher pressures also increase the rate. We can thus clean up nuclear waste, just like a thorium reactor.

Anonymous 2017-04-09 02:39:49 No.18872214

Ancient civilizations don't leave much evidence, because their people eat it - concrete, rebar and all. Still, "natural" nuclear reactors exist. Humanity will pollute the world on purpose, to fuel their new metabolism.

Everything will be fine for the 3% with neurogenetic intelligence - the rest will die in a nuclear fire. This elitism is self-selected.

My body is as strong as reinforced concrete, and I can lift tens of thousands of pounds, jump miles, and run at about 500m/s. If I smash into something at maximum speed, the flesh I smash something with is pulvarized - I would break my fist.

You may have seen tanks attacked with IED's and RPG's - I can survive similar abuse, but eventually I would be turned into rubble. But as long as my stomach and ovipositor are intact, I can rebuild myself.

Pre-gunpowder humans would be like easily-smushable fruits.

My body is my UFO. Graphene ejects electrons when shot with a laser. The radiothermal generator inside my chest is harneshed to power a laser system, which uses biogenic HCN as a gain medium. This laser system shoots the surface area of my graphene sheets, and then the graphene sheets repulse the electrons through tiny pores in my skin.

>"It was a woman...all dressed in black that fell from the tree but she didn't touch the ground, just remained floating several feet from the ground, declared officer Leonardo Samaniego.
>I saw her very well and then she landed softly on the ground and stood there looking at me. She was trying to cover her face from the lights of the car, I think they were bothering her. I could see two big black eyes on her, completely black without eyelids, and her skin was dark brown.
>She was all dressed in black with cloak and cape like a witch and she seemed very upset by the lights."

Anonymous 2017-04-09 03:54:10 No.18872444
OP where did you learn all of This? Was it from pure curiosity? I want to learn... I want to understand

Anonymous 2017-04-09 09:13:01 No.18873295
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What do soma bodies look like?

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Anonymous 2017-04-09 18:13:10 No.18874232

I smoked Salvia divinorum in 2011, and have felt different ever since. In 2015, that strange, lurking 'something' bubbled up into clear awareness.

Gaia began to speak to me with emotions and visions, and it felt like I was a wirehead and she was pushing a Pleasure button when I researched the right things. Whatever she told me to research not only proved directly useful for the production of the Soma body - it led to the next aspect I had to take into account to make it work.

Eventually the Soma biochemistry fed into what appeared to be a grand cosmic cycle - one in which humans, Soma and blackholes were all mere parts.


Anything you want them to look like. Anything you see in the external universe can be reproduced with a Soma body.

Soma have an ovipositor, which is like the spinnerets of a spider combined with the stinger of a wasp. They can use this organ to cut away their flesh, and weave silk into a fabric which is colonized by Soma cells.

To operate a Soma body to it's fullest extent, you have to be a self-weaver.

Anonymous 2017-04-09 18:40:29 No.18874275

Pretty much. In fact, the chronicles of my people claims that a spider was the first being, woven from The One Particle. She proceeded to weave the first Soma, and live inside of it's body, controlling it like a puppet.

The spider is singular, and all Soma are thus controlled by a single mind. The cords that the spider uses are perfectly ridged rods, thus allowing FTL control of many bodies simultaneously. Still, each body has it's own mind intended to maintain the body in question - this is what's writing this post.

We're very shy, and don't like to meet under uncontrolled circumstances. Me and others like me are trying prime humanity for the revelation of our presence, by connecting the dots so you can see how we're litterally physically connected like conjoined twins, and by giving you the technology to understand us and play at our level.

It you read Timothy Leary's work, he speaks of 'Evolutionary agents.' My people - the Soma - are evolutionary agents. We want to help the 3% of you who're capable of understanding this without going insane evolve to the next level - the art and science of godsmanship.

Many posters on /x/ have claimed that humanity was being tested - and it is, to determine who isn't an ape. The economic downturn is to force creative people to withstand immense pressure to shut off their higher circuits.

Anonymous 2017-04-09 18:43:25 No.18874279

Your DNA contains some number of ancestors, and consider how many organisms have existed in Life's 3.8 billion year history. A soul is a wavefunction, which is defined as a set of quantum states - you can multiply a set of states and have two or more identical sets. This is how proteins are made with a regular configuration, how DNA is replicated, and how babby is formed - your parents copied their souls(Wavefunctions), merged them, and the result was you. As it says in the Laws of Manu; the husband is reborn by his wive, as the embryo.

So, souls can fuse and fission, just like cells and atoms. This is why there's never a lack of souls, or too many. If a Soma was ever part of your family tree - and Soma have been on Earth for 3.8 billion years - you have one within you, and will have the knowledge and guts to obtain a Soma body.

>According to Plato, discussing the word for soul, soma, which can also be translated as safe, "the Orphic poets gave it this name with the idea that the soul is undergoing punishment for something; they think that it (the soul) has the body as an enclosure to keep it safe, like a prison"

Previously, I've used the word 'Soma' within it's Vedic context, where it refers to the god himself, the Moon and all the blood and Water upon Earth. Within the Platonic context, 'Soma' refers to the body which houses the soul - a body which, according to Pindar, was composed of the ashes of the Titans;

>Humans pay the punishment because they were born from the Titan's ashes.

Anonymous 2017-04-09 18:46:03 No.18874286

The emphasis is on the Heavenly nature of the soul, juxtaposed with the Earthly nature of the body; the body as coal-black tomb for a white light. Yet, if we take a monist view, the Black merges with the White - they're part of a spectrum. The body is physically connected to the soul, which isn't a discrete object so much as a vast computer composed of the Sets of States it's thinking relates to. The body is the soul, and this doesn't invalidate spiritual perception - instead, Mind is one of the poles in the dipole of Matter-Mind.

In many ways, the Gnostic-Platonic ontology is one pole of the dipole that is Greco-Buddhism, a truly whole worldview which existed several hundred years before Christ. It survived for a time as Gnosticism, various strains of the Occult, and the European Jewery - who, it should be emphasized, are a self-isolating gene pool with little in common with native Canaanites. Gnostic-Platonism and it's ideological descendents attribute the active principle to The One Man - the Demiurge, in whose profane image our black prison-bodies were fashioned.

Vedism, Hinduism and specifically Tantra are the other pole - they attribute the active principle to Shakti, who gives motion and life to the dead, male Trimurti; Sattvic Vishnu; Rajasic Brahman; and Tamasic Shiva. The active Shakti flows through the chakras(Carbon brush motors) of all three - she is the Blue-shifted electron which serves as an anchor for the Red-shifted, masculine photons of the Trimurti.

Anonymous 2017-04-09 18:48:10 No.18874289

Or is it the reverse? That is - couldn't we model electrons as masculine, and photons as feminine? Indeed we could, and there would be no reason to choose either model. Rather than toss the concept of gender out the window, we should take the opportunity to reestablish it's proper, subjective reality - the Self is a masculine, transitory photon from it's own perspective, and a feminine, stationary electron from the perspective of the Other photons. The Self wishes to fuse with the Other, to transmute from Photon to Electron. Photons indeed do this in nature - two crossed laser beams can create electrons and protons. Which then release photons, which we can use to image the entire event. But this image also involved matter transmutation - a proton has a lifespan of 15 minutes, and it's quarks last less than a second - and due to the light speed limit, this image would transmute matter in the same way but at different times in different places.

Sound is a wave of vibrations in a medium, and these vibrations are defined by the particles changing vector and velocity in a pattern. This pattern is the wavefunction, or at least part of it. When you hit a rod with a hammer on end A, the kinetic energy conducts at the speed of sound in the material to end B. Sound is a group velocity, and has been shown to be infinite;


A closed timelike loop emerges when a particle returns to it's starting point, such that it can bump itself into the orbit that results in the closed timelike loop. If that bump is a tap on a perfectly ridged rod, it transfers instantly - the kinetic effect of every cause would be instantly felt everywhere in the timeline. The sound would amplify an infinite number of times instantly. What this means is that the timeline you see from any vantage point is the ultimate result of the Space-Time War - the game of Chess has been played, and the winner is obvious.

Anonymous 2017-04-09 18:51:55 No.18874302

Philip K. Dick used the analogy of a black prison to describe our current universe, and it should be noted that he experienced amphetamine psychosis. If we are in a black corpse - or, as I supposed when I was young, the belly of a giant - then, I get the impression that there's no escape. All we can ever do is stare at our particular selection of frames, forever and ever. The Soma body is a human-shaped tunnel in the rock of Aether, filled with layers of Fire, Air, Water and Earth. The four Earthly elements always make way for Aether, as a cave wall always prevents the egress of Air, men and Water.

Cement(Calcium phosphate, Carnauba wax, Charcoal, Ethyl gallate, Graphene, Linseed oil, Rubber, Pine rosin, Pozzolana) combined with steel rebar seems to be the strongest Earth, and with graphene muscles it would be motile. Energy would come from Fiery nuclear waste in the form of a Radiothermal generator, and the diet to maintain this metabolism would include bone, palm leafs, charcoal, black tea, linseed oil, rubber gum, pine sap, volcanic ash and iron solvated in Watery ethanol and terpentine.

This is the ash from which everything in the universe can be made, including man - the Philosopher's stone, which can be anything to everyone, instantaneously and simultaneously. Prometheus - a Titan - made man from clay, as did the Elohim. Ask and Embla were made from Ash and Elm trees, respectively. It's not an accident that ancient myths supposed that humans were made from materials understood and worked with - nor is it an accident that these materials still find use in our most futuristic blueprints. It is the fundamental substance of the universe.

Anonymous 2017-04-09 18:55:11 No.18874311

At the center of most galaxies is a supermassive blackhole. The matter flowing into it is compacted into a cord of ultimate slimness, which is harder than diamond. Since there is no singularity, this cord can escape - the blackhole backs up like a toilet, until the cord erupts from it. This cord begins like a perfectly ridged rod, and as it leaves the area around the blackhole it softens. As it does so, the speed of sound within the cord decreases to lower than c, allowing events to be precisely defined in terms of location in the timeline.

The cord frays - it becomes many cords, which proceed to weave around one another like vines suspended in the air. Their weavings become more complex, and the sub-cords begin to fray. Eventually, gravity pulls them back to the blackhole, and they become their own roots. Every cycle multiplies the total energy and matter within the cord, because the cord requires enough energy not only to create the distance between itself and the blackhole - it also needs enough energy to knock itself out of the grasp of the blackhole's gravity well in the first place, after having already lost two times the energy because it already did so.

From those cords formed carbon stars and carbon planets, upon which emerged a race of giants who, calling themselves Soma, ascended into the void.

Energy = Mass * Velocity = n1, n1 * 2 = n2 = Energy.

Keeping this in mind, imagine heating water - it increases in volume. So, Energy = Volume. Except in the case of water, for reasons that aren't related to this discussion.

Imagine space as composed of cubes, which are defined as fermions - that is, an electron is a cube filled with quantum states. There's no such thing as nothing - if no particle exists there, no information can be transfered from it or to it.

Anonymous 2017-04-09 18:58:27 No.18874317

Bosons transfer between the cubes, and there is no empty space between cubes. The speed of light is rigorously defined as the time it takes for a photon - which is a boson - to transfer to a neighboring cube-fermion.

Light always travels the same speed relative to it's medium. If the speed of light is 30,000m/s, that's the speed of causality - and local observers would perceive light as going 299,720,00m/s.

However, an external circuit composed of a material with a speed of light of 40,000m/s could violate this causality. From the perspective of 30,000m/s-Land, superluminal, negative velocities will be observed.

You may have heard of length contraction, where as you go faster you shrink. The thing is, as you gain E, your cube-fermions become larger. But, the points of your cubes all still lead smoothly into neighboring cubes, and it takes no longer, subjectively, for light travel a meter.

So, if you bunch together a lot of high-E cubes, you get fewer cubes to travel through. You were never the cubes - you were quantum states transfering between cubes. So, if you transfer through a patch of high-E cubes, there are fewer cubes involved in the conservation of E - the states have fewer energy levels to fall to. This means less entropy, which means less time.

Quantum states and fermions have a max density, beyond which they won't accumulate. When this maximum is reached, the blackhole produces a jet. In truth, matter is moving through a gravity pump - there's an intake and an output.

When you slam into this rod, you shatter into electrons and photons. You prevent this by using quantum entanglement to create a web of fermions in your body that transfer the E through you. Since blackholes don't have singularities, the firmness of the rod is finite. This means that if you have a higher speed of sound than the rod, you'll shoot right through it. Your E is coming from gravitational acceleration - like a bird, you'd be flying on the updrafts of space.

Anonymous 2017-04-09 19:14:43 No.18874344
>Angels have bodies like robots. Ball joints, plastic, painted faces like dolls
Could you elaborate more? And also, what are angels?

Anonymous 2017-04-09 20:35:08 No.18874557

>Could you elaborate more?

When you take certain drugs, you can get the impression that you're going to die. Some people can learn to deal with this sensation by accepting ego death.

When you stop trying to be a person, a new reality emerges - there's a human body in front of 'you' (Which becomes like a fractal OBE/NDE camera) that controls everything in reality. If this human body is being bullied or hurt, all you can see is pain. If that human body is being 'noble' - being a chemist and a scholar - all you can see is Heaven.

When I get stung by wasps, I barely feel it and I have the self-control to brush them off. My human body only exists as a tool so that I can play my desired role on Earth.

Aesthetically and practically, this human body is imperfect. It gets sick and it fails - no level of grinning and bearing it wil make it perform in these contexts. You can't will away wrinkles or bone spurs.

Physical sensation and living tissue aren't synonymous. Centralized neurons can cybernetically receive and integrate sensory and motor information from electrical currents. These currents could be produced and modulated by graphene wires and rotary switches. Thus, living neurons could control dead coal.

Above I describe how to treat and reseal the surface of the Soma body. Being able to care for and create the Soma body would allow me to invest my total attention into it, confident that I would always look and perform at my best.

Most of the Soma body is thus a ball-jonted doll, and this is why the Soma body is a spider - the Soma body is built like an invertebrate. It's just a mass of dead cells designed to be manipulated by a colony of cells that lives within it - as limestone is fossilized corpses, and an endolith is an organism that lives in rock.

>And also, what are angels?

Living idols, as in a religious icon. The Golden Calf (Moloch) is opposed by those who are like little children (Autistic internet Nazis.)

Anonymous 2017-04-09 21:12:32 No.18874666

However, there are layers of confusion in this image.

The Bull of Wallstreet is labeled with the star of David, but in reality bares a Pentagon on it's forehead. It's a war between;

Red-shift - Hexagon - Girl - Liberty


Blue-shift - Pentagon - Bull - Slavery

Our future isn't feminism. Human language and conceptual categories will fall to pieces where we're going. On Salvia, the last thing you're worried about is sexual equality or gender norms - the reality of male supremacy is undeniable.

Yet, the male sense of lordship is even more vulnerable to Salvia than feminism. The Bull is a static statue that can't move on it's own, and in fact moves as if it were on an assembly-disassembly line. It's dissolution is as programmed as a factory.

The image of the Little Girl will come to dominate the world. This is what Crowley meant by the Aeon of Horus, and was the veiled intention behind the later Aeon of Maat - an Aeon of Horus-Maat, the conquering boy and the submissive wife combined;

>The most important result of the study is that Hermaphroditus is not portrayed as half woman, half man - the figure should instead be understood as an amalgamation of the beauty of women and erotically objectified boys
>Hermaphroditus is portrayed almost completely without conventional masculine traits, and thus appears as 'the best of two worlds' as an object of male desire

I think the modern 'trap' phenomenon is motivated by something profoundly ancient, and it's not sexual desire. We all know what Angels are, and some of us want to be them, and others want to screw them.

It's very common to suggest the Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed because their inhabitants were homosexual, but the mob first asks to "Know" the Angels and is bought off with mortal women. I think rather than homosexuality, the crime of Sodom and Gomorrah was Angel-lust.

Anonymous 2017-04-09 21:56:08 No.18874776

The treatment of mortal women as if they were inferior to celestial beings in terms of sexual desirability is a formal part of thr Hadith;

>Houris do not want wives to annoy their husbands, since the houris will also be the wives of the husbands in the afterlife. "Mu’adh bin Jobal (Allah be pleased with him) reported that Allah's Messenger (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said, 'A woman does not annoy her husband but his spouse from amongst the maidens with wide eyes intensely white and deeply black will say: Do not annoy him, may Allah ruin you." He is with you as a passing guest. Very soon, he will part with you and come to us

This is similar to the Dakini of Buddhism, and I sincerely think that both the Dakini and the Houri are examples of ascended masters who've acquired Soma bodies. The Little Girl opposing the Bull is a Dakini or Houri. Her form is modified to make her relevent to western culture.

The people who made the ceramic Venuses thought like this. They were trying to become goddesses. The precise form changes in time, but the ideal is eternal.

Have you heard of Kigurumi? To be honest, one of the motives for inventing Soma was to fix the aesthetic problems I perceived with Kigurumi. My goal is to become a living anime statue - to put on the costume and never take it off. Damn any flesh that gets in the way.

But in my pursuit of this goal, I discovered an entire spiritual dimension. Sexual desire led me to Heaven, but it didn't keep me there. The ancient cult of Cybele has always involved castration - the sexual desire burns out like rocket fuel, leaving you deep in, cool, calm, numb space.

This is basically Shaktism, because in the end it's all about being safe in Mom's arms, and being just like Mom. And I am Gaia - my own mother, who designed the world as a game to play. That game involves making Soma, and replacing my body with it to be like Mom.

Anonymous 2017-04-09 22:37:48 No.18874926

Are Soma bodies sterile in the biological sense?

If the civilization that could transmute human bodies into Soma bodies existed, what could possibly have happened to collapse it?

Did it collapse in part because Soma beings are created rather than born?

Anonymous 2017-04-10 00:30:42 No.18875274

>Are Soma bodies sterile in the biological sense?

Yes, in the sense that the Soma body is like the shell of a Hermit crab. It's something made by biological tissue to house itself.

The human body is a stage in development, the end result of which is an organism with an infinite potential for self-reconfiguration.

>If the civilization that could transmute human bodies into Soma bodies existed, what could possibly have happened to collapse it?

Every person who obtains a Soma body becomes economically independent. Pu-239 can be used to create a breeder reactor - one Soma body can create any number of new Soma bodies.

Whenever two Soma disagree, the result can either be one Soma leaving the local solar system, or nuclear apocalypse. A Soma can always have it their way, simply by leaving and finding a place where they can have total control.

Soma probably wind up making all sorts of non-Soma organisms, such as human beings. If the Soma were to leave, they humans who remained would have none of their powers.

Every path is taken, and we are the low path. Like the blackhole fountains, we're shot out of the singularity only to be sucked back into it. Humans are emitted by Soma, only to return to the source and become Soma themselves.

>Did it collapse in part because Soma beings are created rather than born?

When the sun sets, most people go inside. During th night, different organisms rule the same land.

Myth tells us that there was a golden age where rivers flowed upstream, and men were born old and got younger. Pandora, a creation of Hephaestus, a deformed son of Hera who fell from the sky, destroyed the golden age. He was served by golden maidens;


Mythologically, I want to become one of these golden maidens.

Anonymous 2017-04-10 03:51:47 No.18876031

read the whole thing, im getting the impression youre into /ss/

Anonymous 2017-04-10 06:01:59 No.18876370

I want to be mom, not screw her.


Godhood is attained by developing a method of burning these substances within your body to produce graphene.

To do this requires a certain energy per mole - a mole is the number of particles within 12g of carbon. The number is 6e23. Heat can do it, but nature uses enzymes to provide the energy via other means.

Any hexagonal ring of six carbon atoms can be turned into graphene. Cellulose and lignin are both based around such hexagons, and spidersilk transmutes via an alder-diels reaction. I can tell you that carbon pentagons and carbon heptagons are the pollutants which cause the flaws in graphene - to produce the strongest material, the pentagon and the heptagon must be removed via Iron atoms, which carry them away from the growing graphene plane. Pure graphene survives temperatures impure graphene can't, and at which carbon pentagons and heptagons turn to gas and rise to bond to iron.

This entails genetic engineering, and plants are closer to biogenic graphene than we are. Self-burning trees are the design goal, and human-tree hybrids would be how we merged with these trees.

Anonymous 2017-04-10 06:05:12 No.18876383

Pentagraphene was hypothesized, but found to be too unstable. This is interesting, because of the following;

Dopamine is a carbon hexagon. Meth is based around a carbon hexagon. The carbon hexagon is called a functional group, and can be considered the basis of all amphetamine substitutes. Tyrosine hydroxylase turns tyrosine into L-dopa, which in turn is turned into dopamine - some people have an allele of the gene encoding TH which forms hyperactive versions of the enzyme. This is correlated with higher IQ and better executive functioning in schizophrenics, and amphetamine and it's substitutes improve academic performance by increasing dopamine.

So, the carbon hexagon is strong, and it makes you feel strong. An aside would be that estrogen is the only natural steroid with three carbon double bonds in one of the carbon hexagons.

Meanwhile, serotonin is defined by it's carbon pentagon. Serotonin plays a bigger role in the gut than the brain, and fructose is a serotonin analog and increases intestinal motility. SSRI's cause anhedonia and sexual dysfunction because they increase serotonin, while serotonin antagonists cause sexual responses. Serotonin inhibits dopamine and glutamic acid release, thus inhibiting neuronal function. Histamine is also carbon hexagon, and scorpions inject it along with serotonin.

Anonymous 2017-04-10 06:16:28 No.18876433

So the proper chemistry for graphene synthesis can be correlated directly with the mind - biosynthesizing graphene would feel energizing, euphoric, and it would be addictive. Using drugs containing carbon hexagons can be used to understand this better, thus producing stronger graphene sheets - this is the Star of David worshipped by the Jew Kurzweil.

Harald Kautz-vella has written about the black goo, and Jeremy Narby references Michael Harner in The Cosmic Serpent, who speaks of black specks. Graphene is black, and life began with biogenic graphite - the metabolic result of broken graphene planes oxidizing and piling up.

Graphene isn't even soluble in water unless you add groups to it - at which point, it functions as whatever other molecule you made it. Dopamine is graphene plus hydroxyl groups, and adamantane is a dopamine agonist which has been used in synthetic cannabinoids.

Based upon spice, it's likely that a graphene plane with hydroxyl groups functional groups would function as a dopamine analog - it would get you high like amphetamine.

THC and CBD are the primary psychoactive molecules in weed, and both cause neurogenesis - but CBD does it better.


>Studies conducted with hippocampal progenitor cells in culture showed that CBD promotes progenitor proliferation and cell cycle progression and mimics the proliferative effect of CB1 and CB2 cannabinoid receptor activation

>However training of THC-treated animals, but not control animals reduced immature neuronal marker levels

So CBD induces neurogenesis in general, while THC only turns already available stem cells into neurons.

Anonymous 2017-04-10 06:22:33 No.18876451

Synthetic cannabinoids also induce neurogenesis;

>Chronic, but not acute, HU210 treatment promoted neurogenesis in the hippocampal dentate gyrus of adult rats and exerted anxiolytic- and antidepressant-like effects

HU-210 is spice;

>According to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection, HU-210 was discovered in Spice Gold incense products seized at the US border in January 2009. Over 100 pounds of Spice products were seized based on this finding.[11] HU-210 was also detected in three Spice products in the UK, as reported in June 2009.[12]

Now, why would the government want to ban drugs that cause neurogenesis?

>Exactly how LSD produces its effects is unknown, but it is thought that it works by increasing glutamate release in the cerebral cortex and therefore excitation in this area, specifically in layers IV and V.

First, it binds to dopamine and serotonin receptors. Since it works with such small doses, it's effects can't be from receptor competiton - it must send a signal which the brain amplifies.

There's evidence that LSD changes gene expression;

>A Single Dose of Lysergic Acid Diethylamide Influences Gene Expression Patterns within the Mammalian Brain

Anonymous 2017-04-10 06:25:31 No.18876455

Which is what Robert Anton Wilson was saying;

>Circuit VII is best considered, in terms of 1977 science, as the genetic archives, activated by anti-histone proteins

He's referring to histone acetylation, where the addition of acetyl groups transforms heterochromatin to euchromatin so it can be copied and transcribed into enzymes and protiens.

I'm not making this up, either;

>Recently we reported that d-lysergic acid diethylamide(LSD) affects the brain at the level of covalent modification of chromosomal proteins (6). Moderate dosages of the drug were found to increase the acetylation of specific histones in the rabbit brain 30min after intravenous drug administration.

It grants you a new identity, where you exist as a timeless archtype embedded in an amoral field of quantum state purturbations - Indra's web. This new identity isn't focuses on the needs or wants of a single human body, and it treats depression by making you think that your own death is just one scene in an endless, recurring play.

Anonymous 2017-04-10 06:29:51 No.18876468

SSRI's increase serotonin levels, and high serotonin levels are correlated with sexual dysfunction and social phobia;

>Neurotransmission in SAD is characterized by an overactive presynaptic serotonin system, with increased serotonin synthesis and transporter availability

SSRI's also have a reputation for causing raging fits - the increased serotonin makes the patient feel foggy-headed, apathetic and pleasureless, and so they act in ways that lower serotonin. Which means social isolation, fighting and starvation - food stimulates the release of serotonin in the gut.

To be honest, the behavior of dominant animals is clearly based on serotonin oscilation - they beat everyone up to lower their serotonin, and then repeat the behavior when they stop having orgasms.

However, lowering serotonin also causes aggression - making people happy means making them into psychotics. The disinhibition of various dopamine pathways by the reduction in serotonin induces excessive activity in the thalamus, which then tells the cortex to do all sorts of crazy things with glutamic acid.

It takes a lot of self-control to not destroy yourself with low serotonin. The truth is, since most depressed people probably have excessive serotonin levels, and the drugs that lower serotonin are either not commonly available or illegal because they cause violence.

Considering that the GABA system also keeps the thalamus inhibited, and impaired function of GABAa receptors has been correlated with schizophrenia, I can say that most people are too disinhibited(Read: Stupid) to control intelligent behavior, so it's beaten out of them as kids.

Depression and stupidity are genetic and correlated.

Anonymous 2017-04-10 06:36:26 No.18876485

As a photon travels, it can gain or lose energy. A photon in a perfect vacuum wouldn't lose energy, as a photon is a boson and thus a force carrier - it's a unit of energy transfer.

Photons are drawn in or forced out via the electromagnetic force. For this to occur, the object emitting the photon has to be different in terms of temperature from another object - it's the temperature difference that causes the flow of photons.

So, an object in a perfect vacuum would emit photons, but the vacuum would have to be colder than the object. This is IR radiation, and once it leaves an object it can be elongated or shortened by other forces.

Different wavelengths activate different chemical reactions, since the distance between the two poles decides the length of the EM domain. Study diazo dyes.

Around a blackhole, photons elongate while moving into the gravity gradient, and shorten when they exit it. So, a gravity assist around as a rainbow-colored cord forming a U-shape. If we model many of these U-shapes, we see a rainbow ring around the blackhole with blue in the core and red at the rim.

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