When to expect a sequel to It Takes Two?

The author of It Takes Two, recognized as the best game of the 2021 according to The Game Awards, announced that he was thinking about a sequel.
In an interview posted on YouTube, Josef Fares of Hazelight Studios shared his plans for the future with fellow creator Tim Shafer, author of another hit game Psychonauts 2. The developer admitted that he would like to release It Takes Two Part 2.
It is possible that the game will receive a different name – It Takes Three. In turn, Schafer noted that he also has ideas about a possible continuation of Psychonauts 2.
By the way, Josef Fares, who is the head of development of the cooperative platformer It Takes Two, in a recent interview said that in new games he rejected elements designed to extend the life of games-services, increase replayability, and increase their profitability for the publisher in the long term.
It Takes Two is a two-player co-op game that tells the story of the difficult relationship between the parents of a little girl. At The Game Awards 2021, the project was recognized as the best game of 2021, the best family game and the best multiplayer game.
Source: gamerant.com

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